The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 29
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As you walk back onto the bridge, the other Trico appears from above and jumps down onto the bridge it tries to attack you, but Trico grabs it from behind. It then turns and starts attacking Trico. Run back to the switch and hit the switch again, dropping the bridge out from under its feet. Unfortunately, Trico falls with it, down to the next level below you.

Jump down and land on the beast below. The beast is still attacking Trico and has him pinned down. Enemy armor will appear on the nearby balconies and start throwing spears at Trico.

 Hint 94
Throwing caution to the wind...
I gave the masked beast's tail an almighty tug...
Run back into the nearby doorway where you'll find another switch. Pulling this one slams a heavy gate shut for a moment, closing the door. Grab the Trico's tail and pull it into the doorway, then activate the switch to slam the Trico's tail in the door. The Trico will turn and come after you, but Trico will attack it and they'll fall down another couple of stories to yet a lower bridge.

Jump down after them and land on Trico. This fall is too far for it to be safe to land on the armored trico. There's a chain dangling over the head of the trico. Jump onto the chain and climb it to a higher level. At the top, there's a big mine card full of rocks. Run behind the mine cart and push it out over the ledge. The mine cart will hit the trico in the head, shattering his helmet and breaking off one of his horns. The enemy trico bounds away at last.

Hurry down to check on your friend. There's a ladder nearby that you can use to climb down. Follow the path back to Trico. He's lying motionless on the bridge. Jump onto him and climb down to start pulling out the spears. Trico will roll off the bridge, falling down to the ground level below, and you along with him.

 Hint 95
I had to help my companion. I had to jump.
(You need to not get dragged over the edge with Trico to get this hint. You have to wait on the bridge above for quite some time.)

Trico does at least appear to be alive now. He's moving slightly, and breathing. Pet his head. After a moment, he pukes up your mirror shield from the beginning of the game. Pick the shield up with button. It could be useful.

You can use the mirror shield to shoot lightning at the mine cart to knock the cart down, revealing barrels behind them. Alternately, you could climb the mine carts. Eventually, the carts will collapse, and you'll fall to the ground. The fall will knock you unconscious, and you'll wake at night to feed Trico the barrels.  Barrel 42 and  Barrel 43 can be found behind the mine carts. Hold the barrels and walk right up to Trico's mouth to feed him right from your hands.

 Hint 96
Perhaps a few barrels will make you feel better?
There's a chain dangling in one corner of the area. Looking up, you can see a large door near the top of the chain, but it's clogged with all kinds of debris and wreckage. Aim the light from the mirror at the door to clear out all the wreckage with lightning from Trico's tail. Then climb up the rubble in the corner and use it to jump out to the chain. Climb the chain up to the doorway up above.  Barrel 44 and  Barrel 45 can be found up here. Pick them up and drop them off the cliff to the area below. Be careful not to hit Trico. He's got enough problems right now withing adding Donkey Kong to the list. Climb back down the chain and feed the barrels to Trico.

 Hint 97
Exhausted, I fell into a deep slumber...
Do you feel better now?
You can stand? Oh, thank goodness!
Do you think we can make it back up?
The next morning, Trico is feeling much better and is ready to go. He grabs you by the shirt collar and flips you up onto his back.

Trico's tail has changed. From now on, when you use the shield, instead of shooting lighting, Trico will shoot out four purple balls of energy. These purple balls of energy still count as lightning for purposes of earning the bronze trophy, Thundering Wonder, for defeating 20 or more suits of armor with Trico's lightning.

Trico will jump up and land on a bridge partway up the tower - the last bridge he was on before he fell to the bottom of the tower while fighting the other trico. There's a balcony nearby with an armor throwing spears. Jump down to the bridge, and aim the light from your mirror at him with button and button, and let Trico blast him with his tail. Hop back on Trico's back, and Trico will jump up to the next bridge, where there's another armor throwing spears. Hop down and hit him with the Trico's 'lightning' once again. Of course, if any of these armors manage to hit Trico, make sure you pull the spears out immediately. Alternately, if you want to be safe, you can look for the balconies from below, and have Trico blast them before you ever jump up to them.

Trico will continue making his way up the tower to the top where you started automatically as long as you hold onto his back. When you get back up to the top bridge, dismount and use the mirror to make Trico blast the wooden door on the other side, then hop back on Trico's back and point to the door and he'll jump through to the other side.

Trico will immediately turn left and head down the hall. There's another antenna room at the end of the hall. Hop down into the room. Trico will follow.

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