The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 31
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Lead Trico through the door, and out across the bridge between the two towers. Just before you enter the second tower, there's a perch on the left that Trico can jump to. If you destroyed all the windows earlier, he'll likely jump out to it automatically. Trico will continue to leap around the perches on the tower until he comes to rest on a balcony in front of a closed gate.

Drop down off of Trico onto the balcony. To the left of the door you'll see a couple of white stone trico gargoyles that you can jump across. These will help you reach a wooden walkway on the other side. Run around and hop over two more gargoyles. You'll reach a large partially collapsed stone bridge on the other side of the tower from Trico. Head inside the tower, where you'll find a switch that will open the gate for Trico.

Climb back on Trico's back and direct him across the bridge ahead. Trico will leap across to the other tower. Inside, drop down off of Trico's back and pull the switch to open the gate on the far side of the tower. Hop back on Trico's back and command him to jump and he'll start making his way up clockwise around the tower.

When you reach the broken bridge at the next level, there's no need to go inside the tower. However, there are two suits of armor on the other tower who will start throwing spears at Trico. At this range, they're unlikely to be able to hit him. Drop to the ground and target them with the mirror to destroy them. They are on wooden balconies protruding from the opposite tower on the left and right, a little ways up from your current level.

Then hop on Trico's back and point across to the other tower.

Trico has certainly had more graceful leaps - but he makes it. Hop down and hit the switch inside the tower to open the gate on the other side of the tower.

This part is kind of a pain. First, Trico just didn't want to make this jump for me. Second, there's a wood balcony just above the gate on the outside of the tower, and as soon as you make the jump, an armor will come out and start tossing spears at Trico. You need to be standing on top of Trico's head with your mirror shield ready. If you're right on top of Trico's head, where you don't have to grab on, you can aim the mirror. Command Trico to jump to the perch to the right of the balcony, then use immediately move to make sure you're standing on top of Trico's head so you can aim the mirror, and use Trico's lightning to destroy the balcony where the armor is attacking you. (selmiak says, you can destroy that balcony from totally below it by shooting up. It is a bit wonky to control the mirror aim but it is possible.)

After you destroy the balcony - immediately command Trico to heel button + button so that you can pull any spears out of him before he jumps to the next area.

With or without your direction, Trico will soon continue along his route, jumping up to the next level of the tower.

Once Trico reaches the next level it's as high as he can go on this tower. Hop down off his back and head into the tower. The gate at the other side has bars that leave plenty of room for you to squeeze through. To the left, there's a staircase that spirals up around the outside of the tower. Head up the stairs, jumping over damaged spots and sidling along the wall when necessary to pass large missing sections. At the top you'll find a door and inside there's a switch you can trigger that will extend a bridge most of the way across to the other tower down by where Trico is waiting.

Return to Trico. I found it best to run past him and call him to get him to face the edge of the bridge. Then climb back on his back and point across to the other tower to get him to jump across.

 Hint 100
Can you fly there, Trico?
Once in the other tower, dismount and climb the wall on the left and you'll find another stone staircase spiraling up the outside of this tower. Head up the stairs until you find a small hole in the wall on the left. Enter the tower through the hole in the wall. The top of this tower has collapsed. Climb the rubble inside the room to reach another switch. Trigger the switch to complete the bridge. Then hop down onto Trico's back, who's waiting down below just underneath the switch.

On Trico's back, point into the tower you just came from - at the large white tower in the distance. Trico will back all the way across to the other tower, and then use the bridge to get a running start, and will leap into the sky, soaring back across to the tall white tower where you were earlier. You are greeted by 8 suits of armor. Additionally, there are 4 more armors up on balconies that are throwing spears down at Trico.

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