The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 32
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Combat Trophies

This is a great place to farm several of the combat related trophies.

Bronze PSN trophy
The bronze trophy Last-Minute Reprieve is earned for having Trico kill an armor while it's carrying you 20 times. Simply run up to the armor and let them grab you and wait for Trico to come to the rescue.

Gold PSN trophy
The gold trophy Losing Their Minds is earned for pulling the heads off of 10 suits of armor. Watch for Trico to knock an enemy to the ground, then run up and press button to grab hold of its head, then pull buttonbutton to pull the head off the armor, defeating them.

Bronze PSN trophy
The bronze trophy Thundering Wonder is earned for destroying 20 suits of armor with Trico's lightning. Just aim the mirror at an enemy until Trico fires his energy bolts at them, destroying them. The purple energy balls that Trico shoots out of his tail at this point in the game still counts as lightning. Every enemy on a balcony also counts toward this trophy.

All three of these trophies can easily be earned here simply by defeating the 8 enemies on the ground and the 4 on the balconies, then pausing the game and selecting reload from checkpoint to play the fight again. Every enemy you defeat will continue to count toward the trophies despite restarting the checkpoints.

Do not venture far to the sides of the towers, or you will draw more enemies over to your position.

You need to climb down off Trico's back and make it to up the stairs to the top area. Then pick a side and run over to a corner to try to combat the armors. With your mirror shield, you can be much more useful than you've been in earlier fights. Just pointing it at an armor that is coming after you will cause that armor to collapse down into something of a puddle. Holding the beam of light on an enemy will cause Trico to blast it with the balls of purple energy from his tail. Trico doesn't need to stop fighting to blast enemies with his tail. His tail will respond to the mirror, and he will continue battling enemies on his own. After you clear the enemies on one side, so that you have room to breathe, concentrate on the enemies up on the wood balconies overhead. Aim the mirror at each balcony until Trico destroys it with his 'lightning'. Trico will continue to fight the remaining armors on the ground while you aim his lightning at the ones on the balconies.

After you defeat these 12 armors, take the time to remove any spears from Trico. The armor up on the balcony will likely have put several spears into him.

After all these enemies are defeated, a new wave of enemies will attack, with some carrying eyeball shields. There are 6 more enemies, three coming from each side of the tower. One on each side will be carrying an eyeball shield. The others will have access to any spears lying around - which will be a lot, due to all the spears the armors on the balcony threw earlier.

While your mirror will make Trico destroy a shield with his lightning blast from his tail, you likely won't have time to use it. You're surrounded with enemies coming in from both sides, and if you try to hit an enemy with the mirror, another enemy will usually come up and grab you from behind before Trico gets a blast off. Instead, concentrate on making the shield enemies drop their shields by pushing them with button.

 Barrel 46 is hidden up on one of the balconies. Command Trico to jump and he'll stand up against the building. Climb him and look up on in the hallways leading off of those balconies. One of them has a barrel you can feed to your friend.

 Barrel 47 is over on the left side of the tower. It's pretty difficult to reach. You might have seen it on your first trip to this tower and been unable to reach it. Now that Trico is here with you, you can get to it. It's still difficult and dangerous to reach, though. I fell to my doom several times trying to reach this barrel. Don't attempt to get this barrel if you're trying to get through the game with no deaths, or for a speed run.

Run around the left side of the tower, and find the barrel on the ledges below the main level of the tower that you're on. Call Trico to the area, and command him to sit with button + button. Then grab the end of Trico's tail. Pull it forward toward his butt - then drag the tail over the edge of the tower, and use it to climb down to the level below. Rotate around so that you're jumping in toward the tower, and jump off Trico's tail to land on the platform below. Then you can just make your way clockwise around the tower to the barrel. Pick the barrel up and drop if off the edge just beyond to another platform just below. Jump down and grab the barrel. From here there are stairs up the back side of the tower that will take you back up to Trico.

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1) Jerdiah      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2020-08-05 00:18:01

I found another way to get barrel 47 if you call trick over to the edge and tell him to heel u can either pull his tail or it already fell down near the barrel, you then climb down his tail and jump to the platform, then u can go get barrel 47

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