The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 33
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 Hint 101
At last, having scoured the outside of the tower, I found a way inside.
 Hint 102
The plinth seemed almost as if it were made to house the mirror.
At the top of the stairs on the back of the tower is a small stone structure. Take your mirror out by pressing button or button on the D-pad, then hold button to insert the mirror into the plinth. This opens the gate on the back of the tower. You have to hold the mirror in place until the gate is all the way open, or it will just drop down and close again.

Here Brian Davidson discovered a cool Glitch. Try doing this too before entering the tower...

Head into the tower and up the stairs. You can go either direction when the hall splits. It goes around in a circle. At the back side you'll find an entrance to a round room. As you did outside, insert the shield into the plinth, and hold button as the floor begins to move upward.

 Hint 103
The ceiling prevented us from continuing our ascent.
 Hint 104
Clambering over Trico's tail, I made my way to the level below...
Return back to the bottom of the room by releasing button. Command Trico to sit button + button, then grab his tail and drag it to one of the broken grates in the floor. You will lower yourself down into the grate using Trico's tail as a rope. Rotate around until you're facing one of the ledges, then jump out to the ledge. There are two rounded platforms running around the outside of this room, with a door on either side of the room, leading out to a circular hall running all the way around the outside of the room.

There are suits of armor in this hall. A couple of them will come to life and attack you immediately when you go out into the hall to look around. Lead the armor back into the center room, jump across the gap to the other side of the room so they cannot follow you, then aim the mirror at them to blast them with Trico's tail, which is still hanging down from the ceiling.

Back out in the hall, there are grooves where you can insert your mirror shield inside what appear to be some type of life pods along the walls. There are four of them that you can see immediately. Place your mirror shield into each one to activate it.

There are four more inserts for your shield, but they are hidden behind headless suits of armor in pods on either side of each door. You can find heads for the armor along the walls, or you can pick up the heads of the armor you already defeated. When you move a head near a suit of armor, the armor will pull the head toward it and come to life. Defeat each suit of armor like you did the others.

What would happen if you threw all the armor heads down into the pit, so there was no way to revive the armor to continue, you ask? I don't know - but it's something you could try if you were feeling brave...

After you've defeated all four suits of armor, place the mirror into each indentation. After you've activated all 8 indentations to complete the world's worst designed elevator controls, the aperture above the elevator opens. Return to the center of the room and jump back out to Trico's tail and climb it back up to the elevator.

Place the mirror back in the plinth on the elevator and hold the button button until the elevator gets all the way to the top. Once there, enemies start attacking.

There are doors all around the room, and enemies will continually be coming through those doors. This makes it very difficult to get an actual count of the number of enemies you'll face here. My best estimate is 18-20. It's not as difficult as the fight outside, thought. There's a platform running around the room high up, and a second row of doors running along this platform. You need to keep an eye out for enemies coming out on this upper level. Trico is pretty good at handling the enemies on the ground, but is not well equipped to fight enemies from above. You'll need to aim your mirror at these enemies to make Trico destroy them with blasts from his tail. Eventually, one of the enemies will show up with an eyeball shield. You know how to handle these enemies by now, and having only one is actually much easier than past fights, where they have almost always shown up in pairs.

After the fight, calm Trico down and check him over for spear wounds.

Call Trico out to the side of the room, then command him to sit so he'll stay out of your way for a minute. Shine the light from the mirror up at the top of the room. There's a little green dot in the center of the ceiling. Shining the mirror on this dot will make a round pillar descent from the ceiling. It has a small door in it.

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