The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 34
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When you step inside the pillar, a gate slams shut behind you, trapping you inside, and the lift starts moving back up into the ceiling. Trico is having none of this. He jumps up on top of the elevator and rides it up.

Once the elevator opens up at the top, you'll find  barrel 48 the last barrel in the game. It's just sitting on the floor in the piles of broken armor scattered around the area.

After you feed Trico the barrel, hop on his back and command him to jump. Trico will start climbing up the stone support pillars connecting a strange stone sphere to the wall. Eventually your progress is blocked by a giant spinning metal fan above you.

 Hint 105
All that we found was a hole so small that only I could squeeze through.
Drop down from Trico onto the stone pillar. There's a small hole in the stone sphere in front of you. Jump up to the hole and climb through. Inside, you'll fall to the ground. There's a strange blue sphere in the middle of the room, surrounded by a metal cage, and emitting a black shadowy essence around it.

 Hint 106
I know now...
...that this was the master of the valley.
If you touch the shadowy essence, it will stun and disorient you, forcing you to play the button mashing mini-game before you can move normally again. If you move close, the darkness will reach out toward you to try to touch you.

 Hint 107
It seemed that the light of the mirror suppressed the great darkness somewhat.
Aim your mirror at the darkness. The light from the mirror will slowly push the darkness back, shrinking the shadowy field around the sphere in the center. If you hold the light long enough, the shadowy sphere will dissipate. When this happens, the blue sphere will fire out a bunch of runes at you, disorienting you.

Aim the light of the mirror at the darkness until it retracts back inside the metal cage. There are stone ramps along the floor leading up toward the cage. With the shadow pushed back, move to the top of one of these ramps, as close to the metal cage as you can get, then focus the light of the mirror on the shadow once again to drive it further back. When the shadow is pushed back almost to the blue sphere, stop aiming your mirror and jump out to the metal cage. Climb quickly to the top. The shadow will begin expanding again. Before it reaches the outside of the cage, you need to reach the top of the spherical cage, and jump out to one of the floating gates rotating around the area atop the sphere.

Jump from floating object to floating object, and eventually to the object in the center of the room and climb it out through a hole in the roof.

 Hint 108
Resolved to face whatever may come, I brought the spinning blades to a halt.
Outside the room, you're now just above the rotating fan that was stopping Trico from climbing higher. Jump out onto the spinning ring just inside the fan blades. When you hit them, you'll start spinning around the room with them, and from your perspective the fan will not look like it's holding still, while the rest of the room spins. Run around the spinning fan until you find another plinth where you can insert your mirror. Insert the mirror and it will stop the fan from spinning. Hold the mirror in the plinth for several seconds, to make sure Trico has time to climb up through the fan blades. You can't always see him from here, so you'll need to listen to his calls and try to determine when he's clear. But most of the time you see him jump up to the roof.

When you release the mirror, rather than jumping back to the inside of the rotating fans, jump to the outside and you can climb the fencing on the sides of the walls to reach the outside, where you'll meet up with Trico. (When I got up here, Trico was hard at work, dropping 6 fat deuces on top of the tower for the master of the valley).

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