The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 35
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When you meet Trico, the game will show a small cutscene of you running up to the edge of the tower, along with some untranslated dialog.

On one side of the tower, there's a stone statue that looks kind of like a bird. Call Trico over to that statue. Eventually you'll witness a cutscene where the antenna above you starts sending out an ominous signal. Run towards Trico. As you approach, several Tricos fly in to the tower, and you'll witness the gruesome ritual of the Master of the Valley.

Eventually one of the trico takes a swipe at you, sending you flying across the tower, and causing your shield to roll away. Trico gets all defensive and picks a fight with them - but if we're being honest, Trico isn't great at fighting enemies his size. He doesn't seem a match for one of these beasts, let alone this posse of trico.

Bronze PSN trophy

Cryptozoologist Trophy

There's a trophy for touching every enemy beast. That means all the trico on top of the tower fighting Trico. There are seven of them. Simply run around and either grab the tail of each trico, or jump on their leg, and then quickly drop to the ground. It's an easy trophy - once you know what you need to do.

Your only hope would seem to be the mirror. Perhaps if Trico can use his lightning...

Run toward the shining mirror on the ground. One of the trico will catch you before you reach the mirror and toss you off the edge of the tower. There are trico flying all around by this time. One of them will swoop down and try to swallow you. You manage to evade his snap and grab onto him. Climb up to his back where he cannot reach you with his mouth, and hold on. What else can you do?

Eventually the beast will land back on the tower, and you'll drop to the platform. Run through the trico, dodging and weaving to avoid them, to make a second attempt at your mirror shield. When you reach the shield, press button to pick it up.

Unfortunately as you grab your shield, one of the enemy trico grabs Trico by the tail and rips his tail right off, tossing it into the spherical cage in the center of the tower.

Run from the trico. There's nothing more you can do here. Run to the center of the tower, and climb back inside the sphere in the middle.

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