The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 4
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 Hint 34
Well, this is good-bye. I must go home to my village.
Jump down to the ground and start heading down the path. A moment later you'll hear a crash as Trico comes smashing through the barrier high up at the top, hopping over the barrier to escape the cave behind you.

 Hint 35
No! Stop following me!
Go home!
You fed him, so it looks like he's yours now.

 Hint 36
We had escaped the dank confines of the cave--
and emerged into a place the like of which I had never seen.
...Oh. You can't fly? Are your wings broken?
I would not realize until much later--
but I was now in the heart of the beast's lair. "The Nest".
Head off to the right and you'll see a thin ledge along the cliff face. Move toward the ledge and you'll walk carefully along it. Eventually the cliff will have a gap. Jump up button and you'll grab the chain above you and you can climb along the chain. When the chain ends, drop down button to the ledge below, and move to the next chain and jump up and continue along the chain until you reach a larch platform on the other side. This whole time Trico will be following you, climbing along stone spires in the middle of the chasm. He'll jump down and join you once you reach the platform.

 Hint 37
It seemed that the door on the far side might be broken--
with the aid of my companion's lightning.
(You have to be on Trico's back for this hint to pop up)
(selmiak: This hint took a long time to appear for me. I stood opposite of the door, had the mirror equipped and sat down to meditate with button+button and when the camera was about to pan over to Trico and tell me the previous hint again I directed to camera to to door on the other side of the chasm. One of these actions + a lot of time seems to have made the hint appear.)

There's a large wooden door on the other side of the chasm. Use the mirror to aim Trico's lightning at the door to destroy it.
This will also knock down a large pillar that you can use to cross the chasm to an area below the door that you just opened. Hop on the fallen pillar and run across the chasm. Go quickly, because Trico will follow you. If you're on the pillar when Trico comes across he'll likely knock you to your doom.

To your left there's a set of stairs leading up into a large hallway. Head down the hall. On the right, there are two holes leading into the next room. Head through one of the holes. Trico will try to follow you, but the hole is much to small for him, and he'll get his head stuck in the hole. Note that there's a trophy - Collar - for getting Trico's head stuck in every hole. These two holes are   hole 1 and  hole 2. If you want this trophy, you'll need to push Trico's head out of the hole by walking up to him and pressing button to bop him on the nose to get him to remove his fat head, then go inside and lead him over to the other hole and call him to get his head stuck in the other hole.

Bronze PSN trophy


There is a bronze trophy, Collar, for making Trico get his head stuck in every hole in the game. There are 15 holes. Some are mandatory, some are not. We will point out the holes in this guide with a special formatting, making them easy to find - just like we did with the barrels.

As with other trophies, you don't have to do these all in a single playthrough. If you miss some, you can just pick up the ones you missed on a later playthrough. Click on the Link to the Compiled List of Holes for Trico, this will help you on your Quest for the Collar Trophy.

Heading down the path ahead, there's a stairway leading up through a smaller hall on the right. Head up the stairs. At the top, head right. The hall extends back to an area above Trico. Go to the end of the hall and call Trico and he'll remove his head from the hole, climb back across the pillar over the chasm, and jump up to the hall to join you. It takes Trico a while to reach you. Be patient.

Go down the hall to the end where the hallway is blocked off by rubble. At the bottom you can see  barrel 11 glowing beneath the rubble. Pull out your mirror and use Trico's lightning to clear the wood rubble off of the barrel. The barrel is stuck in the ground. You'll need to grab it with button and pull it free buttonbutton for Trico to eat it.

Turn left and head back down the hall to the area where Trico had his head stuck before. There are ledges on the sides of the area that you can climb, but you need to climb Trico to get up high enough to reach them. There are ledges on both sides. Start with the ledge closest to the hall you just came out of. You'll find  barrel 12 up on top of this ledge. Call Trico over to the wall, climb on top of him, then jump out to the ledges. Climb up as high as you can on the ledges by pressing button to jump up to higher ledges. When you reach the top, shimmy along the ledge to the wider area, where there's a barrel half buried in a pile of dirt. Pull it out as you have before. Get Trico's attention, then toss it to him. It's an easy catch from this high up.

Note that if you don't get the barrel before going to the other side, the AI kinda wigs out, and it becomes very difficult to reach this barrel - and then to progress afterwards. Get the barrel first. This is problematic if you're not following a guide, though, because you can't see the barrel until you climb up high enough, and by then it's too late. If you picked the wrong side - you're in for some struggles.

Next, call Trico over to the wall on the other side. Cimb up him and hop to the ledges. Climb the ledges to the top, then shimmy over just like you did on the other side. Trico will go over and start batting at a hanging chain. Make your way across the ledges to the chain, jump out to the chain, and use it to climb up to a higher level. At the top, make your way over to the large hallway to the left, then call Trico. He will easily leap up to meet you. On one of my playthroughs, I found a barrel here in the mouth of the cave. It hasn't always been there on all of my playthroughs, though. I think it was a glitch...

Head down the hall, which opens up into a wider cave. Hole 3 is in the wall here. You can get Trico's head stuck if you go inside and call him. Inside, you'll also find  barrel 13, half buried in the dirt. Pull it out as usual. Put down the barrel and walk up to Trico and push button to give him a shove to get his head out of the hole. Then immediately grab the barrel and hurry back out of the cave. If you're not quick, Trico will pop his head right back in the hole, eager for his treat.

Back out in the cave, there's a large wooden barrier blocking the exit to the cave. Use the mirror and Trico's lightning to destroy the barrier, then head through the hole further down the cave. There's a large gate up ahead. To the right of the gate, there's a small stream of water coming out of a little hole in the rock. Move toward the hole and you can squeeze through. Crawl through and you'll come out on the other side of the gate. Then Trico sees you, he'll jump over the gate, through a gap at the top to reach you.

You've come out into a peaceful forested area. Trico will leap over the gate to join you. Trico can barely move around for the trees. Run out to where the area opens up some, and call Trico to get him to follow you. The area curls around and turns back the way it came. There's another gate similar to the one you just passed on the other side of the wall. Call Trico to the gate, then climb up on his back. After a moment, Trico will leap up onto the gate, and a moment later he'll hop back down onto the other side. If Trico doesn't seem to want to hop over the gate, climb down and call him over closer to the gate before jumping on his back.

There's a stained glass window lying on the ground in this area. Trico don't like it. He growls and puffs out his feathers and stares at the thing, and refuses to do anything else. You have a couple of options for getting rid of it. You can walk up to the glass and press button to grab the railing on the side of the window, and buttonbutton to push it off the ledge, or you can use the mirror to make Trico shoot it with his lightning. Once the glass is destroyed, Trico returns to his normal, cuddly self.

Continuing on, looking out over the balcony ahead you can see a strange cage like structure interlaced with a glowing blue material. This also seems to greatly upset Trico, and he roars at the structure and puffs up his feathers.

There's a small crack in the wall next to the balcony. It leads to a small hallway, and at the end you'll find  barrel 14 to feed to Trico.

Next head up the stairs to the right. When you reach the top, there's a hallway turning right that goes out to an outdoor balcony - but there's nothing important that way. To the left there's a closed gate. High up on the wall to the right of the gate there are some ledges you can climb on. Call Trico and use him to reach the ledges, then use them to reach one of the two small doorways. The doorway closest to the gate will take you closest to where you need to go.

Jump across to the thin ledges on the other side of the hall, and use them to slide along to your left to a third door that comes out on the other side of the gate. When you reach the third door, simply press toward the door buttonbutton, until the boy puts his arm out toward the door, indicating he's ready to jump, then press button to jump across.

It's no surprise that you come out on the other side of the gate. Drop down to the floor. Trico will start pawing at the gate, trying to get through. There's a lever just past the gate that you can pull to open the gate for Trico.

Continue down the hall.  barrel 15 is at the end of the hall. You can pull out of the ground to feed to Trico.

About halfway down the hall to the barrel, there was a place where the hallway turns off to the side. There's a wood barrier at the end of this hall. Use the mirror and Trico's lightning to destroy the barrier. Continuing forward, you'll come out into that cage like structure you saw across the balcony earlier - the thing that made Trico so angry.

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