The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 5
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 Hint 38
The beast was scared of something...
Trico? What's wrong?
You're on a balcony overlooking a round platform below. At the base, just below Trico, you can see a cage containing a blue antenna of some sort. This seems to be what's upsetting Trico - but he won't use his lightning right now. Climb down to the platform below and begin exploring. Eventually, Trico will jump down onto the platform as well.

First Antenna Room

The antenna in the cage starts sending out a strange signal that seems to interact with Trico's horns somehow. Trico starts flipping out. His eyes turn red and he comes after you. If you're quick, you can escape from him across the bridge. If you manage to evade getting eaten for 3 minutes, you can earn the Keep On Running gold trophy.

Gold PSN trophy

Keep On Running

In many ways, this first room is the easiest place to earn this trophy. If you can evade Trico's first swipe at you, you can run across the bridge, and into a corner on the bridge where Trico cannot follow you. Then you can just wait over there for 3 minutes until the trophy pops. Easy.

If you miss the trophy here, there will be two other antenna rooms such as this one where you can try again later in the game.

I did my best to keep out of harm's way for as long as possible.
Ultimately, there's nowhere for you to go. Eventually Trico will catch you. He'll snap you up, and swallow you whole.

This is not game over. You did nothing wrong. After another Runes loading screen minigame, you'll awake.

 Hint 39
The glowing mirror, mine when last I looked, was nowhere to be found.
Your mirror shield is gone, but the Antenna in the cage no longer seems to be functioning. Trico is unconscious beside you, but you can see that he's breathing.

 Hint 40
I decided to thoroughly explore the area around the unmoving beast...

The Significance of Blue Doors

I'll take a moment to here to mention the blue door. There's a blue painted door in this area. You can't open it, or go through it - and you wouldn't want to - but it is of significance. When you encounter enemies in this game, they will pick you up and take you to one of these doors. Your objective will then be to struggle free before you reach the door. If they manage to pull you through the door, you lose, and will be restarted from the last checkpoint before the fight.

You can use this knowledge strategically, by trying to keep Trico between you and the door at all times. You can also learn to recognize that a fight is coming, because there will always be a blue door in an area where there will be a fight.

Trico's tail is hanging down over the railing. Walk toward the base of Trico's tail and press button to climb up onto his tail and then use button to climb down the tail. At the bottom, press buttonbutton to make the boy extend his arm, and button to jump out to the balcony below Trico. In the middle of the balcony is a small hole you can climb up to with button. Follow the hole and it leads beneath a floor grate that runs along the bridge above. Halfway across you'll spot four suits of armor with glowing eyes and horns similar to Trico's in the room above you.

 Hint 41
Something in the armor's ill-omened air told me to keep my distance...
Continue through the tunnel beneath the floor grates until you see another tunnel leading off to the left. Follow the tunnel to the left, then at the next intersection turn left again. Continue through this very dark tunnel. You'll exit the tunnel into a small balcony/fountain. There's a ladder leading up. You can grab the ladder with button, or by jumping onto it with button. Use buttonbutton to climb the ladder. At the top, you'll find a lever. Pull the lever to open the gate at the end of the bridge, across from Trico.

Trico still won't wake up. Head into the room past the gate with the four suits of armor. The armor will come alive and start attacking you. If the armor catches you, it will pick you up and try to make off with you. When this happens, all the armor will start casting runes that will slow and disorient you. You need to play the same Runes minigame you play during the loading screens, mashing on the shoulder buttons, face buttons, and D-Pad buttons, to get rid of the runes. When you get rid of all of them, you'll escape.

Run back to Trico. When the armor tries to follow you, it will wake Trico up. Trico will easily smash the suits of armor.

 Hint 42
Trico seemed greatly unsettled after the battle with the suits of armor.
I had to find a way to calm my companion's nerves.
You need to make your way up to Trico's neck to pet him to calm him down. This can be a little bit difficult if he's moved forward into the tunnel to fight the armor. Jump on him and patiently make your way to his neck, then hold button to pet his neck, and eventually he'll calm down and stop batting at the battered remnants of the armor. If you just leave Trico here, he will eventually calm down on his own, but there's no reason not to take a moment to pet him to calm him down.

If you head down the hall ahead, the tunnel narrows and becomes  hole 4 where Trico can get his head stuck. Give him a shove button if you need to, to get his head out of your way. Or, you can just climb on his adorable face to reach the ledge up above him. From that ledge, you can jump across to a wooden beam above the hallway. Make your way across the beams along the ceiling, jumping when necessary, until you reach a dangling chain at the end of the hall.

Jumping out and grabbing the chain will pull it down a way, to where you can now reach it from the ground if you need to in the future. Climb up the chain and it will lead you out of a well, back outside.

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