The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 6
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Of course, Trico is still trapped down below. Follow the path back toward the large caged area where Trico freaked out earlier. You can see Trico exploring the area below looking for you. Call him and he'll come out onto the bridge, and leap up to join you. He seems quite happy to finally have some room to stretch his legs.

Out in the courtyard, climb on Trico's back, and he will eventually jump up onto the ruins and down into another area with a shallow pool of water.

  hole 5,  hole 6 and  hole 7 are all in the wall on the right, and Trico really wants something inside. He pushes his head into one of the holes and tries really hard to squeeze through the obviously too small hole. Head through one of the other holes to see what he's so interested in.

 Hint 43
A mysterious aroma hung in the air...
inside, there's a giant pot, with blue smoke coming out of the top. The pot is on wheels, sitting on a track. You can grab the bar on the side of the pot with button, and pull buttonbutton the post to move it along the track.

 Hint 44
It was trying desperately to squeeze itself through the hole and reach the pot.
When you move the pot along the track, Trico will pull his head out of the hole, and pop it into whatever hole is closest to the pot. Remember that you need to get his head stuck in every hole if you're going for the Collar Trophy.

Eventually, you'll want to end up with the pot closest to the hole in the middle.

 Hint 45
The beast was enchanted by the scent of the pot, and would not move.
There was nothing else for it. I would have to try and dispel the heady scent.
With Trico's head stuck in the middle hole, you can go outside and climb on him and jump up to the ivy vines above him, and use them to climb up onto the roof. There's a chimney on one side, with blue smoke billowing out of it. There's a ladder going down the chimney. Press button at the top of the ladder to climb down onto the ladder into the chimney. Drop down button at the bottom of the ladder onto a wooden walkway behind the giant pot. Walk along the walkway to the pot and give the lid a shove button to close the pot.

 Hint 46
I thought you were afraid of the water?
With the aroma from the pot out of mind, Trico will wander out to the pool of water and start rolling around in the water. After Trico finishes with his bath hop on his back. After a moment he'll leap up onto the ruins high up across the other side of the yard. Stay on Trico's back.

Sometimes you might have to lure Trico to the next area by going into the small crack in the wall at the edge of the area, which will cause Trico to climb on top of the wall. Then you can go back outside and climb his tail. Similarly, if he doesn't start through the ruins to the right, you might have to jump off of him and start making your way over there to get him going. At this point in the game, you can't command Trico - so if he's not doing what you want him to do, your choices are to wait, or to jump down and do it yourself and hope he follows and gets interested in where you want him to go.

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