The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 8
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After Trico defeats the enemies, continue down the flooded hallway. It turns to the left. A little ways further down the hall, there's a ladder on the right that you can use to climb up to a higher level.

The hall above is a dead end in one direction. You need to go the other way. Trico jumps up, and will always head in the right direction.

Head down the hall, through an open gate. There's a puddle on the floor, and you'll notice spears sitting on the ground, indicating there's probably going to be more enemies. Sure enough, there's a blue door at the end of the hall. As Trico follows you down the hall, the gate will slam shut on his tail, trapping him in place. There's nothing you can do to free Trico's tail. Continue down the hall, and turn left, going up a short staircase in a small hall on the left. Inside this room there's a suit of armor on one side and a switch on the other. The armor isn't moving for now. Hit the switch.

The armor comes to life and attacks you. It's very quick and hard to avoid on the first lunge.

Silver PSN trophy

Get Off My Back!

This lone suit of armor is great for trying to get the silver trophy Get Off My Back! After he grabs you, struggle free. It will leave the armor stunned for a moment. Run behind the armor, and jump on it with button as it gets back on its feet, just like you'd jump on Trico. You'll automatically grab onto its neck and cling to its back. Press back and forth on button to keep the armor from throwing you off its back. Eventually, the armor will start to lose its balance. When the armor starts standing on one leg, it's about to fall over. Stop pressing button to let it regain its balance or you'll knock it to the ground. When it recovers its balance, again press button back and forth on to keep it from throwing you off. Continue to do this for 30 seconds and you'll earn the trophy.

Note that you can also destroy a lone suit of armor in this way without Trico's help, by continuing to struggle until the armor falls over, then grabbing its head with button, and pulling with button until you pull its head off - also earning points toward the gold trophy Losing Their Minds.

Either destroy the suit on your own - which is quite difficult - or lead the armor back down the hall to Trico, who will smash it. This is also a good place to work on the bronze trophy Last-Minute Reprieve. Lead the armor to Trico and then let it grab you. Trico can destroy a white armor in a single swipe while it's occupied with carrying you.

The switch didn't free Trico's tail as you'd hoped. Instead it opened a gate opposite this room in the hall. As you head down that hall, four more armors attack you. Lead them back to Trico. Try not to let them pick up the spears in the hall. Give them a shove if they try. After the fight, calm Trico down and inspect him carefully for spear wounds. It's hard to find them in this tight hall with poor light.

There's one more lone suit of armor at the end of the hall past where the last four attacked you. Destroy it on your own, or lead it back to Trico for an easy victory.

When you've disposed of all the bad guys, it's time to help your pal. Halfway down the hall where you were attacked by the four suits of armor, there's a ladder on the right. Climb the ladder to the top with button, then run along the ledge behind the fencing, back toward Trico. At the end of the path, you'll find a large handle attached to a chain. Pulling this handle will move the chain that lifts up the gate to release Trico's tail. You'll need to call to Trico with button as you're pulling to get him to move his tail once the gate is opened.

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