The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 9
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Head back out to the hall. Trico can now follow you. Lead him through the hall and out to the open area beyond. Looking around out here, there's another blue door. Go past the blue door, and you'll see a small staircase leading down, leading to a small path that extends along the side of the structure. Follow this to its end and you'll find  Barrel 19 for Trico.
Pull it out of the ground, and return it up the path to Trico.

On the other side of the area, there's a gate in front of a hallway. The bars are spaced far enough apart that you can squeeze between them easily. This is a one way access for Trico. The gate is on hinges and can be pushed open. When you go down the hall, Trico will push the gate open and follow you. When the gate closes behind him, it cannot be pushed open the other way, so Trico will be trapped and prevented from returning.

 Hint 48
The beast could not find a way forward.
But we had come so far together.
And in so doing, we had developed a bond.
A mutual understanding that offered us a chance of escape...
At the end of the hall, you exit back into another outdoor courtyard. There is a box full of barrels in the middle of the courtyard, but Trico can't eat the barrels inside while they are in the box. Call Trico next to the box to unlock commands for Trico.

Commands for Trico

At this point in the game, you'll gain a series of new commands for Trico. Your deepening bond allows you to communicate more specific commands than simply calling him to your position.

To use the commands, hold button, and then press the appropriate button for that command. All of these commands can also be given while riding on Trico's back.

button Call Trico to your location
button + button Command Trico to move in the direction you point with button.
button + button Command Trico to Attack.
button + button Command Trico to Jump. He will stand on his hind legs, and look for areas above you that he can jump up to.
button + button Command Trico to take a specific action. This is based on the area you're in.
button + button Command Trico to heel. Trico will stop what he's doing and sit in front of you.

None of these commands will work until you reach this point in the game, except to simply call Trico with button.

While these commands give you a modicum of extra control over Trico's actions, they are far from direct control of the beast. You're still subject to Trico's whims and understanding of exactly what you're trying to get him to do. The best course of action is still often simply to run to where you want him and call him, when possible.

Hold button to command Trico, then press button to make him attack, to smash open the box. If you wait for long enough, Trico can just step on the box and smash it inadvertently, gaining access to the barrels inside all by himself.

Inside, you'll find  Barrel 20,  Barrel 21,  Barrel 22, and  Barrel 23.

Climb on Trico's back, and give him the jump command, by pressing button + button, and he will jump up onto one of the pillars so that you can get a better look around the area.

9  Hint 49
 Hint 50
The beast had grown accustomed to my company.
So accustomed, in fact, that it began to mimic my movements.
I ran, jumped, capered, and cavorted.
And in so doing, I learned something of what the beast might be encouraged to do.
Jump off of Trico's back onto the nearby balcony below you. Run along the balcony above the hall you just came from. At the end, you'll find a small tunnel leading back into the open area where you last faced the armor. On the other side you'll find a switch. Trigger the switch to open the gate so that Trico can get back to the area. There's a barrel that you can see on a high wall across from where you're at. You'll need to use your new commands with Trico to reach it.

Call Trico with button. He'll appear below you through the gate you just opened. You're high enough that you cannot safely jump down - but you'll find that if you're high up and you jump down next to Trico, he'll catch you by the neck of your shirt, and sit you down safely on the ground - eventually.

Climb on Trico's back, then point to the tall wall across from the switch, where you could see the barrel. When Trico is looking at the wall, command him to jump button + button and he will stand up on his hind legs against the wall. Climb to Trico's head and jump onto the wall, and pull the  Barrel 24 out of the dirt for Trico. Hop down onto Trico to get down.

With your newfound ability to command Trico, you can now easily get across the broken bridge in the area. Go to the edge of the broken Bridge and call Trico. When he gets close, command him to sit with button + button. Then hop on his back and point over the bridge with button + buttonbutton, and Trico will leap across the bridge.

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