Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Chapter 1
The Lure Of Adventure

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Und now we are in a flashback way back in Nate's youth. The nun in the Saint Francis home is angry at you while you almost climbed out of the window already. Can you see that flashing light over there? This is your brother Sam again, he wants to meet you.

Climb out of the window and get ready for some parcours action, the very first platforming jump and run part of many in this game. I hope my description is helpful and understandable for you, sometimes you just don't know where to continue climbing and this is where this guide jumps in to help. Every paragraph is a climbing part to some interesting landmark point. Alright, let's get it on...

Jump over the first small wall with the button button, then turn around the corner to the right, climb up the wall and also climb up on that white box. Above the box are small square white grips on the wall, use these to easily climb up and jump over the wall.
Get to the middle of this part of the roof and jump on the slope of the roof where you just were and slide down the other side. Here you continue climbing towards the inner courtyard onto the roof, follow this roof until you reach an open window and guess what, climb inside that window.

Cross that room and open the door that has some light behind it. Sneak along that lit hallway and roll behind the tables and counter with button to listen in on the conversation. As soon as the sister went through the door you can enter the door opposing that door and take a look at Nathan Drake's school files. There is nothing else of interest in here, so follow the sister into the big room.
You now learn to sneak around corners with the button button and the left analog stick, then jump out of the window as soon as the nun lights up her cigarette.

Once you are hanging from the window drop down with button then climb to the left onto that roof. Run straight on and jump over the gap and get a grip on these white grips again. You have to climb to the right though this time, towards the rainpipe and climb up on it, this works out. Grab that backpack with the flashlight and a cutscene starts.

Sam comes and calms little Nate and give him his jacket. To avoid trouble we continue already.

Follow Sam climbing, he even helps you up that door. Follow Sam for a while until you climbed that chimney. Then slide after him over another rooftop until you reach a locked door.
You can't get through that door, so we have to get around it somehow. Just climb that rope by grabbing it with button, then keep button pressed and use the left analog stick to climb up on the rope. Climb around to the left on the ledge to reach a hole in the fence, climb up there with button again. Follow Sam over some more rooftops until you are at the big gaping hole in front of the clocktower. Here Nate again almost falls down, but he also almost makes it, so let's continue. Climb up to that clock and around the tower on the left.
On the green scaffolding you have to duck down with button and at the same time move through there with the left analogstick. Run past the 2 airvents and follow sam over that steep slopey rooftop.

Use the grappling hook rope to swing over to the other side, grab it with button, then swing with the analog stick and let go of the rope again with button. Continue to the right and a way too short jump forces you to climb around the corner to the right and use that window to finally climb up to the top of the bell tower. Jump down again from here, follow Sam to that second smaller tower, climb around it to the left until you reach the horizontal plank.
Just let go of your grip with button, slide down that roof towards the right direction, and jump over to the other side right on time with button. Hey, I said right on time. Well, that turned out okay still.

Sam starts running again so follow him. Now there is a tutorial for the grappling hook, that's a very fun new thing in Uncharted 4. Use the button button to swing the grappling hook, let go of that button to throw it into the direction you are facing and where there is something that hook likes to attach to. The game is very forgiving with the grappling hook and your aiming for these swingspots and that totally ups the fun factor. But there are only a few swingspots defined by the game, you can't swing around like Spiderman. Swing over to the balcony on the other side of the road and climb down that ladder.

Sam convinces the young Nate to drive to the other end of town with him now.

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