Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Chapter 2
Infernal Place

2 Treasures
0 Conversations
After an interesting cut we are back closer to the present day (but still 15 years ago). Nate is in a fistfight in a prison. This is yet another tutorial, this time on fighting of course. The controls are rather simple, just use button to punch an opponent and use button repeatedly to escape it when the opponent holds you. No more countering with some interesting timing anymore like in previous Drake games.

Push your buttons to get through this fight. Punch your opponent, and when he grabs you and holds you escape his grip. Every now and then even the audience in this fight gets a hold on Drake, you escape this with the button button too. sometimes you are down, sometimes you are on top, and after some time the fight is over and the guards put you into some isolation cell.

As isolation cells are not that interesting for action games you get freed soon after and walk along that hallway all the way across the whole prison until you reach some green outside part. Vargas, the corrupt guard tells you about the pirate Henry Avery and his treasures. And then we can start.

So grab that letter from Henry Avery from Vargas, that letter will come in very handy soon, especially when we solve some kind of riddle or however you'd call that part of the game, then take a look around. This tower once was a prison and we want to climb on and through this tower now. But for that we should get closer to the tower first...
Get down the steps and slide down the slope. Steer a bit to the left, then jump to the ledge. Climb up the wall and you are at some storage area with crates and the like.

(1/2) Panamanian Cat Pendant

Jump into the round hole in the ground and at the end of the short hallway you find that treasure.

(Treasure 1/109)
Grab that grappling hook from the lower part of the bench at the wall. This will be very handy! Drag that box towards the wall next to it with the button button, climb up and use the grappling hook with button to swing over to the other side. Yeeeehah.
Drop down some big steps and you can swing again. Land on that wall there, climb over the wall and a bit to the right and then straight up. Watch out for the lose grip... maybe it's better to climb around the corner to the left and then up...
Now it's getting fun, slide down the slope, jump at the end and shoot the rope to the beam. While hanging on the rope steer towards the right edge of the tower at the other side and jump to the grips there. Shimmy around the corner to the right and up we go.
Climb onto the roof of the small tower now and walk along the plank and jump over to the big wall. Climb up the wall to the left side and enter the building through the window. One storey below there is a note on the table, take it with you.

(2/2) Navaja Folding Knife

One storey below where you enter the window and some steps ahead you can find this treasure located in some rubble next to a pillar, directly in front of the one ray of light coming from the window on the right.

(Treasure 2/109)
Down here, standing in front of that treasure you swing your hook up to that indicated window, keep button pressed and drag these boards out of the window. Run up the stairs again and swing over to the now open window and climb through it. Out here you climb to the right, around the corner. Up we go until you reach another window to jump in.
Opposing the place you landed are some markings scribbled into the corner, sun and moon in one. Then Drake wants to take a look at the letter from Henry Avery, so do so, turn it around with button, then turn it back and fold it with button. And there you see another hint.
The symbols are for Sagittarius and Scorpio, they have the roman numerals X and II. Put these together (because sun and moon are combined too?) and you get XII. Pull the stone with the XII on it (marked on the screenshot to the right) and we can continue. You find a very old cross that appears to be very important later on.

So let's get ready to get back. Hammer onto the button button a few times to open the door, then enter and grapple to the beam. Descend down and swing over to the next ledge. Jump over there, climb up and balance along the beams here. All the way to the end, then jump down to the slope, slide it down and jump to the grips on the other side of the gap. Climb up to that rusty old door and push it open to reach your freedom again.
Jump over the gaping hole to the posts on the other side, find your way to the rock, on the other side slide down towards the left, jump at the end and don't forget to shoot your rope. Swing over and after some more climbing and jumping you are at Vargas in no time and give him nothing.

Sam, Rafe and Nate discuss the cross of the holy dismas and think his church might be a good destination for a relaxed holiday before the action can continue. Gustavo, the tough guy from the beginning of the chapter reappears and wants revenge.
So use the melee fighting skills you learned earlier in this chapter to fight your way through. It's a lot easier if you don't attack the enemies randomly but try to attack enemies that are engaged with Sam or Rafe already. You can do this together. After some 10 guys down Gustavo enters the scene, the main baddy with the cross in his back pocket. Focus on him now and take him down and don't get taken down by him. Once he locks your head in the washer you have to hammer button a lot and fast.

And now it is time for a lot of running and jumping. Follow the others to the end of the hallway, open the barred window with button. If only every jail wall would be that easy to open...
Follow Sam, jump from roof to roof to the scaffolding, down there and to the left into the hallway, turn right and always follow Sam. After some dead ends you can drop down a fire ladder with button, climb it up of course and flee over the roof until you drop down. Here you have to fight 4 prisoners, but Sam comes to help you. Then you pull away a cart together to open up a window to a very narrow shaft. Follow the path through the shaft, after it always go on straight until you see the huge signal light. There you turn left, jump over the gap, climb up on the left side and follow that direction. Jump from rooftop to rooftop. After a dramatic sequence you continue. Jump, run, climb until you are in the jungle, and then still run some more...

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