Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Chapter 3
The Malaysia Job

4 Treasures
2 Conversations
15 years later
And now we are still under water and swimming, but in a diving suit and searching for treasure. And just as I mention it,...

(1/4) Antique Padlock

Swim a bit to the right from the start between 2 rocks and under the dead treetrunk.

(Treasure 3/109)
Keep on swimming straight on, this whole level is very linear.

(2/4) Chiriqui Shark Trinket

As soon as there are these cave structures to your left swim inside.
Along the entrance to the very first cave you find the treasure on the ground.

(Treasure 4/109)
And now just keep on swimming, you will reach that wreck you are searching for eventually. It is just a sunk freight container on the ground. Very hard to miss.
The current alone already takes you there.

(3/4) Antique Pocketwatch

As soon as you spot that container swim past it to the right. Follow that rockwall. Somewhere in mid height you'll find that treasure.

(Treasure 5/109)
And now we want to check out that sunk freight container, don't we?. It won't be there forever, you know... or so. Swim to the important and marked places and press or hammer on button, Nate does the rest himself. Then he notices, that 2 crates are missing, so search for them. One of them is inside the container but it is stuck, no matter what you do, so Nate gives up on this one for now. The other crate is to the right once you leave the container. Swim back to the container with this crate in hand and place it onto to the other crates.

As soon as the crane comes down grab that rope and swim around one of the axes of the wagon. Then cling on the carabiner to the rope. Do the same for the second rope and axe of the wagon.
As soon as the container is lifted you can get that second box and bring it inside the container. Use the button button to move with the box in hand. As soon as you placed that crate swim to the rope and hold on tight.

Once you took a look around press button and we continue.

(1/2) Conversation 1/36

Jump down from the container and look around. After a while one of the workers will have to say something. Of course it is not very useful but fun...

(4/4) Antique Arcade Token

Inside the shelf on the platform in the middle of the boat.

(Treasure 6/109)

(2/2) Conversation 2/36

Talk to the man next to the treasure on that platform in the middle of the ship.
For this conversation you have to be pretty fast, otherwise the option for the conversation disappears. If this happens just reload the last checkpoint, this is exactly when the container appears above the waterline.
Now get to the very end of the ship and talk to Jameson to end this chapter. Follow him to the crates, then grab that crowbar and pry open the crate.

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