Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Chapter 5
Hector Alcazar

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And we are back in the prison again, with Sam. Hector Alcazar planned his escape and does exactly this now, and the best thing is, he takes us with him, so we better run along and keep up with these guys! Follow Hector and his brutal gang. After Hector killed a guard you finally get a gun for yourself and now you can also kill people as brutal as they do.
Most of the enemies get taken down by Hector and his men, so keep up, shoot around some more and maybe finally you hit some enemies. Headshots sure help here, as otherwise Hector's men are faster than you at killing the guards.

As soon as Hector's men blow up the wall to the laundry it starts getting interesting, you now can and should shoot by yourself and fight your way through. At first 2 guards appear far away, take cover behind that wall and shoot them both.
Then follow these weird hallways until you have to defend yourself against a guard. Hector comes in and helps you, then get to higher ground over some stairs. You will enter the huge laundry room, you can either take cover at the start of the room or jump over the barrier, take on one guard in a fistfight and then shoot all the other guards left with your rapid fire gun.
Soon after, some more guards (some 7-8) come from the right and shoot into the room. Answer them by shooting back at them from behind some cover. Grab the weapons these guards left for you. As soon as Hector's men blow up the door this part is over.

Now you reach an inner courtyard where a lot of guards and even a turret fire at you. Your chances to take cover are only some very instable lose bricks. So hide behind some of these lose rocks and slowly sneak forwards. If you want you can leave your cover and shoot some guys, if not, then not, the only thing to do here is to find a way towards that turret. Once you are close enough and enough time has passed one of Hector's men blows up the turret tower and then there is silence and you can pick up some of the dropped guns on the ground, but it doesn't matter, the chapter is over anytime soon and you can't keep these weapons.
Run after Hector and kill 2 more guards on the way, then this chapter is over already.

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