Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Chapter 6
Once a Thief

9 Treasures
3 Conversations
And there we are close to the Rossi Mansion and we want in to get that 2nd cross of Dismas. It can't be easier than that. So run along that green area until you reach the cliff.

(1/9) Mughal Water Container

At the very left end of the cliff you can find that treasure just lying on the ground.

(Treasure 7/109)

Continue to the right and take a look at that bridge. You have to look at it first to make Nate see where he can throw his rope, so once he saw it throw your rope and swing over. Swing and then jump to the wall on the left. Keep on climbing to the left, if there is no further way you can almost every time just drop down and grab a ledge somewhere lower on the wall.
After some time Sam says something about a ledge and swings over himself. Then you grab the rope he left there and swing further to the left with it. Climb on some more until you reach that lone tree. Climb along that tree and start swinging, then jump over to the wall where Sam is hanging already.
As soon as the heavily armed goons are gone you can climb into the lemon garden. Let's hope we don't meet them again in the next chapter or so...

(2/9) Nephrite Brass Cup

As soon as you enter the lemon garden just walk on straight. You will come to a house, the treasure is on the windowsill.

(Treasure 8/109)

(1/3) Conversation 3/36

Right in the middle of the lemongarden Sam stops and you can talk with him about the lemon trees.
Enter that garden shed at the cliff. Get down one storey and you can throw your rope to the beam inside the shed. Attached to the beam you jump out of that window, grappel down some more and then swing over to the left. Follow that path down there until you reach a wall with an arch.

(2/3) Conversation 4/36

While walking along below these arches you can have another optional conversation with Sam.
You can already see some grips up that wall, but there is nothing to hold on to where you can reach it close to the ground. So turn around and get to the closest arch. On the hillside are the grips you are searching for, climb up there. On top of the arch you can see the beam at the wall already, jump over there and swing over to the wall. On the left side of the arch you can continue climbing up higher and layawaying over some more beams you continue to the left. At the end of the beams you swing over to that rock and climb after Sam and there you are inside the Rossi mansion already and Sully is already here, waiting for you.

(3/9) Viking Cloak Clasp

As soon as the cutscene is over go back to the room where you just met Sully, the treasure is on the the dresser around the corner.

(Treasure 9/109)

(4/9) Mother of Pearl Horn

Walk some steps along the hallway, squeeze through some people and then get outside. Out here you walk to the right end and out here is the treasure.

(Treasure 10/109)

(3/3) Conversation 5/36

Out here, where also treasure 10 is found, Sam is standing around and you can talk about the escape with him.
Walk straight through the house until you are in the auction room, cross this huge room too until you are in front of the cellar door where Sully is already waiting for you. Sadly the door is locked, so you have to steal that keycard from the waiter. You can try 3 times before Sam decides to help you steal the card. Sooner or later you will have that keycard in your hands if you don't fail completely.
So get to the cellar door now and enter the cellar.

(5/9) Persian Bronze Bowl

Walk down the hallway to the left, after the round tables are some crates. The treasure is hidden on these crates.

(Treasure 11/109)
Follow Sam along that hallway, watch the gangsters through the glasswindow in the door, then continue along that hallway and down some stairs.

(6/9) Brass Barber's Bowl

At the end of the stairs at some barrels under the stairs.

(Treasure 12/109)
Follow Sam to the wall und grab onto the huge wine barrel with button and then push it into the next room. Get through the next door and you are in the really huge wine cellar of the mansion.
Wouldn't it be great to be locked here and drink your way through all these barrels... anyways, find your way through the darkness until you reach yet another huge barrel you can grab onto. When entering go straight, then right, right to find another pushable barrel. This time don't push it though, pull it towards you. Then let go and walk past it to the left and enter the now created hallway. Follow this hallway and you reach another huge barrel. Pull this barrel towards you too and then leave the hallway and continue to the place where that barrel was before (to the left) and you can jump through 2 holes in the wall to reach the end of the wine cellar. Grab the last barrel and pull it under the vent. Climb up the barrel to the glowing vent.

Now squeeze yourself through the airvent. Some bars block your way at the end, no matter how hard you pull them. So get back to Sam and open another grating with him. Jump and climb after Sam until you finally see daylight again.

(7/9) Brass Barber's Bowl

As soon as you are out of the airvent you cross the courtyard completely, you will have to jump down some too. In the far end corner here you find a balcony with an attached ladder, climb up the ladder, then climb up the drainpipe, climb on to the right via the windows, up another pipe and then to the right around the corner and on the roof directly below you, you find that treasure.

(Treasure 13/109)
Get back to Sam in front of the barred door. You cannot enter here, so you have to lift up Sam and he will let the ladder down for you. Climb after him now.

(8/9) Persian Candlestick

Don't jump after Sam though, rather climb up the small roof with the cross cutouts to your left. Jump across to that balcony to the right from here to find the treasure there. When you climb up the small roof you have to turn to the right to see the destination balcony, but from that turned position it is a jump to the left then. Alright?! Don't miss that jump or you will die and start from the next checkpoint and miss this treasure!

(Treasure 14/109)
Now climb that ladder in the courtyard. Sam will change clothes and leave you for now.
Cross this courtyard and climb up all these wooden trellis all the way up. Then jump from roof to roof across the courtyard again, this time the other direction until you are below the part of the house with the cutout crosses.
Climb up that roof via the grips on the right end of the wall. Jump to the beams up here and jump on from these towards the machine room.

After that cutscene you continue climbing out here. Jump to that horizontal beam, swing and jump on from this beam to the platform below you.

(9/9) Mughal Dagger

Walk over the edge of the platform so that you are now hanging from it. Climb to the right and then up a bit and there you go.

(Treasure 15/109)
Climb up that wall to another crossbeam, jump from beam to beam and climb further up at the other corner of the wall until you reach something like a house wall again. Here you continue climbing upwards over all the electric boxes and pipes until you reach a window at the top. Climb in through the window. You go straight, then right, then left through the cable labyrinth. Then jump down and try to get further and into the electric room.

After the cutscene you search everything possible, and on your 5th try you find a crowbar. Use it to pry open the door and now the show can begin.

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Da scheinen ja einige Probleme zu haben. L3 bedeutet den Linken Analog Stick reindrücken, also keine Richtung, sondern in den Controller rein.

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