Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Chapter 9
Those Who Prove Worthy

6 Treasures
1 Conversation
2 Journal Entries
1 Journal Note

(1/2) Journal Entry (3/25)

Right at the start of this chapter there is something to note hanging at that cage. Nate just notes down what both of them were talking about before already.

(1/6) Lantern Mounted Flintlock

Just before the first bridge is a cave to the left. Next to the skeleton you will find that treasure.

(Treasure 26/109)
Now follow the path, slide down a slope, jump at the end, climb, walk up the stairs and you will find a strange contraption with chains and skeletons at the end of the hallway. In here you first free the poor soul at the switch next to the door, meaning pull out that skeleton. The contraption turns and offers you the bucket. Get the bucket, jump down to the left of the door, fill the bucket with water and hand it up to Sam. As soon as he placed the bucket the puzzle starts. The goal is to bring the small white cross into the left light, the big grey cross into the (lower) middle light and the black cross into the right light. And also the bucket has to be inside the spotlight on top (in the middle)

Trophy: Trials and Tribulations

The starting position of this puzzle is always the same. If you make it in less than 10 moves you get a trophy for this, so be good. You can restart from the last checkpoint to reset the puzzle and try as often as you want. Or just use this guide, whatever you prefer to earn your trophies.

So let's number these cogwheels from left to right with 1-4.
  • Turn wheel 4 one time to the right
  • wheel 3 one time to the right
  • wheel 1 two times to the right
  • wheel 2 one time to the right and finally
  • wheel 4 one time to the right.

(2/2) Journal Entry (4/25)

Look at that hidden switch next to the door again after opening the door to get yet another entry into your journal.

(1/1) Conversation 8/36

Leave the room with the contraption and follow the path. Take the left path and stand at the ledge. You can optionally talk to Sam while standing there.

(2/6) Strange Pendant

When taking the right path now look into the abyss to the right. There is a swingspot where you can throw your rope with button. Swing to the cave behind you. In there is the treasure.
You get back via the swingspot again, jump to the wall towards Sam and climb up.

(Treasure 27/109)
Follow the path and jump over a gap. Now you descend on the rope from a swingspot and swing over to that platform.

(3/6) Amatory Box

To the right of where you land is a crate and a broken bridge that has L3 shown above it. But now we want to go in the opposite direction, towards this huge arches. Walk over the ledges to hang from it and then climb down to grab that treasure.

(Treasure 28/109)
Now stand between the crate and the L3 Spot. You end up under a ladder. Behind you, you can see another treasure sparkling already, but you can't reach it from here. So rather help Sam up to that ladder, he will kick down the crate for you. Drag the crate to the opposite wall and use the crate to jump to the grips up there.
Now we climb a lot in a zig zag course, at first to the right and up, then left and up, and then up and to the right until you reach a cave. Follow Sam through the cave labyrinth into the catacombs and climb out of here to the left.
Jump over to the left, climb up and right and then pull yourself up.

(4/6) Pewter Box

After the cutscene climb on to the right. From this room check out the small room with the fallen over statue to the left. Crawl under it to reach the treasure.

(Treasure 29/109)
Continue through that gaping huge hole in the wall. From the swingspot you should't just swing on but climb down on your rope as far as you can and then swing to the left through the gap and jump to the grips on the wall there. Climb up, jump to the right, climb up again and crouch through the cave. Then kick down the crate and use it to reach the next ledge.

(5/6) Memento Mori Skull Watch

Take a turn to the right to the broken bridge. We've been here before and have seen that treasure from below. At the ledge above the treasure you can climb down to it of course.

(Treasure 30/109)
And we continue through that archway. To your right there is a very heavy crate that even holds your weight, so you can attach your rope to it and jump over. Climb up and stand next to the crate.

(6/6) Scottish Tipstaff

Behind that heavy crate you can find all kind of stuff. Jump over these things and behind them you find the last treasure of this chapter. So you can just shoot your way through in the grande finale of the chapter and don't have to waste time searching for treasures.

(Treasure 31/109)
Now grab that heavy crate and push it over the ledge and down one storey. Drive it to the wall and close to the ledge to the abyss. Then descend while hanging attached to the front of the crate. Get some momentum and jump over to the next wall.
Climb up, follow the hallway around the corner and climb into another narrow tunnel. Follow the tunnel and you will reach a huge room.

(1/1) Journal Note (2/23)

Just jump down one storey from where you enter that huge room. Next to the skeleton you will find the note.
Walk over that wooden beam und jump to the wall on the left, climb up and you reach a giant seasaw. Without a counterbalance one of you has to stay back. As we don't want that we jump to the swingspot to the right and swing and jump back to the right, to a wheel in the wall. Climb up fast because big wheels keep on turning, get off to the left, up and over the next turning wheel to the top. Now we are at the crate we use as a counterbalance. Run over the seasaw pretty quick, jump, up the stairs, down the stairs and open that door.

Nate and Sam chose wise, Nadine not so much, everything collapses and you are unarmed while getting shot. Try to jump after Sam, but you fall down. Jump ahead and climb that pillar. Take cover from the gunshots on a safe side of the pillar. Climb it and jump over to the next pillar just in time. Climb this one too and jump attack the Shoreliner. Now you are armed again.
Proceed some more and even more collapses. So climb to the right, swing over to the pillar with the statue on it in the middle and climb up and at the same time shoot the Shoreliners above while staying in cover. Now you can shoot a lot. There isn't that much of a strategy involved, like in all other shootouts. So I rather describe the way... just follow Sam! There is a lot of chaos, you can find a shotgun on the way, then they start becoming more and start throwing grenades, shoot them all, help your brother when needed and stay in cover when needed. The red barrels are explosive, and most of the time someone is standing right in front of them, so shoot them.

Soon you exit the mountain cave and find yourself in some snow. Behind that wall there is another shootout, this time with a turret. Stay in cover behind these stone pillars, the wooden crates get destroyed by the turret pretty fast. If the turret is distracted by Sam you can easily come out of cover and shoot some bad guys, otherwise be quick and aim good. If someone throws a grenade at you, you should run to the back and make sure the stonepillar still stays as a cover between you and the turret. You can try to aim pretty good and snipe the shootist at the turret through the very small slit, or you run from cover to cover, pick up some dynamite from the small brown box and throw it up to the turret or you climb up to the turrent and get rid of the guy operating the turret pretty quick. Nate survives this in normal difficulty. Use the turret to shoot any more incoming enemies until Nate says it's over.

Then get out of this cave and kill a sniper to the right of you without getting shot yourself. Climb up the small wall, kill the Shoreliner on the other side and then swing over to the other side via the swingspot. Here you get the sniperrifle yourself now and can kill 2 more snipers on the other side. Focus on the snipers with the laser aim first, once they are done kill everyone else with more time on your hands.
The you swing to the other side via the crane and jump to the scaffolding, climb up and take cover behind one of these Shoreline crates, these can take more damage than the wooden crates. Kill all two Shoreliners now appearing close to you, then 3 more of them appear in the distance. If you still have your sniperrifle with you now is the time to empty these last shells on them. Then find a replacement for your big gun, AK preferred. Sadly nothing is hidden on that crane, so just keep on going straight.

Here you run into a bad shooter, kill him, then slide down and jump, find a Mettler gun, this is somewhere between an AK and the sniperrifle... in theory. You can zoom with R3 but no rapid fire. Practically it just sucks. Proceed and kill 2 more Shoreliners, preferably take your cover on the right, then the one guy won't hit you, while you can focus on the other guy. At the end of the path climb up and slide some more. Ram into the Shoreliner at the end of the slide and smack him up good, then jump after Sam without killing the other 2, slide, jump, throw your rope and swing around to corner to the right to the next slide.
Slide down and land and you're getting shot at again. But there are just 5 enemies. One of them is really close, kill him first, then take cover and kill the others one after the other. Use the explosive red barrels to your advantage. Once Sully calls in after the fight don't care and collect some more ammo. Then slide down more and jump. Before climbing up shoot that Shoreliner to the left of you, then climb up and take the others apart. And now just slide down the next slope and swing over the last cliffs into the open sea before getting rescued by Sully.

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