Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End


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It all starts with Drake and Sam on a small boat riding the waves through a storm on the sea. Of course some bad boys are after him and he has to get rid of them. Your job is to go full throttle (button) and ram into the other boats. Aim for that island in the distance all the time while doing so. And ram into as many boats as you can while trying to get there.

As soon as the bigger boat appears and shoots you with signal rockets your cruise is over soon anyways. You get rammed and find yourself under the waterline. You swim back to the surface with button. As soon as you reach the surface you need to dive down under water again with button, otherwise you get rammed by a boat coming at you.

As soon as the boat passed, you resurface again and swim to Sam on the boat. Press button 2 times and you climb on board again.
As soon as you are back on deck the enemies appear from the other side. Lean against the wall of the boat with button, get out of your cover with button, aim with the left analog stick and shoot with button. Take a good aim, take cover tactically and shoot 3-4 enemies. The most important one of them is the guy with the glowing rockets all the way on the left. Shoot him and he will set the whole boat on fire with his rockets. Couldn't be any better.
Now 3 Shoreline boats appear with 1+1+2 enemies on them. Headshots sure help a lot here.

And now you are back in control of that boat and can drive further towards that island while enemies keep shooting at you. And once the burning boat comes in and rams into your boat it's getting dark...

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