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Yes, this is about Tekken. Tekken 1 to be precise. Tekken 3 was a lot better and more people played it, but to be really oldschool I put some stuff here that really helps you, if you actually play this game, no matter if on original hardware or in ePSXe. This stuff is especially helpful when you want to play Galaga... yes, only Galaga, as writing down movelists is too stupid and boring for me...
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Here you will find some hints for the normal game Tekken at first and below some more hints for the minigame Galaga. Just read it all, it's really interesting and for free too...

Unlocking Characters

Just play the game with the normal selectable characters and once you defeated Heihachi you unlock a brand new character. The following list tells you which starting character unlocks which character:

  • Kazuya Mishima => Lee Chaolan
  • Paul Phoenix => Kuma
  • King => Armor King
  • Yoshimitsu => Ganryu
  • Michelle Chang => Kunimitsu
  • Marshall Law => Wang Jinrey
  • Nina Williams => Anna Williams

Unlocking Heihachi Mishima

You can unlock Heihachi by completing the arcade mode in less than 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Once you play with Heihachi as a character you will get other opponents while in arcade mode than when playing with the normal characters.

Unlocking Devil Kazuya

Actually Devil Kazuya is nothing spectaculary new but just a new costume for Kazuya. Devil Kazuya has no new moves or so. But if you want to unlock ALL secrets in Tekken you have to be good. So, how do you do this now...
You have to complete the game Galaga with only one continue and otherwise also perfect. Galaga is the game you can play while the maingame Tekken loads. This sounds really hard, but doing it is even harder... that's why the next chapter is here at all. Continue reading there...



Galaga is the minigame you see when you start up Tekken. So here are some basic hints for Galaga:


If you manage to shoot all enemies in a level you reach the next level of Galaga and don't exit to the main game (Tekken). There are 8 levels. In case you don't get a level perfect you just have to press SELECT as soon as your levelstats (shootdown) are shown. Then you can replay the level. If you do this in level 8 you are back in level 1 though. This is really mean, but Galaga is mean already...

Rapid Fire

Hold ^ (triangle) for rapid fire.

Second Ship

While the PSX boots up and the Sony logo is shown hold the following key combo on the second controller until Galaga starts and you already see the second ship:

UP, L1, ^, X

There is another possibility to get the second ship, but this is a lot harder. You just have to finish a level perfect in under 18.5 seconds. This is doable but very hard, just as Galaga.


You can unlock the Devil Kazuya constume with Galaga. But this is really really hard. At first you have to make it perfect (100% shootdown) through all 8 stages of Galaga. Then you are not allowed to use the code mentioned above here for the second ship. If you need the second ship you have to earn it the hard way. And you also are only allowed to use select for a continue just once.
Well, damned, this is hard. And that's why there are the flight patterns of the enemies in Galaga below here. Remember them good! Hopefully this is helpful for you.

Flight Patterns

tekken galaga stage 1
tekken galaga stage 2
tekken galaga stage 3
tekken galaga stage 4
tekken galaga stage 5
tekken galaga stage 6
tekken galaga stage 7
tekken galaga stage 8


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