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Diesen FAQ habe ich für das SMS FAQ Completion Project geschrieben.
Das Spiel macht recht gut Spaß und deshalb wünsche ich dir schonmal viel Spaß mit dem Guide.

Vielleicht übersetze ich ihn auch mal ins Deutsche...
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| |  ==       ========  '-' ' ''- ' ' . ''' .'  '' '' ' ' =======       ==  | |
| |  ==       ===================================================       ==  | |
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| |         .'   ' .'   '..''.''.|    : .'  '.          :      :            | |
| |         |     '|     ||  |  ||      |               |      |            | |
| |         |  .--.|-----||  '  ||---:  '----.          |      |            | |
| |         |     ||     ||     ||           |          |      |            | |
| |         '.___.'|     ||     ||____: '.__.'        __:__  __:__          | |
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                              California Games II
=============================== FAQ by selmiak ================================
                          version 1.00 - 22.12.2010

 _ Table of Content ===========================================================

                Table of Content ........................ [.1.0.]
                Introduction ............................ [.2.0.]
                Playmode ................................ [.3.0.]
                Events .................................. [.4.0.]
                 Skateboarding . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.4.1.]
                 Surfing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.4.2.]
                 Hang Gliding  . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.4.3.]
                 Snowboarding  . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.4.4.]
                History ................................. [.5.0.]
                Thanks and Credits ...................... [.6.0.]

 _ Intro ======================================================================

Welcome to my FAQ for California Games 2 on the Sega Master System. I'm writing 
this FAQ for the SMS FAQ Completion project on the GameFAQs Contributor Message 
You can help by writing a FAQ yourself. Find more infos on the official Project
Page located here:


California Games 2 is the follow up game  for California Games (who whould have
thought of that...)  and a great  hit for  Epyx in 1993.  Besides for  the Sega
Master System, California Games 2 was also  released on the PC, Amiga, Atari ST
and the SNES.
The PC and the SNES version have one more  event, which is jetski riding. But I
couldn't confirm this extra  event for the Amiga and the  Atari ST version yet.
If you can confirm the number of events in the other version, just write me, my
email can be found in the credits section at the end of this document.

 _ Playmodes ==================================================================

You chose the game with your  direction pad and confirm  with 1. The muscle guy
points to the option you will  choose. When you are on  the starting screen you
just point to the event and then start it. But there is another Playmode.


Just chose the Event you want to practice. You can play as often as you want.


Choose the sign called competition on the bottom left and there you can have up
to 8 players competing  against  each other. Enter  the names for  all players,
confirm with 2 and when you're done confirm an empty line to proceed.

The selection screen  looks the  same as in NORMAL  MODE, but you  can select a
number of events.
Just select all the events you want to play in this competition and then choose
the sign reading PLAY GAME again and the competition will start.
After you and your  competitors  finished all selected  events the  best of the
best will be announced.

I don't know  how to get  back from  the Competition  mode to  the normal  mode
without starting a competition  or turning  the SMS off. Once  you finished all
the selected Competitions you will be in normal mode again though.
This is subsabber.

 _ Events =====================================================================

You can  compete  in these  4 Events.  To  get an  idea  of what  to do  in the
different games just read in the according  section of the guide. Of course you
can use Ctrl+F and  the numbercode  behind the event  to quickfind  the desired
section of the guide.

                                Skateboarding [.4.1.]

                                Bodyboarding  [.4.2.]

                                Hang Gliding  [.4.3.]

                                Snowboarding  [.4.4.]

  Skateboarding                                                       [.4.1.]

On the left you can see your character skating down the long halfpipe where you
have to show your tricks. On the right you  can see where you are on the course
and when and where the tunnels are comming.
Don't crash into a tunnel  or you'll be  faced with a sudden  game over. If you
don't crash into a tunnel you have 4 lifes,  indicated by the skateboards below
the actionscreen.

>>  360 Aerials
    60 Points
 Get some height. While you  are crossing the halfpipe  and are at the bottom
 of the halfpipe press Button 2 and then keep going and keep Button 2 and the
 direction pressed. The higher you jump the more 360 Aerials you'll perform.
>>  Hand Plants
    100 Points
 Press Button 1 while you are going over the lip of the halfpipe. Hold it for
 a while and the skater will release the handplant by himself.

>>  Ollies
    50 Points

 Press Button  1  and any  direction  while  you  are at  the bottom  of  the
 halfpipe. Keep Button 1 pressed if it doesn't work at once.

>>  Corkscrews
    80 Points

 Make a whole turn inside a tunnel. But  be sure to be back on track when the
 tunnel ends.  Otherwise  you'll lose  a life.  But at least  no sudden  game

>>  Board Slides
    100 Points

 Jump high enough out of the  halfpipe, then release  the direction button as
 soon as you jump out of the  halfpipe and press up and  keep it pressed. The
 skater will turn  his board and  then land in a  boardslide on the  lip. You
 will slide until you release up or crash against a tunnel.

>>  Endbonus
    1000 Points

 Reach the end of the Course and you will receive this Bonus.

  Bodyboarding                                                        [.4.2.]

This event consists of two parts. 

 Part 1 - the wave riding

To put it simple... do some tricks!

Okay, here is a more elaborate explanation.  You can either wait until the wave
sucks you up and go up the  wave backwards and try your  luck on some tricks or
push left and ride up the wave forewards and do some tricks.
Don't climb up the  wave too high  or you will get  thrown out by  the tide and
you only have this one wave/try.
The wave phase lasts 40 seconds once you have control over your surfer. So show
your best tricks in this timeframe.

>>  Spin
    10 Points

 While you are at the bottom of the wave  press down and keep it pressed. You
 will spin around and get some lame 10 Points per spin.

>>  Barrel Roll                   
    100 Points

 Do a barrel roll! No  Peppy, the other one.  Just ride up the  wave forwards
 and once you are close to being on the top of the wave press right. You will
 now barrel roll away from the wave.

>>  Cut
    10 Points

 While you are at the bottom of the wave  press 1 and left. This trick is not
 that good for barrel rolls, but read on for more tricks that can be combined
 with a cut.

>>  Off the Lip
    50 Points .... low
    100 Points ... medium
    150 Points ... high

 Press Button 1 and left  to cut towards  the wave. When you  are on the wave
 press Button 2 and left. Depending  on your height on  the wave you will get
 the according points.

>>  Revert off the Lip
    60 Points .... low
    120 Points ... medium
    180 Points ... high

 Press Button 1 and left  to cut towards  the wave. When you  are on the wave
 press Button 2 and right. Depending on  your height on the wave you will get
 the according points.

>>  Double off Lip
    200 Points

 Press Button 1 and left to cut towards the wave. When you are at the highest
 point of the wave press the Buttons 1+2  and right at the same time. After a
 double turn you will go down again.

 Part 2 - the way home
Avoid all grannys, divers,  posts, rocks and seldom beach  beauties by going up
and down. As a general rule  of thumb, don't stay where  you are. And obstacles
very seldom appear in the same  place twice. So if one  obstacle appears in the
upper part wait  until it has passed  and then go  up as the next  object won't
appear there. This works  90% of the time.  If not, you actually  have to avoid
them by going somewhere else.
Avoid 25 objects  and you will reach  the shore.  You gain 50 Points  for every
avoided obstacle and 1000 Points for safely reaching the shore.

  Hang Gliding                                                        [.4.3.]

Start by pressing 1.  But watch out for  the wind. Only start  when the wind is
blowing in your face, otherwise you will be on a very short ride.
Use the upcurrent at the edge of the screen to gain height. These will last for
about 4 minutes. If they are about to stop you will hear a signal sound.
Just circle over the coast and you will  see the upcurrents every now and then.
They will push you up and give you height when you are circling above them.

The whole  event consist  of  two tasks.  Show  tricks  while flying  and  drop
waterbombs onto the bouys. 
You have 5 of  these waterbombs  and  once you dropped  the  4th you will  hear
another signal sound. It's  best to make a sharp dive  towards the target, drop
the bomb and then gain  height again by  doing a swoop or even a loop. But both
give you the same amount of points and height afterwards.
You also get extra points when you land on the starting point again.

Also don't   fly  to  far  away   over   the  open  sea  if   you  don't   have
enough height. On the other  side  of the three  targets  is another  upcurrent
waiting  for you  though. If you  press up while  flying you will  not loose as
much height as when  you fly normal.  But most of  the time you  will perform a
sharp dive as soon as you release  the up button and you  can't avoid the sharp
dive. But you can use it to make swoop or a loop though.

While you are  circling  over an  upcurrent  and  gaining height don't fly  too
sharp and close  turns or you will  make a sharp  dive after the  last turn and
immediately  loose the height  you just  gained  and you won't  make it  to the

>>  540 Degree Turns
    50 Points

 While you  are flying  normally  press  Button  1 and  then in  the opposite
 direction of where you are flying.

>>  Swoops
    150 Points

 Press up after some sharp  diving. This gives you back  some good height and
 you can drop off water bombs while doing the sharp dive towards the target.

>>  Stalls
    100 Points

 Use the upcurrent to rise up to the upper end of the screen.

>>  Loops
    150 Points

 After some sharp diving press up and the opposite direction of where you are
 going right now. This gives  you back some good height  and you can drop off
 water bombs while doing the sharp dive towards the target.

>>  Water Bomb Bonus
    500 Points

 Press Button  2 to drop  the bomb.  For  every target  you hit  you get  500
 Points. So you can get 2500 Points from the water bombs in total.

>>  Landing Bonus
    1000 Points
 Get back up where you started and jumped off from the cliff.

  Snowboarding                                                        [.4.4.]

  Drop off

As soon as this  event starts  the lazy people  that don't  have money/time  to
build a lift but enought fuel drop you out of a helicopter with a parachute. So
it is your duty to place the  helicopter where you want  to jump out. Remember,
there are points awarded for the distance  you travel. So it's best to fly near
to the peak of  the mountain  and drop off  there. But don't  be too high  atop
because the helicopter  needs some  space and can  also crash if  you touch the
mountain and so you will loose your First Drop bonus. You will loose this bonus
too if you jump outfrom too high and don't open your parachute.

The game is parted in 3 parts after the drop off. The farther down the mountain
you drop off the farther down in this list  you start the Snowboarding event in
California Games II and the less points you can get.

>>  First Drop Bonus
    250 Points

 Part 1 - Normal Slope
Just ride down  this mean slope  and avoid  obstacles like  skiers, cliffs  and
crevasses.  Press Button  1 to  jump over  the obstacles  and  keep the  button
pressed to  make it  over the  long gaps.  The direction  buttons  control  you
snowboarder and the  farther you wedel to  the sides the slower  you go and the
more you can control your actions.
After some tries you get the hang of it and the course is not that long.

You have 5 Lifes in this part of the snowboarding.
 Part 2 - Halfpipe

Here you compete in  the halfpipe and have  to show your best  tricks. Actually
there are only 2 tricks you can do. So here are the tricks and how you do them:

>>  Hand Plants
    100 Points

 At the coping press Button 1 to perform a Handplant on the halfpipe.

>>  360 Turns
    50 Points

 If you are  at or over  the coping  of the halfpipe  press  in the  opposite
 direction of where you are  going at the moment and  you will perform a nice
 360 jump. 

>>  Get Out

 At the left end of the halfpipe  press Button 2 to jump  out of the halfpipe
 without bailing.
 Part 3 - Dirty Slope

This slope is not as steep as the first  part of the snowboarding but there are
some meaner obstacles. So wedel  around a lot with the  same set of controls as
in Part 1 use the muddy parts to slow down. If nothing else helps, jump alot. 

And again you only have 5 lifes for this part.

<<<< All the points at all

>>  Hand Plants
    100 points

 see Part 2 - Halfpipe    

>>  360 Turns
    50 Points

 see Part 2 - Halfpipe

>>  Finishing Bonus
    250 Points

 You get the points for  each completed part.  So you get 250  points each if
 you reach the end of the first and the  third section and if you jump out of
 the halfpipe without bailing, see >> Get out in Part 2 - Halfpipe.

>>  Distance Bonus
    xyz Points

 For every travelled meter in part 1 and 3 you get some points. So you better
 move your board a long way down the hill.

>>  First Drop Bonus
    250 Points

 see Dropoff at the beginning of this chapter.


 _ History ====================================================================

             Version 1.00
all you can see up to now. If no additions or mean typos show up this is also 
the final version.


 _ Thanks and Credits =========================================================

My thanks go to the following people/companies/whatever

 GameFAQs  - for hosting this document and lots of other FAQs for all and 
             especially old games.

 Games     - for (re)starting the SMS FAQ Completion Project. Otherwise you
             wouldn't be reading this. And he also is a really good CoAdmin for
             the SMS CP Website.

 the SMSCP - and all the writers contributing. especially:

 Joni      - For writing a lot of guides lately and asking for 100 guides left
 Philips     to complete before 2011. This motivated me to finish up this guide
             and here it is.

 nvgw      - http://stores.ebay.de/New-Video-Game-World for giving me inside
             infos for California Games 2 that noone else had available and
             now everyone can use. If you need old games, look there!

 me        - for writing all this
 you       - for reading this and enjoying old games.
This FAQ was written for the SMS FAQ Completion Project. Read more or even help 
us under the following url
This FAQ is (c) by selmiak 2010 - (future) and can only appear on the following 

If you want to host the unaltered  document on your website,  please contact me
before ripping it and I won't have to stress  around with legal stuff and other
bullshit  like having  your  webprovider   shut  down your  site  for copyright
infringement. If your site is cool I will probably say yes anyways.  

My contact email is:
 faqs [at] gmx [dot] de

You can also send thank you emails and paypal donations there.
Or visit my website and if one of the few ads there seems interesting enough 
to you just check it out.

that's it folks, end of the FAQ                                           [eof]


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