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You have three lives and one continue to complete the game.

At the beginning of the game there are several cut scene screens to navigate through, all in Portuguese. To skip these press 1 and 2 together. Otherwise immerse yourself in the story:

The first screen shows Pedro, Biba and Zequinha at the castle door with the following text:

Portuguese: Pedro Biba e Zequincha chegam ao castelo e vao ate o porteiro decifrar a senha do dia

English: Pedro, Biba and Zequincha arrive at the castle and go to the doorman to decipher the password of the day.

The next screen shows Zequinha inside the castle on his own with the text:

Portuguese: La dentro, Zequinha afasta-se para se divertir brincando com as invencos do castelo

English: Once inside, Zequinha moves away to have fun playing with the castle inventions.

Then you see him in the kitchen next to a table with a jug of juice and a conveniently-placed empty glass on it:

Portuguese: Com sede, ele vai ate a cozinha e la encontra uma jarra com suco de uva

English: Thirsty, he goes to the kitchen where he finds a jug of grape juice.

The next screen shows Zequinha drinking the juice:

Portuguese: Sem pensar duas vezes, Zequinha enche um codo com o suco e o bebe...

English: Without thinking twice Zequinha fills a glass and drinks it all ...

The next screen shows Zequinha as a baby:

Portuguese: Mas o suco era uma pocao do dr. Vitor que o fez voltar a ser bebe!

English: But the juice was a potion of Dr. Vitor and turned him into a baby!

Now Nino is here holding the infant child in his arms:

Portuguese: Com a choradeira Nino aparece e, imaginando o que aconteceu, parte para solucionar o problema...

English: Hearing the crying, Nino appears and, imagining what happened, leaves to solve the problem...

Nino lectures you:

Portuguese: Para reverter o efeito da pocao, voce deve encontrar os quatro ingredientes necessarios para o antidoto atraves das portas a seguir. O porteiro lhe dara dicas que o ajuda-rao a acha-las.

English: To reverse the effect of the potion, you must find the four ingredients for the antidote through the doors below. The doorman will give you tips that will help you to find them.

Portuguese: Apos passar pela ultima porta, Procure pelo Dr. Vitor, pois ele a ajudara com o antidoto. Agora, com quem voce quer seguir nesta aventura?

English: After going through the final door, look for Dr. Vitor, as he will help you with the antidote. Now, with whom do you want to go on the adventure?

Now you can begin the adventure. You can choose to be Pedro (the boy), or Biba (the girl). Both seemingly have the same abilities so you shouldn't be disadvantaged choosing one over the other.

Once chosen you will be in front of five doors with the doorman below giving advice. The five doors lead to various parts of the castle. You need to take them in a particular order. Trying to enter a door at the wrong time will lead to you losing energy (the energy bar is in the top corner underneath the number that shows how many lives you have remaining).

The doorman will be saying to you:

Portuguese: Voce deve seguir reto ate nao poder mais e entao ao seu lado uma luz piscara.

English: You should go straight till you can't go any further and at your side a light will flash.

The doorman is indicating the fifth door so go through there.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    englische flagge

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