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Level 2: Kitchen

Clift claft still a porta se abriu

Clift claft still the door has opened

In the first area jump onto the table and use the run button whilst facing right in the middle of it. The table will turn making a green circular spring thing raise off the floor. Jump onto it and you will spring upwards towards the ceiling where you will catch hold of the chandelier. Your weight will pull it down and the door that would have blocked your way out of this room to the right will be opened so you can exit this area to the next bit, so press down to get off the chandelier and head right.

Head right along the kitchen. Jump over the drip and all the water that it has put onto the floor. Next avoid the oven flames that spit out at you, then the three blue drawers which pop out as you come alongside them. Next avoid the forks that are thrown out of a green cupboard. Then look for the three utensils hanging on the wall, because they will drop when you near them. So gently go under them. Pass the roast chicken (which thankfully doesn't try to kill you) to get out of this part.

Now you are on the end puzzle of the level. Here there is a symbol in the top left corner of a food that you need from one of the many drawers to make a massive burger. You need 11 ingredients in total, all in the correct order, and if you don't do it in time then you have to start again (but you don't lose lives here). Direct the cursor to the drawers and press 1 on the drawer handle to open.

Basically it is trial and error memory game but to save you from the trial and the error, and from using your memory, here are the locations of the ingredients (names are as I could make out from the images in the game):

The drawer puzzle

Drawer Puzzle
  1. Carrot - in the big pink drawer diagonal down and left from the picture of the food in the top corner
  2. Bread - in the blue drawer across and slightly up from the drawer with the carrot in
  3. Meat - this is in the big blue drawer on the bottom row
  4. Lettuce - in the big pink drawer near the middle of the screen
  5. Egg - in the pink drawer next to the previous one with the lettuce in
  6. Gherkin - in rectangular pink drawer near bottom left corner
  7. Tomato - in the blue drawer near the top left corner
  8. Red plate - in the long thin purple drawer above the drawer which had the lettuce in
  9. Brown slice of meat - in the pale yellow drawer below the pink one that had the egg in
  10. Rasher of bacon - in the third purple drawer along the bottom
  11. Yellow bap - in the purple drawer right in bottom left corner

Clicking any other drawer will result in nothing happening.

Now you have completed the area and Morgana will meet you with the second ingredient:

Portuguese: Bem, bem, vejamos quem esta aqui... Procura por algo? Ah, o segundo ingrediente! Aqui esta. Ainda faltam dois. O porteiro lhe dira o caminho para acha-los. Continue firme! Boa sorte!!

English: Well, well, let's see who's here ... Are you looking for something? Ah, the second ingredient! Here it is. Two more remain. The doorman will tell you the way to find them. Keep hope! Good luck!!

Now the doorman will direct you as to which door to take next so you can get the third ingredient:

Portuguese: O caminho parece quadrado e duro. Mas sera bem redondo.

English: The path seems hard and square. But it will be well rounded.

This is indicating the fourth door across, the one that is a hole in a brick wall and which takes you into what is the piping/plumbing of the castle.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    englische flagge

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