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Level 1: Laboratory

Clift claft still a porta se abriu

Clift claft still the door has opened

Having entered the lab, walk right. You'll walk under a machine that will send a shrinking ray on you. Now you are small go down the hole in the floor in front of you. Down here walk right trying to avoid the drip either by running past or trying to jump it. If you can't avoid don't worry too much as it doesn't outright kill you, instead it'll drain a little of your energy. Then collect the item here on the ground which will allow you to use the rocket later on, head past the next drip before jumping over an enemy that moves left to right along here (again it won't kill you if you only touch it a little, just drain your energy). Keep heading right and enter the rocket. Once you are in the rocket it will fly into the air. When the rocket stops jump out to the right (right and jump together) to land on the beaker. The darker black outline on the top of the beaker is the bit you can stand on whilst the lighter black outline is what you can't stand on because if you do you will fall into the beaker and drown. Jump over the hole. Walk right to the end which will take you to a clock area.

Climb on the two-faced clock here. Jump onto the minute-hand on the left clock-face as the first platform, before jumping onto the alarm bell in the middle. Now stand on the red bit here. This will break the clock and all the numbers will now be stuck on the wall.

You need to jump on the platforms above the numbers in order starting from 1 through to 12, before jumping across the two beakers at the end. You will need to drop from the 4 and the 8 to reach the next number in the sequence. Trying to take a number out of sequence will cause you to drop off the wall so that you will need to start again from 1. Once done head right.

In this next area walk right to the window cord which will automatically lift you up. At the top jump onto the top of the window blinds (by pressing jump then right to make sure you land it otherwise you'll fall down and need to start again) then walk along the top of the window before falling off the edge onto a spring that will spring you up onto another beaker. Jump across the gap onto the middle bubble which will bounce you up so you can reach the far end of the beaker.

Now all the work is done and you just walk right to go under the machine here to turn you big again before walking to the end of the room to exit.

Time for a cut-scene where you are met by Tibio and Peronio:

Portuguese: Estavamos esperando por voce. Agora que passou pelo laboratorio, voce recebera o primeiro ingrediente. Com mais tres, podera resolver seu problema. Esperamos que tenha aprendido alguns bons truques! Siga em frente e boa sorte!

English: We were waiting for you. Now that you passed the laboratory, you will receive the first ingredient. With three more, you can solve your problem. We hope you have learned some good tricks! Carry on and good luck!

Now you will be back in front of the five doors. The doorman will be giving you a clue as to which door to enter next:

Portuguese: E logo a primeira a se achar

English: It's the first to find.

Therefore enter the first door, the one that is green and yellow.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    englische flagge

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