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Level 5: Library

Clift claft still a porta se abriu

Clift claft still the door has opened

Now you are in a room with a suit of armour. Run to the edge and push open a door to the next area. This will take you into the main library area where there is a ladder to reach the platform above.

However it is better to go along floor level on this part so you don't get hit by falling books. Pass the two poems that you are forced to read (and which don't seem to translate into English very well so I've tried my best to make them make sense):


De repente surge alguem
Disposto a fazer bem,
Assim como para o mal
Ha de existir a cura.
Continue ate o final,
Pois so acha quem procura.


Suddenly someone appears
Determined to do good,
As for the evil
A cure shall exist.
Continue to the end,
For those who seek succeed.


A preguica tambem cansa
Sao dois lados da balanca
Mentira vira verdade
Frio queima como fogo
A simples dificuldade
Ja e uma regra do jogo.


As even the sloth grows tired
There are two sides to a scale
Lies become truth
Cold burns as a fire
The simple difficulty
Is already a rule of the game.

Then climb the ladder at the end to reach the level above. Avoid the falling book (you can tell which ones fall, because they have a blacker outline than the others) and go to the coat of armour to enter the next area.

In here don't climb the ladder because you'll just reach a coat of armour at the end of the row that you can't pass. Instead go along the floor level, run past the desk in the middle that will spit books out at you that can kill you (running past will lose some energy, but not much). Then at the end climb the ladder and head to the second coat of armour to enter the next room.

In here either go along the bottom, passing the poem...


Neste mundo equilibrado
Tudo tem um outro lado.
E para cada elixir
Que faz alguem diminuir,
Ha uma pocao com poder
De estimular a crescer.


In this balanced world
Everything has a flip side.
And for each elixir
That makes someone grow smaller,
There is a potion with power
To stimulate one to grow bigger.

... and the desk that spits books at you, or across the top avoiding the falling books. Then at the end climb down the ladder and go to the end of the floor level. This will take you to the end of the game.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    englische flagge

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