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Level 3: Pipes

Clift claft still a porta se abriu

Clift claft still the door has opened

From the start walk right avoiding the drop and go up to the purple monster sitting at the end of the path. His name is Mau and he will ask you a question:

Portuguese: Qual palavra esta errada?
  • Viajar
  • Viagem
  • Viajando
  • Viajem
English: What word is wrong?

The word that is wrong is Viajem. Now you will start the level again but he will be gone from where he was before, allowing you to pass.

Head down the hole now that the purple creature has gone. If your energy is low then you can head left, jump on the bug and collect the alien here (Godofredo is his name I believe); he will give you energy. If you don't need energy leave him be for now and collect him later as you will return to this section of the level when you answer another of Mau's questions.

Head right avoiding the drip, the descending spider and the second drip. At the end is a hole in the wall. Press up on it to go to the level above.

On the level above head left. Duck under the bat, then move left again avoiding the drip and you will reach another hole in the wall. Again press up.

There are two ways to go here, left or right. Both lead to the exit but by going right you should get there quicker. Avoid the spider, jump on the bug and meet Mau again who will ask:

Portuguese: Qual das figures tem os 4 lados iguais?
  • Triangulo
  • Quadrado
  • Circulo
  • Hexagono

Which of the figures has four equal sides? The answer is Quadrado.

Then you'll start again so go back through the level again to where you were. This time Mau will have gone so head down past where he was, avoid the slow-moving bat and follow the pointer for the exit of the level.

(The other way you could have went was to head left where another Mau is. Walk up to him and he will ask another question:

Portuguese: Qual palavra esta errada?
  • Nuvem
  • Colina
  • Caxoeira
  • Ceu
  • Riacho
  • Passaro

So which is the word that is wrong? Well it is Caxoeira obviously (thanks Google Translate).

Once you have answered you will start the level again, so repeat the above to get back to here. When you reach back here Mau will be gone. Head down, and collect the alien here (to give you some more energy), head past the bat, and the spider and into the hole at the end of the wall. From here head down, avoid the bat and go out the exit indicated by the pointing finger.)

Now you have completed the level and Mau will talk to you:

Portuguese: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Tenho observado voce andando pelo encanamento! Esta atras do ingrediente, nao e? Eu o tenho, mas voce tera de ouvir minha gargalhada fatal ha ha ha...

English: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I've been watching you walking down the pipeline! You're looking for the ingredient, no? I have it, but first you will have to hear my fatal laugh ha ha ha ...

So now you have three ingredients and you are back at the door selection screen. The doorman will be telling you which door to take next:

Portuguese: Ela e a segunda no caminho e tem a cor azul como o ceu.

English: It is second on the way and has the colour blue as the sky.

This is indicating the second door across, the one that has a blue outline and which takes you ... into the sky...


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