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From the manual:

The key to playing a successful match is to master these controls. In this section all of the individual moves will be described. Through practice you will find your own favourite combinations of moves that give you an edge against any opponent.

Remember that you are in control of a whole team. Each individual team player will have different skills and weaknesses which will affect their speed, strength, tackling ability and overall performance.


The Master System automatically selects the player nearest the ball.

The D-button controls the direction in which your player runs.

With no button pressed

To dribble, run at a steady speed keeping the ball just in front of you. If you run too fast or slow you will lose possession of the ball.

To steal from an opponent, run onto the ball.

Button 1

If the ball is in the air, your player will try to head the ball.

Once you have gained possession of the ball hold button 1 to trap it. Using the D-button, rotate to face the player you wish to pass to and release button 1 to pass.

To "chip" (short, high shot) the ball, press button 1 briefly.

If the opposition is in possession of the ball, press button 1 to activate a sliding tackle.

Button 2

If the ball is free, pressing button two will activate 'sprint mode' which allows you to gain ground on your opponent very quickly.

If you have possession, your player kicks the ball hard and you have the option of bending the shot using the D-button.

Both Buttons

Press both buttons during play to cycle between the different team tactics. This can only be selected if you are in possession of the ball. There are four formations to choose from:

  • 4-2-4 attacking
  • 5-3-2 defensive
  • 4-4-2 midfield
  • 4-3-3 attacking


The Master System will automatically throw to the closest player, but by pressing button 1 you can speed up the process.


The eight directions of the D-button represent 8 target areas of the goal.

When shooting, select the direction you wish using the D-button and press button 1 to take the penalty.

When controlling the goal keeper use the same technique first selecting the direction you wish him to 'dive' and using button 1 to activate.


Tecmagik have created a unique method of corner control for speed and accuracy. A cross hair is used to indicate the point where you want the ball to land. Position the cross-hair on your chosen spot then press button 1 to take the corner.

Remember that the wind speed will affect the direction and speed of the ball.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    englische flagge

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