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Game Modes

These game mode descriptions are taken from the manual.


The demo mode is a good place to start the first time you load CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE. It will help you to see the speed, the way the players move, how fouls, penalties and substitutions appear on screen and allow you to see the radar in action for when you play the first match. You can cancel the running demo at any time simply by pressing button 1.


Practice sub-menu Once you have selected practice mode you will automatically access a sub menu.
This will appear on screen in the following layout:


Team select (For more info on the teams in the game see the Teams section.)
To select the team you wish to practice with, point the foot at the team select icon and press button 1. A screen will appear showing the map of Europe from which you can choose any of the 34 teams that qualified for the real UEFA '92 Championships. Simply scroll the foot across Europe using the D button of your control pad until you reach the country and team you wish to select. As you move from country to country the icon at the bottom of the screen will change colour to indicate the team colours for that country and the name of the country will appear above the icon. The 'sock' of the foot you are using to select your team will also indicate the colour of the team for each country.
Once you have found the team you wish to practice with, press button 1 while keeping the foot in position on the correct country and you will automatically be returned to the Practice sub menu.
You will see that the team you selected is now indicated in this menu.

Penalty practice
The two 'mini goal' icons indicate the top (left) and bottom (right) of the pitch. You can select to practice 5 penalty shots into either goal controlling shooter and goal keeper alternately. A full explanation of the skills and controls required for penalty practice can be found in the Controls section.

Regular practice
You can select to practice either playing up or down the pitch. Select the left icon to play up the pitch and the right to play down.
The practice option is a very useful way to learn all of the controls for playing a skillful game of football without having to play against an opposing team. Use this section to practice passing, dribbling, shooting, corners, throw ins and general ball control before playing your first match. Your team may need a warm up!

Single game

Before starting a single game you will have already selected the pre-play options and this will include whether this is a 1 or 2 player game. Whether you are in 1 or 2 player mode only player 1 can use the team select option to select the teams both players will play. If it is a two player game, player 2 can indicate his choice but, player 1 must then select the team according to player 2's choice. The team select process is exactly the same method as explained in the practice section.
Below the team select icon you will see a 'direction of play' icon. This will vary according to whether you have won or lost the 'flip of a coin'. This is completely random. If you have won, two option icons will give you a choice of which direction you play in, but if you have lost only a single option will appear and this will show that you will be playing down the pitch.


This is the challenge of the Champions. The best teams in Europe will compete to win the coveted UEFA Cup playing up to five matches before finally achieving victory. Tecmagik have faithfully reproduced the structure of the real Championship through the quarter finals, semi finals and finals.
Once you have selected tournament mode and the 'play the game' option in The Main Menu you will automatically be presented with a map of Europe. Choose your team and a screen will appear to confirm your choice for the team you will take into the UEFA finals.v Select the 'play the game' option to continue.
The next screen to appear will show your team in the line up for the UEFA FINALS. If you are playing in 2 player mode player 2 will automatically play the opposition team in every match where player 1's chosen team competes.
Once you select to play in the tournament you will have the opportunity to play at least 3 games at quarter final level and the points you achieve in these three matches will decide whether you go through to the semi finals.

The points are awarded for the following results:

2 points
1 point
0 points

The performance of the other teams in your group will affect your chances of going through to the semi finals. Only the top two from your group will qualify.
In the semi finals you have to win to advance to the finals. If the match ends in a draw 3 minutes extra time is automatic and if the draw still stands then you will have to play the sudden death penalty shoot out to find a winner.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    englische flagge

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