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Scalp Trouble

The following level by level walkthrough was done on the difficult difficulty level. This is because this is the difficulty you need to play through if you are to get the good ending. The exception is level 1.1 (Scalp Touble: Scene 1) where all difficulties have been covered. This is to give you an idea of the differences between the difficulties.

For the purposes of this walkthrough I have covered the scenes in order of number (so 1.1 first followed by 1.2 etc.), although they can be played out of order. For example you may want to play level 2.2 first to collect an early continue.

Scalp Trouble

Scalp Trouble is a 1939 Looney Tunes Porky Pig cartoon where Daffy, and Porky Pig, have to fend off a fort that is under attack by indians. This game just uses the title really of the cartoon in that the level has a cowboy and indian desert setting rather than using any of the plot from the cartoon (plus the game is in colour rather than black and white).

Scalp Trouble: Scene 1

Scalp Touble: Scene 1 Head right. Collect the magic wand if you are playing on easy. This gives you a fairy duck mother. She acts as a shield so if you get hit you don't lose a life, instead you lose her. However if you get hit without your fairy duck mother you do lose a life. (Note: You can only have one fairy duck mother at a time so if you see a magic wand and already have a fairy duck mother protecting you then you may want to leave the wand there in case you need to collect it later.)

Head down the little slope and collect the gold coin. These will give you points at the end of the level (50,000 per coin). Wait around and you'll see something beside you bubbling. These bubbles that come from the ground are things you can collect and contain power-ups, extra lifes or score. Inside this particular bubble is a bubble with lines behind it. This makes the bubbles that you shoot from your bubble gun go faster.

Now ahead of you on the floor are some cactus in a gap - jump over this or you lose a live or your fairy duck mother if you have one. You'll see some bubbling on the platform above so go up there to collect the bubble that appears. It is a red dollar sign and gives you 1,000 points. You'll see bubbling on the next platform along too. This is a light blue dollar sign and gives you 10,000 points.

More bubbling will appear on the next ledge up - collect the green letter from this (At the end of the stage if you have collected nine letters they will spell out DAFFY DUCK and you will get an extra life).

Just along is another ledge (with a wand on it on easy and medium). Now if you press down on this platform you will see enemies below. There will be a walking cactus that you can't kill with your bubble gun (nor any other weapon). There will also be a metal cowboy down there with flashing eyes. You need to get down there and kill him with your bubble gun. When an enemy has been hit with the bubble gun they are safely enclosed in a bubble which you can then touch to make it go away. This cowboy is worth 100 points.

Now head back up to where you were avoiding the walking cactus.

On the ledge at the top here two things will bubble up from the ground. One of these is a bubble with compass points around it (this will make your shots become homing bubbles) and the other one is three bubbles that makes you shoot more bubbles from your bubble gun than before when you could only shoot a second bubble when the first one had popped.

On the level below a creature fires things across the platform from under a rock. Watch for this then head past him to the platform above him where there is a wand (on easy and medium), and a bubble coming up from the ground with a fireball in it. This changes your bubble gun into a 4-way fireball shooting gun which doesn't have as long a range as your bubble gun but shoots in different directions (all the four points of the compass to be exact). Robot cowboy

Head down the next couple of platforms and kill the robot cowboy.

Then head back up again and reach the top platform where there is a whirlwind moving back and forth which you can't kill (if the enemy is of nature such as the cactus and this whirlwind they can't be killed). Jump over it to the next platform along and collect the gold coin.

Also along here will be two bubbles to collect with letters in, another bubble with a duck face (which is a 1UP), and a diamond (which will give you 100,000 points when you complete the level).

Now walk to the platform below. There will be a leaf door to the right. This will open when you walk up to it as long as you killed all the robot cowboys beforehand (2 of them), otherwise a finger will appear pointing backwards indicating that you need to head back.

Head down through the leaf door and you'll land on some safe ground. Just above is a platform with a wand on it (which appears on all difficulties). Go up here. There will also be something bubbling up from the ground. This will show a bubble with a *2 next to it. This will allow you to shoot two bubbles at a time from your bubble gun.

Now go back down and head left. Avoid the things shot from the creature under the rock and jump up to the platform beside him. There is a cowboy here so shoot him straight away (50 points). There is also a spider under the floor which you can shoot (for 50 points). Looking down from where the spider was you will see a ledge directly below - land on that. A green letter will bubble up from the ground for you to collect.

Now head right killing the cowboy before he kills you with the rocks he throws at you. If he does throw rocks quickly duck them.

On the ledge above where the cowboy was is a creature shooting from under a rock. Head up there if you want to collect an extra life that bubbles up from the ground if you are on easy. It won't appear on other difficulties so don't up here otherwise.

Now press down to look down. There is a metal cowboy patrolling the area below. By heading down you may land on him and lose a life so instead head left. At the end shoot at the cowboy below. Then head down.

To the right here is a red lift. Hop on and watch out for the under-the-rock bullet thrower on this platform. Head right quickly to get to the place with the metal cowboy in. Kill him and collect the wand and the 3-bubble bubble.

Now head back and up the lift.

Now as you head left don't fall down as if you do you will die, so jump over the gap. Climb up and collect the diamond and the gold coin. Then go through the leaf door here (again, if it doesn't open head back it means you haven't killed the metal cowboys).

Once through the leaf door turn around at the rock and walk and you will drop to the level below. Here is a metal cowboy to kill.

Now head to the top level again and collect the green letter that bubbles out from near the cactus (and also the magic wand if on easy). Then head left onto the red moving platform that takes you across the chasm. On the other side is a cowboy so shoot him.

Then head to the platform below for a *2 bubble, and a gold coin on the level below.

Head down to your left for the next bubble (the rushing bubble that makes your bubbles move quicker) avoiding the stuff getting shot at you from under the rock.

Head past the spinning tornado on the next level across (you can't kill this remember) and onto the next platform past it to collect a green letter. Then jump up to the platform above for another letter and a gold coin.

Now go left again and jump across the gap. Collect the wand here (which appears on all difficulties), and the gold coin. Beside the gold coin another bubble will appear with a ruler under a bubble inside. This will make your bubble shots travel further.

Now head down and kill the metal cowboy here, whilst avoiding the creature shooting at you from under the rock. Now head all the way right again, back the way you came. Once past the whildwind stick to the bottom platforms as you haven't been here yet. There will be two bubbles to collect (a fire ball bubble and a 3-bubble bubble) and a third bubble right by the leaf door that contains a green letter in it. Now head out the green door to end of the level.

Number collected
Gold coins6300,000
Golden Cartoon
Movie Awards

Now that you have completed this scene choose another.

Scalp Trouble: Scene 2

Scalp Trouble: Scene 2 Head right until you can see the creature that shoots from under the rock on the platform above. Wait for him to shoot then jump up to that platform, then up again to the next one and shoot the bulldog cowboy that is here. Also collect the bubble with the red dollar sign in it that comes up here.

Now look down and on the bottom platform is a cactus with a creature under a rock behind it. Jump behind that creature for two bubbles (a green letter and the fireball weapon) before going back up again.

Now jump across the platforms and hooks to the other side being careful to fall in the middle of the hooks otherwise you'll end up falling onto the cacti below.

Once at the other side bubbles will come up, one with a enemy-seeking bubble, and one with a green letter from the level below. Also on the top level will be a diamond to collect, and below will be another cowboy to kill (he's hiding behind the cactus and only comes out when you join him on his platform).

Go down to the bottom level for a gold coin before heading right killing the cowboy you meet. He throws rocks at you so duck those if that happens.

Now enter the underground area you reach to the right. Stop before you pass under the stalactite above and let it fall before passing (alternatively rush underneath it without stopping and it'll fall behind you). As you reach the end a green letter will bubble up from the ground for you to collect.

Now head up and collect the extra life bubble if you wish (which comes out of the top of the top hook), avoiding the rocks being fired at you, and kill the robot cowboy here too before going down again and heading right through the leaf door (which will not open if you haven't killed the robot cowboy).

Once through the door you can't head right because of the cacti on the floor so head up one level (a bubble will come out here - the one that makes your bubble shots go quicker), and the next two levels too (to get a green letter and a longer shot bubble).

Now heading down a level to the right there is a cowboy to kill (who is hiding like a coward again, behind the cactus), and a bubble to collect (a 3-bubble bubble).

Lovely coins Go back down to floor level and there is another couple of bubbles to collect (a light blue dollar one, and a red dollar one a bit further along to the right). Head up the slope for another bubble from the ground, this one with a letter in, then right and kill the robot cowboy here. Now head up above here for a diamond, and two gold coins. Also kill the rock throwing cowboy here too if you want.

Now head right through the leaf door. There is a platform above here with two bubbles that come up on it, one to the right (a green letter) and one to the left (a fireball weapon powerup). But watch out when you get these as there are creatures on either side that throw stones at you from under their rocks, so jump those. When you go down you will be hanging from the horizontal pole. To get down to the ground again you need to press jump and down.

Next head right to the end of the platform. Down below a bubble will come floating up with a red dollar in it for you to collect. Once collected head down and left, avoiding the falling stalactite, to collect the gold coin and the bubble that gives you a green letter. Now head right again.

Head safely past the rock-throwing hidden creature to the end where you see a hook to your right. Before you jump onto the hook look down. You will see a rock-throwing creature just below that throws a rock upwards to where the hook is, so you don't want to be hanging there.

Drop down avoiding the creature. Kill the robot cowboy below you and collect the diamond.

Now head right and collect the gold coin and the bubble that bubbles up with the green letter in it.

Jump up and left. Kill the spider and collect the green letter that comes up. Now head back down and right again. Avoid the falling stalactite and collect the 3-bubble bubble.

Climb up the way to the right. At the top is a rock-spitting creature, plus a spider. Kill the spider and collect a green letter that bubbles up whilst avoiding the rocks being thrown at you.

As you head right there will be a rock-throwing cowboy so get ready to kill him, or duck. From below a red dollar will bubble up that you can wait for up here if you wish.

Look down. There is a way down but you need to pass the rock-spitting creature so watch him. When he has shot out a rock quickly pass him. At the end to go down you will need to press down and 2 to go through the floor.

Another rock-spitting creature is here. Avoid his rocks and go down to the next platform in the same way.

Golden Cartoon Movie Award 1 Now at the bottom don't head out the leaf door yet. Instead head left and jump to avoid the rocks spat at you and to collect your first Golden Cartoon Movie Award (these are worth 500,000 points at the end of the stage, and you are also required to collect all 12 of them before the end of the game to get the good ending). Then head out the leaf door to end the stage.

Number collected
Gold coins5250,000
Golden Cartoon
Movie Awards

Scalp Trouble: Scene 3

Scalp Trouble: Scene 3 At the start head down and get the diamond. Now head up and get the gold coin, and the homing bubble that appears here.

Next instead of going up the stairs move along the platforms below them to collect the bubble that makes your gun shoot quicker, a green letter that bubbles up, plus the firegun bubble that appears beside the cactus that spits a fireball up into the sky.

Now go to the top and to the platforms that you can hang from. Bubbles will come out of these, one with a light blue dollar sign in it, and the other that makes your gun fire further. Also to the left is a cowboy to shoot.

Then head right for another cowboy to kill. Under this platform a red dollar sign bubble will appear, whilst on the next platfrom along a green letter will bubble up.

Now head up to the right collecting the gold coin and killing the robot cowboy before going down to floor level to kill another robot cowboy. Just above where he was is a platform where a green letter bubbles up from so collect that.

Now head right to where the leaf door is, go through it and fall down the chute. Follow the cave left where you will meet a rock-throwing cowboy. Kill him. Just past him will be a magic wand and also a creature chucking rocks out of the wall so quickly head to the level below to avoid the rocks. From here a homing bubble will come up.

As you head left you will come across another couple of bubbles you can collect (a firegun bubble and a 3-bubble bubble). Down below you will see there is a cowboy to kill. Kill him then head down there.

Walk right and over the gap (you won't fall down because Daffy will hold onto the pole above). Collect the diamond and the green letter that bubbles up.

Now head down the gap by pressing down and jump whilst you are hanging from the pole. A x2 bubble will appear here.

At the end of the platform is a red lift so go onto it to go below, or fall down if you want.

Head right and over the cacti that spits a fireball by using the pole above. On the other side head right and kill the robot cowboy. Then head up the red lift. To the left at the top is another robot cowboy to kill. Once he is dead head right, collect the green letter that bubbles up from the ground, avoid the falling stalactite and head down through the leaf door.

Look down and you will see that below you is a diamond beneath a stalactite. Collect that diamond plus the two bubbles on the platform (with a green letter and a fireball in).

Golden Cartoon Movie Award 2 From here look down again and you'll see a gold coin to collect. Head left. On the platform with the tornado on it a bubble that makes you shoot quicker appears, so if you need it get it. Otherwise head left under that platform. Kill the robot cowboy and look down. There is bounty to collect there with a bubble with a green letter in it, 3 gold coins, 2 diamonds and a magic wand to collect, as well as a Golden Cartoon Movie Award on the floor level to the right just past a walking cactus.

Level end screen Now head up at the left and to the top platform. Hang below it and head all the way to the right. At the end will be a bubble with a green letter in it. Collect this then head down again.

Head right and onto the platform below the tornado. Looking down from here is a robot cowboy to kill. Once he is dead head land on the platform there to collect a green letter then head through the leaf door below to end the level.

Number collected
Gold coins6300,000
Golden Cartoon
Movie Awards


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