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Playing the game

Tetris Shop Upon selecting to start the game you are taken into the Tetris shop. (Despite being labelled a shop there is no exchange of currency of any sort, nor are any options unavailable to you).

In the shop you select the level and the height. The levels go from 0 to 9 with 9 being the fastest, and 0 the slowest.

The height indicates the number of lines that will appear at the bottom of the screen when you start your game. You can select to have 0, 4, 7, 10 or 13 lines. You can also select the other icon (a <<: ) for random selection between these.

Once selected the game will start.

Screen Layout The board is a 10x20 grid. Shapes come in from the top through a trap-door one at a time and drop to the bottom. All the shapes are all made up of four little cubes arranged in a shape. There are 7 different shapes that fall:

2x2 squarelight green blocks with dark green outline
4x1 straight lineWhite blocks with blue outline
T-shapeYellow blocks with red outline
L-shapeRed blocks with green outline
Inverse L-shapeBlue blocks with green outline
S-shapeRed blocks with maroon outline
Z-shapeLight blue blocks with dark blue outline

Of course if you are playing in mono these colours will not be present and all shapes will be made of white blocks with blue outline.

The aim of the game is to complete rows. When a row is completed that row disappears and the blocks above all fall a row.

At the top left of your screen is your score. This goes up the more lines you complete, but also you get points just for placing blocks. Below this is the number of lines you have got so far, and next to that is the all-seeing eye that blinks from time to time.

In the top middle above the trap door through which the shapes come is the image of the next shape that will come. This allows you to plan a shape ahead.

On the right top corner is the level you are on. Levels start at 0 and go to 9. The level goes up every 10 lines you complete (and you will hear a jingle letting you know you have gone up a level). The higher the level number the faster the blocks will fall. Once you are on level 9 then if you complete 10 lines you will complete the stage.

Of course if the blocks reach the top of the screen before this then it is game over.

At the bottom right corner is the timer. This starts at 0 and goes up so just tells you how long you have spent on your current game.

Highscores The first time you play you need 100 lines to complete the stage. The game will then say Stage Up and play some music before starting again in a few seconds with more rows at the bottom (either 4, 7, 10 or 13, or if you started with 13 rows last time then 0 rows with an occassional row appearing from the bottom now that you have completed the cycle) and the level will start from level 5. From here you need 50 rows to complete the stage (as opposed to 100 rows the first time around) and this then goes on in the same manner until you lose, at which point you are prompted to enter a high score.

To enter a name against a high score use the D-Pad to move around the letters shown, 2 to select a letter and once your name has been written press button 1 to finish so that you can go onto the leaderboard.

And that's the game.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    englische flagge

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