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Main Menu

There are seven options at the main menu. These are:

  Language: English

A single 'friendly' game between the two teams of your choice.

Choose to play in a Tournament, a cup with a group stage followed by a knock-out stage similar to the World Cup (for more details see Tournament Mode).

Bypass the qualifying stage of a Tournament and go straight into the knock-out stage with the last 16 teams (for more details see Playoffs mode).

Choose to play an eight team League Championship (for more details see League mode).

This is where you can restore a previously played game (providing you have taken a careful note of the password).
If you put a password in wrong then it will tell you it is a bad password. Otherwise it will take you to the competition.
This is also the place where you can put in the cheat passwords (see the Passwords section for more info).

This is where you set your options. See Options Menu for more details.

Language: English
D-Pad left or right to choose either English, Portuguese or Spanish.

Options Menu

There are 5 options to select here. These are:

Half Length
D-Pad left/right to choose from 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 45 minute halves. The default selection is 4 minute halves. (Recommended: 2 or 4 mins)

D-Pad left/right for fouls On or Off. Choose Off and the referee doesn't whistle for any fouls, no matter how severe the infringement (e.g. punching the opponent; note: there is no button in this game for punching the opponent). However, with fouls On a vicious tackle could result not only in a free kick but also in the ref reaching for a yellow or red card. With this option off the game is more free-flowing, with fewer free kicks and more scoring opportunities. (Recommended: Off)

Game Type
D-Pad left/right to choose Action or Simulation. In an Action game the players don't deteriorate. A Simulation game, on the other hand, reproduces the effects of tired legs on the players' passing and shooting ability. Action is the default setting. (Recommended: Action)

Field Type
Choose either Dry, Damp or Muddy by pressing the D-Pad left/right. As a rule of thumb, the drier the conditions, the quicker the ball runs across the field and the higher it bounces. Dry is the default setting. (Recommended: Dry)

D-Pad left/right to select from Music & SFX (sound effects), None, Music Only and SFX Only. Music & SFX is the default setting. (Recommended: Whatever is your preference as it doesn't affect the gameplay)

(And to return to the Main Menu after selecting your options press start.)

Pre-match Menu

This is the menu you get before a match. There are 7 options:

Start game
Choose this to leave the pre-match menu and go to the match using the default game settings.

Team Coverage
Here you can adjust the range of your players' field coverage.
  • D-Pad up/down to select Defence, Midfield or Attack.
  • Then D-Pad left/right to adjust the length of the arrow on the pitch. The Midfield arrow can be extended in either direction, toward defence and attack.

The further your defenders push up, the more likely you are to find yourself under-manned in defence when the opposition counter-attack. Leave the midfield players grouped in the centre of the pitch and it's harder for them to link with the defenders and the attacking players, but spread them out too thin and they're likely to be overrun. The area of the pitch covered by your forward players depends to a large extent on the chosen strategy (see next option): if you're playing Long Ball it's alright to leave them camped well inside the opposition half, but choose Defend and they need to drop back.

(And once you've chose press start to return to menu.)

Team Strategy
  • D-Pad up/down to select one of the available options. The arrows on the pitch change to illustrate each strategy.

The computer automatically selects a strategy for you, and changes it when appropriate.

Long Ball:
From defence the ball is punted upfield, with midfield and attacking players racing up to meet it. Often referred to as route 1, this strategy is simple, direct, and works best when you have tall centre-forwards who are good headers of the ball. Soccer purists, however, would say that it lacks the finesse of skilful passing play.

A tight strategy that keeps midfielders in and around your own half of the field to form an extra defensive barrier.

All out defend:
Players are kept behind the ball in an attempt to fend off the opposition by sheer weight of numbers. Choose this if you expect a real hammering from the opposition forwards, or in the dying moments of a match when you're defending a narrow lead.

An open strategy designed to maximise goal mouth incidents, with defenders pushing up and midfield players supporting the front men.

All out attack:
Everyone pushes forward into the opposition half, giving little thought to preventing goals. Use when time is running out and defeat would otherwise be inevitable.

Team Formation
   D-Pad up/down to select a formation from the available options. The yellow Xs on the pitch mark the player positions.

The available formations are:

The well-manned midfield tries to win the ball before the 3-man defence is threatens, and feeds it to the forwards.

A well-balanced although conventional formation, solid in both defence and midfield, but requiring a good understanding between the two centre-forwards if goals are to flow.

An extra man at the back plays in a freer defensive role. He's the last line of defence when the men in front have been beaten so tries to sweep up at the back, but he can also push into midfield and play the ball forward.

Although weakened in midfield, the four forwards are expected to overwhelm any unwary opposition defence. Especially effective in conjunction with Attack strategies.

Another well-balanced formation, this adds to the attacking options of 4-4-2, although there is a subsequent weakening of the midfield.

Starting Line-Up
  • D-Pad up/down to highlight the desired player. On the pitch his yellow X turns red.
  • With a player name highlighted D-pad left/right to check his Skill Ratings.
  • With a player name highlighted press 1 to select him and then scroll down to the player you wish to replace him with and press 1 to swap them.

Here G=Goalkeeper, D=Defender, M=Midfielder, F=Forward. You can only swap a goalkeeper for another goalkeeper.

The whole of the squad is listed. The squad size is 20. Only the first 11 take the field. Also you can see their Skill Ratings. These range from 0 to 99, in each of the 13 categories: Skill, Speed, Aggression, Ball Control, Shot Power, Shot Accuracy, Agility, Bicycles, Headers, Slides, Stamina, Passing and Reaction.

Control SetUp
The game gives you a TV-style view down onto the field. To compensate for the angle of this point of view, you may want to change the response of your Control Pad. The default position of the arrow on the controller is angled; that means you must use the diagonals on the Control Pad to make the players move straight up the pitch. Change it to point straight up and you use the arrows on the D-Pad to make the players move straight on the pitch.
  • 1 to toggle control
  • 2 to go back
End (competition)
Choose this option to go back to the Main Menu. It will end your progress in the competition but you can always restore your progress if you have kept the password.

In-game Menu

This is the menu you get if you pause during a match. There are 8 options:

Team Coverage
This is the same as in the Pre-Match Menu.

Team Strategy
This is the same as in the Pre-Match Menu.

Team Formation
This is the same as in the Pre-Match Menu.

This is the same as the Starting Line-Up in the Pre-Match Menu. It is where you can make your substitutions (2 maximum).

Game Stats
Here you can view the game stats. The stats that you'll see are for each team are their:
  • Score
  • Shots
  • Saves
  • Corners
  • Fouls
  • Minutes: in defence
  • Minutes: in midfield
  • Minutes: in attack

Score Summary
The Score Summary screen lists the players who have scored, their team, and the time the goal was scored.

Foul Summary
The Foul Summary screen lists all the players whose misbehaviour has earned either a red or yellow card, along with their team and the time their offence occurred.

Quit Game
D-Pad down to Quit Game and press 1. You're asked to confirm this decision, Yes or No. D-Pad left/right to choose and press 1.

In an exhibition match this takes you back to the main menu; in a Tournament match Yes returns to the pre-match menu so that you can restart the match you just quit out of with no penalty.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    englische flagge

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