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The Dungeons

The aim of the game is to get through each dungeon to the exit so that you get to the next dungeon. There are an unlimited number of levels in this game. GameFAQs user AdamL wrote in his Sega Master System endings guide this:
The game simply has no ending and goes on infinitely. I've heard some sources say the game has 100 levels, some say it has 512. Neither is true. The game just has some kind of evil level generator that keeps the game going forever. Eventually the levels start repeating randomly.

Thanks to codes made by Nolberto82 and Hybrid (which you can find on thegshi.org), as well as Kega Fusion's Fast Forward feature, I was able to manually blast through each level and found that the level counter goes all the way to Level 9999 then goes to Level *000 with the * being some kind of weird symbol. Again, the levels repeated like crazy so there really is no end to this game. Perhaps at some point the Level # re- turns to Level 1, but Level 9999 is as far as I'm going to ever delve into this one.
Also ClassicArcadeGaming user Negative1 mapped out all the levels in the game. He found that there are 125 distinct levels in the game, eleven of which were the bonus treasure levels, with the first seven levels always being the same whilst the other levels after that (8 onwards) varied their order.

So having determined that the game has no end but is limited to 125 distinct levels we should now look at all the stuff that can be found around the dungeons. These are the objects to collect, shoot or avoid:
  • Walls - In general walls are impenetrable, but some walls crumble when shot.
  • Potions - There are 2 types of potions, both have the same effect if collected but one of them can be shot to activate it, although this has a lesser effect than collecting and then using it.
  • Special Potions - When shot these behave as a normal potion, but when collected you will receive a special ability as follows:

    • Extra Armour (potion bottle with a shield in it) - increases protection against monsters.
    • Extra Magic Power (potion bottle with a potion bottle in it) - increases effect of potions.
    • Extra Shot Speed (potion bottle with a lightning bolt in it) - increases missile speed.
    • Extra Shot Power (potion bottle with a target in it) - increases effect of missiles.
    • Extra Fight Power (potion bottle with a sword in it) - increases hand to hand effect.
    • Extra Carrying Ability (potion bottle with a hand in it) - allows a total of 15 items to be carried instead of 10.

If you already have the ability of the special potion you collected then you will be given a normal potion.
  • Food - Plates of food increase health by 100 points and score 100 points.
  • Cider - Acts as plate of food but will be destroyed if shot.
  • Poisoned Cider - Looks slightly different to normal cider (because of the skull and crossbones on its side). If eaten will cause the loss of a special power, a potion or 100 health. Shooting will give 100 points.
  • Keys - Scores 100 points for collecting. Use keys to open doors.
  • Treasure - Score 100 points for collecting.
  • Amulet - This magic device confers invisibility on the wearer for a short time. Whilst invisible, the monsters will not be able to see the wearer and thus will not attack.
  • Traps - These glowing patterns on the floor make some walls disappear when stepped on.
  • Transporters - Glowing reddish discs on the floor, transports you to the nearest visible transporter. If several transporters are the same distance away then one will be chosen at random. There is a way to control your exit direction - can you find it?
  • Exits - These labelled holes lead down to the next level or to a specified level.
  • Doors - If you have a key then touching a door will cause it to open.
  • Bunch of Keys - These are left behind when a player, who was holding several keys, died. The number of keys in the bunch depends on the number of keys the player was holding at death.
Treasure rooms will appear at random intervals between the levels. The player(s) have a fixed time to collect as many valuables as possible and reach the exit. A bonus will only be awarded if the player reaches the exit.

On most levels players' missiles do not affect the other players, however on some levels players' missiles will stun or even hurt the other player.

If players do not fight - fire or get hit for about 40 seconds then the locked doors will be opened. If another 40 seconds passes, without fighting, shooting or getting hit, then the walls will all turn into Exits.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    englische flagge

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