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TheMightyRoast hat diesen FAQ für das SMS FAQ Completion Project geschrieben und mir erlaubt diesen hier zu hosten.
Running Battle ist ein Brawler der nur in Europa veröffentlich wurde. Warum auch immer...


About the game

Title Screen
This is a single-player brawler game where you control a policeman called Gray. If you don't press start at the title screen an animation will play which features the following introductory text:

America in the near future...

The city at night is a frightening place, but nothing can instill fear like the "Dark Zone." It used to be a city like many others, until "M" and the "Soldiers of the Darkness" took over. Anyone who dared to go anywhere near the Dark Zone learned the true meaning of terror...

Sgt. Brody, at the top of his class at the National Police Association Academy, could no longer stand by and watch people being massacred. He went in alone to put an end to the evil M. Brody's partner, Det. Sgt. Gray, got wind of Brody's foolish idea too late to help him. Gray arrived at the edge of the Dark Zone to find Brody mortally wounded...

"Hynoptist... M..." were the last words Brody ever said. Over come with grief and anger, Gray vowed to do everything in his power to bring down M and his soldiers. He entered the Dark Zone.

About the guide

This guide was produced to help with the Sega Master System FAQ completion project (http://selmiak.bplaced.net/sms/) which is trying to get a complete FAQ for every single SMS game on GAMEFAQS.

The Tim Roast Appreciation Society

My name is Tim Roast (XBOX 360 gamertag: TheMightyRoast). All my guides are listed on GAMEFAQS at:


I can be contacted via email at tjr10 [at] hotmail . co . uk (Replace the [at] with @ and remove all the spaces), or on Twitter @themightyroast .

I make these guides for free in my spare time. I hope this guide was useful to you. Please feel free to leave me feedback or comments. You can even DONATE me money via PayPal to the email address above (by removing the spaces and replacing the [at] with @) if this guide was particularly useful to you. This will aid me to write future guides. Thanks.

Copyright Tim Roast 2013


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YouTube Adventure Channel    englische flagge

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