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Playing a match

So now you are playing a match. When the ball is out of play then you will see the mins that have surpassed in the match at the top (out of 90; or if it says EXT above it then out of 30 as you are in extra time), and the score at the bottom of the screen.

When the ball is in play you will see a player with a number above his head on your team. This is the guy that you are controlling.

Here are some tips:
  • When without the ball there are two ways to tackle, one is to use the sliding tackle. The other is to walk into the ball and nick it from the player. It is up to you which you use based on the situation but the slide tackle can lead to cards if not used right, and also leaves your player on the floor for a little while so be careful not to mis-time them.
  • When moving with the ball you move slower, so the opposition can catch you easier. Maybe you can pass it if you see a player nearby, or you could dribble in a different direction when an opposition player gets near, which will normally help you get away from them momentarily.
  • The best place to have your star players is up front.
  • For penalties it is pretty obvious which way the ball is going by the way the player is standing so change direction at the last minute when taking them, or you could double-bluff I suppose.
  • When in your own half it may be safest just to boot it up the pitch as far as you can (usually you can do this then run a midfielder unto it).
  • When running up (or down) the pitch and you see a teammate ahead then pass to them.
  • To score you don't need to use the shoot button. Sometimes you can use the pass button if near enough to the goal (i.e. inside the penalty area).
  • For me the easiest way to score was to pass it up the pitch and get inside the area before passing it into the net on the diagonal past the keeper.
  • And the best formation I found for doing this was 4-3-3, as then I had options as I made my way up the pitch.
  • There are of course many other ways of playing the game so experiment and enjoy.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    englische flagge

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