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TheMightyRoast hat diesen FAQ für das SMS FAQ Completion Project geschrieben und mir erlaubt diesen hier zu hosten.
Ultimate Soccer ist mal wieder ein Fußball Spiel für das Sega Master System, aber dafür sieht es gar nicht mal so schlecht aus.
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tjr10 [at] h o t m a i l . c o . u k
Copyright 2012 Tim Roast
07/Jun/12 - Version 1.0

Use control and F together to navigate to the correct section using the square
brackets and the number in between. Alternatively you can search by keyword.

1. Introduction					[1]
2. Controls					[2]
3. Menus					[3]
4. Strategies				      	[4]
5. Thanks					[5]

1. Introduction [1]

Contents of this section:
1.1. About Me					[1.1]
1.2. About the game				[1.2]
1.3. About the guide				[1.3]

1.1. About Me [1.1]
My name is Tim Roast (XBOX 360 gamertag: TheMightyRoast). This is my tenth 
guide for GAMEFAQS. It may appear on other sites too, as long as they ask my 
permission - my email address is at the top (and bottom). My other guides are
available at:


Check them out (or not - the decision is entirely yours).

1.2. About the game [1.2]
This game was released in 1993 and was made by Rage Software for Sega consoles.

As taken from the blurb:

You're on the pitch, ready to kick off. The crowd is going crazy. The season
has been long and challenging. You've been up against a lot of teams and come
out on top, and today's the day - to prove that you have the skill and
determination to become the Ultimate Soccer champion!

1.3. About the guide [1.3]
To navigate the guide you can use Ctrl+F to search for the section you require
(using the square brackets around the section number) or search by keyword.

2. Controls [2]
To navigate the menus use the direction pad and select with 1 or exit with 2.

During a game when you have the ball use the D-pad to move the player, 1 to
kick long and 2 to kick short. Applying a direction after you've kicked the
ball will curl it thanks to aftertouch. When you don't have the ball then D-pad
still moves the selected player whilst 1 is a slide tackle and 2 is to switch
the player you control (depending on your settings). At any time you can press
start to pause and reach the in-game menu.

3. Menus [3]
There are three menus in the game. These are the:

3.1. Main menu						[3.1]
3.2. Pre-game menu					[3.2]
3.3. In-game menu					[3.3]

3.1. Main menu [3.1]

After you've selected your language (English/Francais/Deutsch/Italiano/Espanol)
then you are confronted with the main menu. You have six options. These are:

1. 1 player friendly
2. 2 player friendly
3. Ultimate cup
4. Ultimate league
5. Seedings
6. Penalty shootout

1. 1 player friendly:
Here you can play a friendly match against the computer. You can choose to play
1 game or best of 3, 5, 7 or 9 games.

2. 2 player friendly:
Here you can play a friendly match against a mate. Same options as in the 1
player friendly mode.

3. Ultimate Cup:
Here you can play a cup. It has 64 teams in it (all the teams in the game). You
can choose which to control by changing the Cs next to the teams to Ps. Those
selected with a C will be computer controlled whilst those selected with a P
will be player or user controlled. The winner of each match gets through to the
next round. In round 1 32 teams are eliminated. In round 2 16 of the remaining
32 teams are knocked out. In round 3 16 teams are reduced to eight. After that
comes the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the final. The winner of the
final wins the cup. 

4. Ultimate League:
Here you can create a league. You can have two to sixteen teams competing.
Select the teams you wish to take part. Those selected with a C will be
computer controlled whilst those selected with a P will be player or user

Each match gets played in turn and the league gets updated for each. You play
each team twice (although not home and away as in a normal league but with the
first team alphabetically being the home team in both matches). The team that
wins the most points finishes top. It is 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw.
In the event of a tie the league positions are decided on goal difference then
goals scored then by which team is alphabetically first.

The winning team gets a screen showing the cup and their flag to indicate they
were winners.

5. Seedings:
The 64 teams in the game can be viewed here. They are split into 4 groups with
those teams in Group A being the better seeded whilst those in Group D are the
lowest seeded teams. Interestingly the player names are never identified
throughout the game.

Group A teams:

Group B teams:
Rep. Ireland

Group C teams:
Nth. Ireland
Nth. Korea
Sau' Arabia
Sth. Korea

Group D teams:
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Trin' Tobago

6. Penalty shootout:
Select this to do a penalty shootout. You then choose the two teams you want to
take part and whether you want to play 1 player or 2 player. Then choose play
or quit to go back to main menu.

Press 1 or 2 to run to ball then press direction to kick. Hold direction and 1
to dive.

You get five penalties each and whoever scores the most wins. If it is a draw
it goes to sudden death. The screen then shows a trophy for the winning nation.

3.2. Pre-game menu [3.2]
Before you start a match or a tournament you can choose to change your options.
This is the menu you get:

1. Pitch options
2. Control method 
3. Game setup
4. Rules
5. Formations

1. Pitch options: Here you can choose the type of pitch you play on (normal,
damp, wet, dry) and the wind conditions (none, light, moderate, random).

2. Control method: Here you can choose the control methods. 

The first option is Player Ctrl with the options being nearest ball or button 2
(i.e. control the player nearest the ball or select the player you want to
control manually using button 2 which is the best choice as you have more
control over who you control then). 

The next option here is the goal keeper option. You can choose for the keepers
to be poor, normal, good or very good.

The next option is keeper ctrl. You can choose that the keeper is either
automatic or penalty. This means you either control him (penalty) at penalty
shootouts or you don't (automatic). The recommended option is automatic because
the computer-controlled keepers are so good at saving penalties.

The next option is aftertouch. This is the way you direct the ball after you
have kicked it with the D-pad. Like if you move left the ball will go that way,
it you want to hit it long touch the straight-ahead button and it'll go long.
The options are: none, light, normal or strong.

3. Game setup: Here you choose all the game options. 

First you choose duration. You can have 2 halves of either 1, 2, 3 or 5

Next you can choose whether extra time should be on or off. If on then at the
end of a drawn match extra time will be played. 

The third option is the penalties option. You can set it to shootout or sudden
death. This means if at the end of a match and extra time and it is still a
draw then it will be penalties. The shootout option will give each team 5
penalties each before sudden death begins if it is still a draw. The sudden
death mode takes you to sudden death instantly.

The fourth option is difficulty. You can choose easy, medium, hard or very

The fifth option is speed. You can set the game speed to sluggish, slow, 
normal, fast or very fast.

After that the last two options allow you to turn the music and sound fx on and

4. Rules: You can change the game rules from here. You can choose to turn on or
off the back pass rule (i.e. you can or cannot pass back to keepers) and you
can set professional fouls to receive either a yellow card or a red card.

5. The last option is formations. Here you can set your formation and style of
play. The formations available are 4.4.2, 4.2.4,, 5.3.2, 4.3.3, 2.3.5,
3.5.2, 5.4.1 and the styles you can choose are normal, attack, defend, open
play, breakaway and cautious. Attack and breakaway move your players up the
pitch, defend and cautious keep your players further back and normal and open
play keep them more central.

3.3. In-game menu [3.3]
During the match you can press start to access the in-game menu. This is the 
menu you get:

1. Change formation
2. Substitute team 1
3. Substitute team 2
4. Statistics
5. Radar on/off
6. Music: on/off

The change formation is the same as the formations option in the pre-game menu;
the substitute team 1 allows you to make a substitution; the substitute team 2
allows you to make a sub for the second team but only if you are playing a 2
player match; the statistics option gives the following stats for each team:
goals, shots, area adv. (% for each team), possession (% for each team),
substitutes, penalties, corners, free kicks, bookings, red cards; the radar
option allows you to see where everyone is on the pitch and the music option
puts the music on or off.

The stats screen also pops up at the end of your matches too. Interestingly
penalty shootouts get added onto the goals columns (e.g. if you draw 1-1 and
then win the shootout 4-3 then it will show that you won the match 5-4).

You can also exit the game from this menu too.

4. Strategies [4]
My favourite way to play this game is with a 4-4-2 formation, defensive and
then when I get the ball to dribble it around all the opposition players
including the keeper, normally on the diagonal. This seems an effective way of

5. Thanks [5]
Thanks go to the SMS FAQ completion project (http://selmiak.bplaced.net/sms/)
which inspired me to write this FAQ. 

I hope this guide was useful to you. Please feel free to leave me feedback or
comments (tjr10 [at] h o t m a i l . c o . u k). If you absolutely loved this
guide you could even DONATE me cash via PayPal (I accept all currencies),
otherwise just email me your love. Thanks.


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