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Game Modes

Practice Mode

From the Practice Mode Menu there are three possible practice modes to play. These are:
  1. Practice match
  2. Practice set-pieces
  3. Practice penalty shootout
The first option is like a real match, except the result doesn't matter. See Playing and Winning Matches for info on what strategies you can use to help you win.

The second practice mode option allows you to practice set-pieces. You use a cursor to select the place where you want the set-piece to be taken. If you place the cursor inside the penalty area then you'll take a penalty, if on the pitch elsewhere a free-kick, if off the pitch then a throw-in or if behind the goal-line then a corner. Then you have 15 seconds from the taking of the set-piece to perfect it, ideally by scoring a goal from it. Then you continue taking set-pieces in this fashion until you are ready to quit out, which you can do from the Pause Menu.

The third practice mode option allows you to practice a penalty shoot-out. You get five kicks per team and the winner is the team who scores the most. If after five kicks it is a draw then there's sudden death. To take your penalties watch the cursor moving back and forth across the goal and press shoot when it is near the corners and away from the goalkeeper. Don't press shoot too hard or you will hit the bar.

For defending the penalty just watch the cursor and when it stops dive to where it is.

Customized World Cup Mode

In this mode you can choose different teams to play in the world cup than those that qualified. You can replace teams with eight teams that didn't qualify. You can replace any team except Germany who as holders can't be removed from the competition (back in those days the holders automatically qualified for the next world cup. Interestingly USA as hosts can still be removed from the competition.). You also can move teams around within the groups (except Germany).

Once you have your preferred teams taking part then you can start the tournament which plays out exactly like the World Cup Mode.

World Cup Mode

You didn't win the World Cup Here you play as a team, or more than one team, and try and take them to world cup glory. To select your team (or teams) you click button 2 to select, then type in your name before clicking button 2 again on the return icon (this is the one at the bottom after all the other letters and symbols). Then to start the tournament click button 1.

This takes you to the Pre-match Menu.

The object now is to qualify from the groups into the knock out stages. To do this you need to finish in the top two within your group, or as one of the four best third-placed teams (from the six groups). The team with the most points finishes top. It is three points for a win, one for a draw, and zero points for a loss, and you play each of the other teams in your group once (so there are three group games). In the event of two teams having the same points then the goal difference is considered and the team with the superior goal difference is placed higher. You did win the World Cup

Once you progress through your group you reach the last-16 where it is straight knock-out all the way with extra time and penalties in the event of a draw.

The winner of the final gets to lift the world cup. If the winner is a computer-controlled team then the final screen will show the list of the top four placed teams with Striker standing beside it crying as he thinks about the world cup that was lost.

If however you win the world cup then Striker will stand next to a giant World Cup trophy. He'll wink at you then wrap his arm around the back of the trophy like it were a beautiful woman, close his eyes and hearts will float upwards from him. Well done you.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    englische flagge

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