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There are six levels in this game, each consisting of three parts known as scenes in the game.

The six levels are:

Level Select Screen When you start the game you see the level select screen. This consists of six rectangular areas with a helicopter hovering above them which you can move between the six areas. At the beginning you can choose between six areas. These are all the 3 scenes for level 1 Scalp Trouble, which are the areas that look like deserts and are donated by 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 in the bottom right corner as you hover over the area, and the 3 areas for level 2 The Duxorcist.

Once all these six are completed then the next six selectable scenes will show (3.1 - 4.3), then when those six are completed the final six scenes will be available to play (5.1-6.3).

To select a particular scene to play move the helicopter to hover over it and press 1. Daffy will then parachute out of the helicopter into the scene below and the stage will begin.

After you complete a scene you will be returned to the level select screen. All scenes you have completed will be indicated by a white flag fluttering in the middle of them.

Screen Layout When you choose a scene to play you will control Daffy Duck within the scene. Daffy can walk, run, jump and fire shots from his lethal bubble gun.

In terms of the screen layout there isn't much to it. The duck face in the bottom left corner with the number by it indicates the number of lives you have. Once you lose these there are no continues. If you want to access your score you need to pause the game. This also shows any golden clipboards you have collected. These act as continues should all your lives run out.

The following level by level walkthrough was done on the difficult difficulty level. This is because this is the difficulty you need to play through if you are to get the good ending. The exception is level 1.1 (Scalp Touble: Scene 1) where all difficulties have been covered. This is to give you an idea of the differences between the difficulties.
For the purposes of this walkthrough I have covered the scenes in order of number (so 1.1 first followed by 1.2 etc.), although they can be played out of order. For example you may want to play level 2.2 first to collect an early continue.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    deutsche flagge

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