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Playing the Game

Screenshot showing hits counter at top left Once you've started the game you need to familiarise yourself with the screen layout. At the top left of the screen are four James Bonds. The ones filled in in blue are how many hits you can take until you die. The rest are the vacant slots. On hard you can take two hits before dying, on normal you can take three hits and on easy you can take four hits before dying.

You can also die instantly by falling off a stage.

Below the hits counter is an arrow. This points the general direction you need to go to.

You also have three lives and also 2 continues.

At the end of each level you get a time bonus and your Q-case bonus added to your score. At the end of each mission you'll get an additional bonus which you press 1 to select. The counter then slows down and picks your bonus (either a score bonus or extra hit points).

Also if playing on easy you don't get to play the boss missions.

There are three weapon types in the game. You can get by through the whole game simply using your rapid shots. The other options are the grenade and the missle.

Game background (from manual):

An evil mastermind, Professor Greypen has devised a fiendish plan to take control of the world governments. He has constructed an artificial island somewhere in the pacific ocean, using his billions made from international arms trading. From this island he plans to launch a shuttle containing a deadly high powered laser station into outer space. From its geo-stationary orbit it will be able to destroy any target on earth at Greypens command.

All world powers have held a summit and picked their best agents to complete the mission of going to the island and destroying the shuttle. One by one all the agents have been terminated, except one... Bond 007.

The future freedom of the entire world rests on your shoulders...

Good luck 007!

Further Resources

There are maps of all the levels available at:


There is also a cheat screen available full of adjustable goodies. To activate it use a second controller and hold up and left and 1 and 2. Then press 1 on the first pad and you'll go to the cheat screen.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    deutsche flagge

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