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Level 2: Parson Hangout 1

Head right again. Jump past a large and small barrel that are obstacles in your way at the beginning and start confronting the same enemies as you confronted previously. Again they will approach you from the front and the back. Also in this level watch out for the 3 gaps in the platform that you are walking along. You need to jump these. If you fall down you lose energy. To jump these successfully make sure you have destroyed the enemies on both sides so you don't have them getting in the way of your jump and take a running jump to clear the gaps and you should be fine.

At the end will be a set of golden doors that you can press up on to go through once all the enemies are not in screen. This will ta

ke you into a similar area where again you head from left to right. Along the way you meet the same enemies, and jump a gap, 2 barrels, two more gaps before another set of double doors at the end take you to the next part.

This third section similar to before where you confront the same enemies before another set of double doors take you on to the boss battle. Gray vs Captain Brass

This room looks different. It looks like the inside of a ship. Walk right to the anchor and Captain Brass will jump out of a basket. His attacks are with his sword. Best way to defeat him is to jump from one side of himn to the other with Captain Brass following you. When you reach are far enough away from him crouch down and use the crouching punch to hit him once before going to the other side and repeating.

Once Captain Brass has been defeated it is time for Gray to give an epic victory speech:
Captain Brass was tough. But even stronger enemies await.


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YouTube Adventure Channel    deutsche flagge

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