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Playing and Winning Matches

See the Teams section for details of the best teams in the game and choose who you want to play as.

The game starts with team 1 (i.e. the team that was on the left hand side of the screen before the game) having to choose heads or tails on a flip of a coin from the referee. Whoever wins the toss gets kick-off.

Then the game begins. In the top right is the timer which counts down to the end of the half. There will also be a bit of injury time when it reaches 0.

The score will be across the bottom when the ball is out of play. Alternatively you can pause the game to see the score.

Also at half-time and full-time you will get given the match stats. These will show for both teams:
  • Shots on goal
  • Corners
  • Throw-ins
  • Free Kicks
  • Fouls
  • Yellow Cards
  • Red Cards
  • Possession

So how to win? Well, this is quite a difficult game to master. Here are some tips to help. If you have any more then let me know. And remember, practice makes perfect:
  • When near your penalty area boot it up the pitch with button 2. Otherwise the computer can quickly nick it off you and have a chance on goal.
  • From set-pieces including goal-kicks and free-kicks use the cursor (by pressing and holding button 1) to select a player to kick too. This way you can retain possession.
  • For free-kicks on the edge of the area don't vary the power, and go for a corner of the goal to score.
  • When coming in to slide tackle aim for where the ball is, which is just in front in the player, otherwise you are likely to commit a foul.
  • Most goals in this game come from rebounds from off the keeper or the goalframe that fall to a striker. So it is worth taking pot-shots at goal when in the opposition half and trying to get onto the end of the rebound. Remember to use after-touch to curl the ball towards goal after shooting if it is going wide.
  • Remember you can quit the game to restart from the Pause Menu if required, even after the final whistle (but do it quickly).


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YouTube Adventure Channel    deutsche flagge

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