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Disney's Aladdin (SNES)

Aladdin is a funny Jump n Run Game that was released on various Plattforms at the time the movie was in the Cinema. I liked the PC Version best but after a HD Crash I couldn't find this game again so here I am writing some stuff about the internallinkSNES Version.

Here is a map of Level 1-1. Maybe some more maps will follow. But somehow I doubt this... The background is scrolling with parallaxes and this makes it hard to make it look good in a map, so I'm not that motivated to make more maps for this game. But this one is nice already according to the opinion of leading experts... like me =).

Click it to see it in a bigger Version.

Level 1-1

To cheat your way through Aladdin you need the Passwords. Here they are:

Level Passwords

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