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Super Morph (SNES)

Supermorph is a nice and colorful Puzzlegame for the European SNES that will ask your grey cells for action and activity once you start getting into it and you should be able to master it after some time.

You slip in the role of a jumpy Rubberball that has to collect a cog in different Levels and reach the exit in the given time. This is not a very interesting story, but what makes this game so palyable is the innovative Gameplay as a puzzler. So if you should need help you will find help here.

Level maps

The game is split into 4 Areas consisting of 9 Levels each. The Areas are the garden, the Laboratory, the Factory and the sewer.

Just click where you want to go in the picture below:

kartenlab kartenfab
kartengarten kartenabfl

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