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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

City Tuesday

Arntz Parkway

Note in this area you have three minutes per room to defuse the bomb. In this first room there is an upstairs bit with a terrorist surrounded by people. Go up escalator:

Mr Barium

Black Fang Rule #112

You shall not plant the device until all the targets are distracted.
You have to distract the people
This means you need to distract everyone otherwise he won't let go of the bomb and you won't be able to defuse it.

To the left
The Pattersons

Just in from the up-state
Man at top of escalator (red X bubble above his head):
Fred Penny

Spare a dime?
Man at the far left (red X) top:
JD Dyslexic

Yo these beats aren't free.
Guy holding the coin (marked with the cent icon):
Navo Visago

His purchase will crown the massive ziggurat of soda cans in his office.
There is also a kid downstairs next to the door:
Alan Fung

Total extracted today: $8.25 (at beginning)
The kid is getting the coins from the cans dispenser and you need some coins for the upstairs guys (JD and Fred) so that there are sufficient distractions for the terrorist to plant the bomb so you can safely defuse it.

So follow the guy with a cent in his hand. He puts it into the drinks dispenser. Shake the drinks dispenser after him to get the coin out before the kid gets it.

Then a subway train pulls in on the lower level that the can dispenser is on. A guy hops off the train carrying a coin:
Franklin Stophers

Cell phones are corporate servitude. Man.
He walks along to the public phone to air his regrets. When he gets off the phone shake the phone machine to get the coin. You need to do this before a security guard comes along to empty the phone:
Trevor Rickets

Monroe Security Co. Route #234: Public phone coin collection
With your coins give one to Fred and one to JD. Fred will start playing a guitar and enchant the people around him. JD will start dancing to distract the Pattersons. Now the terrorist will deposit his bomb in the bin before running away.

Defuse the bomb.

Don't wait around because another guy gets on the phone blocking your way out as he administers his apologies to the person he has just called. If he does this you can fast forward the day and pass when he finally finishes.

Now go through into the next room where nothing is happening and where there is no bomb. Head right through this room into the next one.

In this room you are in the Hunka Hunka Burger Bar. You can read some reviews people have left up top if you want.
The Hunka Hunka Burger Bar
Reviews (5)

4/5 stars | 03/21/2011 | 0 check ins

Serving only one thing might sound bad but the Hunka Hunka Burger is a spicy delight!

2/5 stars | 05/21/2012 | 1 check in

The decor is terrible!!! It is at the bottom of a subway station!

3/5 stars

I love the Hunka Hunka Burger but the only waitress goes on break too frequently.

1/5 stars | 06/14/2012 | 2 photos

A sewer rat ran across my feet on my way to the bathroom. Never again!
There is a bomb behind a rat on the lower level. There is a guy up top who is just finishing his burger, chucking half of it away in a litter bin, and a guy below eating a burger. Note that the guy down below needs a drink because his throat is hurting from the spiciness of the burger (indicated by the icon of red in his throat that appears above him when you interact) so ring the bell at the counter to get the attention of the waitress behind the counter. She will give you a drink which you can give to him. He'll take the drink, and let go of his half-finished (or if you are quick his uneaten) burger which you can take and put in the trash can near the rat. The rat will come and eat it. However this won't fulfil his daily nutritional requirement so you need to feed him some more.

The waitress will have dished out another burger too (with your drink) so take that one and give it to the rat in the same way. And still his daily nutritional requirement will not be met so get the half-burger that was left in the litter bin on the top level and give that to the rat too (do this before a bin truck shows up to remove the rubbish or it'll be too late). Now his daily nutritional requirement will be met, so he goes back into his hole displacing the bomb that was in there which you can now grab and defuse.

Four houses, one bomb in a closed bin
Head to the next room where there are four houses, and a bin in a trash can with a lid on. You can't get the bomb out by shaking the bin this time because of the lid. You need to ring the doorbells of the houses with the X button to get people outside. The guy in the first house:
Frank Primrose

Yard Status: Perfect.
The guy in the second house gets onto his motorbike and rides away before returning and parking out the front of his house because he has no petrol left.

In the third house no one answers but you can hear the dog barking when you ring the bell. Later on the occupier will be awake so will come, as will their dog.
Tabatha Skinner

Studied medieval literature at Ohio State University.

Appreciates British costume dramas.
And in the fourth house is a grumpy guy who won't come out until the postman has come to deliver a letter, so fiddle with his mailbox to get the postman to come and to get the occupier out of the house:
Jack Dickinson

Born: Chiswick neighbourhood of London.
Now the postman is out the dog will come from the third house will come out to see him, their owner will converse with the neighbour whilst the dog goes for a pee next to the parked bike, this will make the grass grow. So ring the first doorbell again and the guy will come out with his lawnmower to mow the lawn (his new yard status reads deficient as he loves to have his lawn perfect). The guy will fill his mower with fuel before putting his can down, so you can grab the fuel can and fill up the motorbike before getting the biker chap out of his house again. He will hop onto the bike and drive off knocking down the trashcan revealing the bomb which you can now defuse.

Now head to the next room where the exit back to Vignelli Station is.


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YouTube Adventure Channel

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