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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

City Tuesday

Beck Financial Center

You get a pop-up
You have a whole city to explore. Open the map screen (BACK button) for clues.
The timer is 5.00 but this time it isn't per room because to solve how to defuse the bombs here you need to work across several rooms.

From the map you can see there are four bombs.

First bomb in the Beck Financial Center
Bomb 1:
Head anti-clockwise. You can't go past the guy with the asterisk. The guy next to him tells you why if you speak to him:
Michael Hicks Stop here Red. We have wet cement over there.
That'll explain the cement truck about to cement the bomb into the ground. So restart the day and head all the way clockwise instead to get to the bomb from the other side, and be quick. Well done, the terrorist here has been foiled:
Mr. Rubidium Black Fang Rule #53: You must verify the bomb is totally hidden.
Second bomb in the Beck Financial Center
Bomb 2:
Restart the day again. Head right until you see a terrorist on the top level next to a bank.
Mr. Chromium Black Fang Rule #10 Attacking the financial system makes for a powerful symbol.
On the lower level you'll see a security guard blocking the way to a vault with three swag bags in, one of which conceals a bomb. A security van will appear and a security guard will step out to pick up the money bags to take into his van. Security guy:
Trevor Rickets Has the lowest performance record of all employees of the Monroe Security Co.
Once he's done this (you can fast forward the day a bit if you wish) follow the van through several rooms until it stops so he can deliver his money:
Trevor Rickets Prefers to think of himself as a ladies man.
As he is carrying the bomb bag into the building a lady pops along and he drops it to chat to her. Now you can defuse the bomb.
Marigold Bartlet Strangly, finds his attempts at flirtation slightly appealing
Third bomb in the Beck Financial Center
Bomb 3:
Go right a couple more rooms until you see the next terrorist who is on the lower level:
Mr. Magnesium Black Fang Rule #72: You can always find a way to deposit the bomb.
The door has a pin pad next to it that you need a passcode to enter. This time it is not 1967. Restart the day and head back to this room as quick as you can. Note there is a guy using the pin pad. When he leaves follow his car:
Address: As a locksmith, he knows he shouldn't use his home address as a passcode.
Wait for him to visit the cafe, then the petrol station to fill his car, and finally to his home:
Address: 610 W. Grommel Boulevard
Now head back and type 610 into the keypad and defuse the bomb.

Fourth bomb in the Beck Financial Center
Bomb 4:
Restart the day. Head right until you meet the final terrorist who has to be dealt with in this area, who happens to be standing outside a parking lot. The bomb seems to be in a car that enters the parking lot, and the terrorist seems to have picked up the parking ticket for that car. Follow the terrorist as he walks away. Eventually he'll drop it into bin.

Take it out. Run back to the parking lot. On the top level a lady is asking for a ticket, whilst the original guy who met the terrorist is on a break on the bench:
Linda Gergs Ticket please.
Give her the ticket, and she will get the car for you so that you can defuse the bomb. Now all the bombs in this area are defused it is time to head back to where the final big bomb is.
ATTENTION: All bombs have been collected from this area. Go back to Vignelli Station.


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