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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

City Tuesday


What about all those people we passed in our rush to defuse bombs without interacting with them in Beck Financial Cntr.? Here they are, roughly left to right: Guys eating hot dogs at hot dog van:
Dan Sivitrioli Sonoran Dog.
David Thompson: Likes this food truck because they read your order number in Spanish.
Vignelli Station:
Kevin McKeiernan: Uses the name Ayden McKynen when he pretends to be someone more interesting.
Shirley Wood A transvestite. His wife has known for 3 years. They are happily married and are expecting a child in June. It will be a boy.
Joseph Krump: Conservative blogger. Despises public transportation but rides it for story ideas.
Kevin Denney: Will not shut up about his standing desk.
Dan Poulsen: Says "good day" an average of 348 times per day.
Daniel Herzberg: Insists on wearing those 5-toed running slippers even though everyone at the office has a nickname for him.
Tomas Adams: There is no 'h'.
Andrew Galbraith: Started P90X today and doesn't feel the need to tell anyone. He is a true hero.
Nicholas Cordier: His wife's birthday is today.
Frederik Meyer: Returning a pair of baby shoes. Never worn.
Outside cafe:
Cole Smith: Does not feel shame for Instagramming his latte.
Bennett Huang: How about the plate of shrimp?
Joan Baxter: Oh this? I am just reading Camus. What? You didn't get my joke about Sylvia Plath?
Today's special: A duck confit with hazelnuts, handmade turnip candy corns, in a cider-vinegar reduction. A farm-raised kobe-beef hotdog smeared with heirloom pickle relish finished with a ginger reduction. A cedar plank with a single mashed walnut, arugula that has been rubbed on arms of a local farmer, all in a vodka reduction.
Play-park area:
Shankar Mani: Thoroughly enjoying his upper-middle class lifestyle.
Jacky Rymsha: She is the youngest life master as designated by the American Contract Bridge League
Thomas Salanson: Dude, what if we are just reliving the same day over and over.
Bennett Huang: How about the plate of shrimp?
Justin Hale: Get this: Maybe we are just manifestations of a limbless helicopter pilot who is in a dream machine.
Matt Huff: How do we know an alien computer isn't just projecting what we see into our brains?
Frank Bixby: Turned 18 today and just purchased the vice trifecta. 1) Cigarettes. 2) Scratcher tickets. 3) Pornography.
Noah Keathley: Don't let this bike fool you, his true hobby is buying stuff. Really, the only thing he likes about cycling is the expensive parts.
Dan Vicors: Had an adulterous affair 30 minutes ago. If he is not killed by the bombs, his wife will find out in 1 year.
Marigold Bartlet: Today, her best friend changed her relationship status to engaged.
Daniel Tauritis: Works as a part-time life coach. Tomorrow's affirmation: Locate a new place in your life spirit. Then touch it.
Andreas Doving: Has been paralyzed since age 16 after damaging his L1 vertebrate during a failed attempt at flipping his BMX. He still skis every winter.
Car shop/T.J.E Eyewear:
Michael Kelly: Often wonders what it would be like to be made of liquid metal.
Trudi Gehring: Always smells like honeysuckle.
Gerard Depardieu: It's ****ing Gerard Depardieu!
Mattius Dittrich: Thinking about how much he likes this game and will rate it 5 stars on the XBLIG marketplace. He is the coolest guy in this game.
Tina Zurich: Just dying to get my cigarettes.
Chris Arneson: A government agent working for the department of [redacted]. His mission is to [redacted], [redacted] poodles and [redacted] tacos.
Knife and fork statue:
Zura Davies: It is about humans honouring basic sustenance with god-like reverence.
Tom Sutton: No, no. This piece is about food being an act of consumerism.
Aton Thomas: It reminds me of the summers with my grandmother.
Richard Roar: My kid could do that.
E. Blecker Street:
Mr. Smith: The carbon footprint of this dog outweighs all of the recycling she brags about doing.
And lastly popping out of some toilets with about 45 seconds on the clock:
Chris Zukowski: Hey thanks for buying my game. Email me saying you found this secret: iamchriszukowski@gmail.com.


The game developer used to write guides too before he wrote games. Here is his page:



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YouTube Adventure Channel

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