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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

City Tuesday

Koefoed Museum

Upon entering you get the following message pop up:
WARNING: The bombs go off in 1 minute.
So now time isn't frozen anymore and in each room you have one minute before you die (although you will return again if indeed that does happen). Go right past the globe. Note as you pass things and people, an X may pop up. Clicking on it will let you interact with that thing/person.

So for the globe you can click to read the message:
Did you know?

The world is not perfectly round. It is an oblate spheroid because it is flattened on the top and bottom.

Head right into the next room which is the ticket area of the museum. Note that the timer has reset to 1 minute. So each room in the Koefoed Museum gives you one minute to complete the room. There is a pop up at the top:
In the event of boring tasks or conversations hold RT to speed up time.
There is a security guard in this room with an asterisk next to him. This asterisk indicates that you cannot pass.

To get past him you need to join the queue of people at the ticket desk, and when it comes to your turn get a ticket from the person behind the desk. Whilst queuing you may want to fast forward time.

By the way the people in the queue are:
Linus Norton

Tries to order in Spanish at Mexican food restaurants.
Guineverre Norton

She is 6.

Gryta Norton

Doesn't eat anything orange. She read an article.
The first bomb and terrorist you see
Once you've got your ticket enter the next room. This is the first with a bomb in. You can see that, and standing next to it is the terrorist who planted it.

Note that terrorists are identified by their distinctive hats. There is a pop up at the top that says:
Terrorists cannot be caught. But, their bombs can.
So there is no point trying to catch the terrorist. Move instead to where the terrorist put the bomb into the bin and press X multiple times to pick through the trash and get the bomb out, before pressing X again to defuse it.

Once done the firewall to the next room opens. So head into the next room.

On the way you will pass some museum exhibits so you could press X on them to read what they are if you wish:

The Teepee:
Did you know?

Early humans built simple structures made of mud and sticks.
The Lady holding the pot:
Did you know?

Earthen wares such as this pot were used to store grains and water.
The stuffed bear (at least you hope it's stuffed otherwise you're dead meat):
Did you know?

Humans were once hunted by predators such as bears.
Enter the next room. A pop up at the top says
Watch people

Remember their schedule

So you can intercept the bombs.
The second bomb you need to defuse
There is a bomb inside one of the mummies that are in this room, but there is a security guard next to it, goes by the name of Tony Villenueve.

This means you can't get the bomb so you have to wait.

There are three other people in the room. These are:
Cecilia Murdoch

Katherine Murdoch

Keeps her hands in her pockets.
And a little boy who walks off to another mummy and starts playing with it or something because the security guard goes after him:
Tony Villenueve

Hands off the mummies son.
Now that the security guard who goes by the name of Tony Villenueve has left his post you can quickly nip in, take the bomb from the mummy and defuse it.

The special collections room
Once done the firewall to the next room is open so go there.

This is the Special collections room. On one side is a bone collection, and on the other is a jewel collection. There are bombs by each so go and get them.

If you do the bone one first then the door comes down behind you. This is a door that prevents thieves from getting away. A message will pop up saying:
ATTENTION: Don't Panic. Security systems are unable to stop a man who is un-stuck from time. (Press RT to fast forward.)
Defuse the bomb then press RT to let time run out and as you are un-stuck from time you will return to the room and this time only the other bomb will be here as you have already dealt with the one from the bone collection. (It will be crossed out.)

So go and defuse the one by the jewel collection and again a door will lock you in. Another message comes up:
Select Restart Day from the menu to start over.
So defuse the bomb then restart the day. Now no bombs will be in the room (they are both crossed out as you have dealt with them) and you can move onto the next room.

As you enter there is the following pop up at the top of the screen:
Important information is identified with red icons.
The next bomb
This room has a staff only area upstairs which you can't get into because there is a locked door with a keypad outside it.

Unfortunately there is a bomb in there so you need to work out the keypad code.

There are two people down the bottom, a security guard and a staff member:
Dan Stubbs

Job: Head of museum security.

Tired of telling the museum staff to stop using personal info for their security codes.
Linda Tumblesworth

Job: Director of the Koefoed Natural History Museum.

Born: 1967

Favourite country: Zimbabwe
Note that the red icons are above Linda Tumblesworth. So go up the escalator, press X on the door security keypad and type in 1967 (Linda Tumblesworth's year of birth). The password will be accepted. Now defuse the bomb and you can head to the next room.

The next room is the museum exit which takes you back to Vignelli Station. Well done you have completed the first section of the game.


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