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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast


From the manual:
Access the Customise screen to adjust in-game and online settings, view your profile, edit teams and players, browse the FIFA 14 Store, check out the Replay Theatre, manage user-generated content through Xbox Live, and more.
Under the Customise tab you have sections for:


Settings > Gamesettings

In the Game Settings menu you can set your default preferences for matches. This includes the sliders to make things easier for you (user gameplay customisation in official speak). The options here you can choose are:



The referees in FIFA are fictitious but some are now legendary in the FIFA community, probably due to their ridiculous names. Here is the list of referees that you can choose from in the settings above:

If you are having problems with the Referee Strictness and too many red cards and want to reduce the Referee Strictness, you are not alone, just check

RefereeCard StrictnessFoul Strictness
RandomThis selection will pick a random referee for every match
Manuel Rui BarbosaStrictStrict
Christer SondergaardLenientAverage
Pim PloegmakersAverageStrict
Mehmet YildirazAverageAverage
Valente LarrazabalStrictStrict
Ingvar TollefsenAverageAverage
Rainier VannierAverageAverage
Hans De NoteboomAverageAverage
Leonardo San MilanoAverageAverage
Alessandro VecchioccinaStrictAverage
Sung-Kwan ChoAverageAverage
Frantisek SuchopcekAverageLenient
Zachariasz KrzywickiAverageStrict
Sergey PiputkinAverageAverage
Vagiz VolkovLenientAverage
Loic DacquignyStrictStrict
Alexey BorochovskyStrictAverage
Lauro LeopardiStrictStrict
Libor CechmanekLenientAverage
Heimo WasserschneiderAverageAverage
Gokberk TopalogluStrictAverage
Scott McBeanieLenientLenient
Chris MumpleLenientLenient
Ireneusz IglikowskiStrictStrict
Benoit TailladeAverageStrict
Gustavo ApollonioAverageStrict
Hyun-Soon HanAverageLenient
Lasse LagerrothStrictAverage
Dong-Kyoo ChoiAverageStrict
Pedro OrteguillaStrictStrict
Ozgur OzturkmekAverageStrict
Hayden PennyfeatherLenientLenient
Kristoffer FrohlanderAverageLenient
Ludvig WalfridssonLenientAverage
Ignacio Muniz VillateStrictStrict
Derek MilborrowStrictAverage
Guilherme SantosoStrictAverage
Njal FlatenLenientAverage
Torjus LokenStrictAverage
Xavier Aguilar RamirezStrictStrict
Jasper de WaartLenientAverage
Steffen SchwurbelStrictAverage
Afonso SecretarioAverageStrict
Dietmar SchonlebeStrictAverage
Fabrice MadouletStrictAverage
Jean RabaultAverageAverage
Flemming FredskildAverageAverage
Esben SchjonbergAverageStrict
Dobroslav DzmuraStrictAverage
Pawel GrygorskiLenientAverage
Rodolfo CostinhaStrictAverage
Wesley VangortenStrictAverage
Ludger FalckStrictAverage
Graham BoverickLenientLenient
Pat FramlowStrictLenient
Josh BrithwellLenientAverage
Fedder GotthardAverageAverage
Lutz GersthoferStrictAverage
Heribert AllmaierStrictStrict
Gijsbert DeclerckLenientAverage
Jochem van VosselenAverageAverage
Siem DecauverLenientLenient
Elias Monteiro FlavioStrictAverage
Wilson Guiremes SansAverageAverage
Marcio Herrera LombaAverageLenient
Laurits TyllesenLenientAverage
Viggo ToksvigStrictAverage
Klemens PilegaardStrictStrict
Lukas PapwickAverageStrict
Ramsey DoelAverageLenient
Austen BaycliffeLenientLenient
Gavin MonksfieldLenientLenient
Ian LowcroftStrictAverage
Grant LindumAverageLenient
Ashley BoroughbridgeLenientAverage
Liam KeymerLenientLenient
Sebastien MittreLenientAverage
Jean-Daniel LacagneAverageAverage
Baptiste AlacoqueStrictAverage
Philippe DaboussierAverageStrict
Harald FimmlerLenientAverage
Jascha ZurheideAverageStrict
Heiner SchnittiLenientLenient
Ansgar von HauensteinStrictStrict
Joep DruppersAverageStrict
Luuk HoebackeStrictAverage
Pim van TillburghAverageLenient
Gianluca Del TaranoLenientAverage
Filippo GiacolettiAverageAverage
Ernesto ColombanoStrictAverage
Guido PantalonciniAverageStrict
Buk-Choi ChoiStrictLenient
Yoon-Fang LeeLenientAverage
An-Jol ParkStrictStrict
Jose del MirronAverageAverage
Francisco CaldejosStrictLenient
Ramon AlcantoAverageStrict
Adrian GloersenLeniantAverage
Roald WikborgAverageAverage
Thorvald OedegaardStrictLenient
Gwidon PietrzykowskiAverageAverage
Nikodem DworaczykStrictStrict
Albin KuniakLenientAverage
Nazario DasmarinasAverageAverage
Afonso SoveralAverageStrict
Arcibaldo PombalLenientAverage
Henry McDillonStrictAverage
Conor O'ConnellyLenientAverage
Sheamus McArthurAverageAverage
Andriy MarkinovAverageStrict
Alexey PotrepkinAverageAverage
Vladimir SorpionovLenientLenient
Fuad Al-RishaniStrictStrict
Abdulmajeed Al-ReshediLenientStrict
Mazhar Al-AmurAverageAverage
Hussain Al-ShamkaliAverageLenient
Shane McDonnellyAverageStrict
Greg O'MillendStrictLenient
Arthur MacBeaAverageAverage
Daniel Soengas BelloAverageStrict
Alvaro Arias RomeraStrictAverage
Federico Ramos NavarroAverageAverage
Rafael Ruibal LosadaLenientAverage
Pontus OrtendhalLenientAverage
Sven SolomonssonAverageLenient
Laurent GlaisyerAverageAverage
Dario NuessliAverageStrict
Eufemio LafranchiStrictAverage
Alvaro AldgateAverageAverage
Wilson MountlandAverageStrict
Jefferson RobertfordStrictAverage
Oliver Benito LedesmaAverageAverage
Gabriel SantisebanAverageAverage
Jeronimo SantarelliAverageAverage
Maximiliano RecobedoAverageAverage
Evandro OrellanaAverageAverage
Evaristo Varela ValinoAverageAverage
Alvaro Mantin GraneroAverageAverage
Arsenio AristizabalAverageAverage
Norberto SincelejoAverageAverage



And here is the list of balls you can choose from in the settings above. Some of the balls won't be available until they have been purchased from the EAS FC Catalogue. These are indicated with an asterisk. There may be more balls added via updates at a later date to this (list as at October 2013):

adidas 11pro Glider - Black/Green
adidas 11pro Glider - Black/Green Zest*
adidas 11pro Glider - Black/Red
adidas 11pro Glider - Pink/Black
adidas 11pro Glider - White/Black
adidas 11pro Glider - White/Blue*
adidas 11pro Glider - White/Yellow*
adidas AFA OMB*
adidas Cafuso OMB
adidas DFL OMB*
adidas EA SPORTS Special Edition Glider*
adidas f50 X-ite - Vivid Yellow/Black/Green Zest*
adidas Fevernova*
adidas Jabulani*
adidas LFP OMB*
adidas MLS OMB
adidas Predator Glider - Blue/White/Orange*
adidas Predator Glider - Green/Black/Electricity*
adidas Predator Glider - White/Black/Red*
adidas Telstar Duralast*
adidas Tricolore*
Derbystar Brilliant Design Eredivisie
Hummel Concept 1.0
Kappa Locusta
Lotto Twister - White/Black/Red
Mitre Delta V12
Nike Incyte
Nike Incyte KSA*
Nike Incyte LFP*
Nike Incyte PL*
Penalty Brasil 70*
Penalty Campo Pro S11*
Puma King OMB*
Puma PowerCat 1.12 Italia OMB
Puma PowerCat 1.12 OMB*
Uhlsport LFP Ligue 2
Umbro Ceramica - Orange/Black*
Umbro Ceramica - White/Black/Vermillion*
Umbro Ceramica - Yellow/Black/Vermillion*
Umbro Neo 150 Elite - White/Black
Umbro Neo 150 Elite - Yellow/Black*
Warrior Skreamer Pro*
EA Sports(TM) Black/Blue
EA Sports(TM) Black/Silver
EA Sports(TM) Black/White
EA Sports(TM) Black/White #2
EA Sports(TM) Blue
EA Sports(TM) Blue/White
EA Sports(TM) Blue/White #2
EA Sports(TM) Blue/White #3
EA Sports(TM) Classic Orange
EA Sports(TM) FC OMB
EA Sports(TM) Leather
EA Sports(TM) Orange
EA Sports(TM) Red
EA Sports(TM) Red/White
EA Sports(TM) Red/White #2
EA Sports(TM) Red/White #3
EA Sports(TM) Silver/Black
EA Sports(TM) Silver/Blue
EA Sports(TM) White/Black
EA Sports(TM) White/Black #2
EA Sports(TM) White/Blue
EA Sports(TM) White/Blue #2
EA Sports(TM) Yellow
EA Sports(TM) Yellow/Black


FIFA 14 Store

Also here is the FIFA 14 Store:
FIFA 14 Store
Purchase downloadable content in the FIFA 13 Store, and use your pre-order codes to unlock special items. Augment your Creation Centre experience with additional editing options, more download slots and the ability to bring Creation Centre Leagues into Career. EA SPORTS Season Ticket is also available, providing early access to EA SPORTS titles, as well as free content in the store and reduced prices in FIFA Ultimate Team.
From the FIFA 14 Store you can purchase DLC. The available DLC are listed together with their cost in Microsoft Points which will then convert to local currency:
Creation Centre - All-Packs-In-One - 568 Microsoft PointsDo you need ALL OF IT? Get the All-In-One Pack to acquire all together what the other creation centre packs have to offer:
  • Tournaments Pack
  • Career Mode Pack
  • Teams Pack
  • Yet 10 More Teams Pack
Alternatively, subscribe to EA SPORTS(TM) Season Ticket to unlock this and all other Creation Centre content!

Creation Centre - Tournaments Pack - 141 Microsoft Points
Do you need MORE TOURNAMENTS? Get the Tournaments Pack to expand your Creation Centre experience! By getting the Tournaments Pack you will be entitled to:
  • 5 tournament creation slots on the website.
  • 5 tournament download slots.
Alternatively, subscribe to EA SPORTS(TM) Season Ticket to unlock this and all other Creation Centre content!

Creation Centre - Career Mode Pack - 189 Microsoft Points
Craving playing CAREER MODE with your Creation Centre teams? Get the Career Pack to expand your Creation Centre experience!

By getting the Career Mode Pack you will be entitled to:
  • Use Creation Centre teams in Career Mode by swapping teams when setting up a New Career
  • Add and play in Career Mode with a downloaded Creation Centre league by selecting it when setting up a New Career
Alternatively, subscribe to EA SPORTS(TM) Season Ticket to unlock this and all other Creation Centre content!

Creation Centre - Teams Pack - 189 Microsoft Points
Starving for MORE TEAMS? Get the Teams Pack to expand your Creation Centre experience!

By getting the Teams Pack you will be entitled to:
  • Additional 24 team download slots.
  • Ability to upload a custom team logo to all the teams you create on the website.
Alternatively, subscribe to EA SPORTS(TM) Season Ticket to unlock this and all other Creation Centre content!

Creation Centre - Yet All-Packs-In-One - 94 Microsoft Points
Starving for EVEN MORE TEAMS? Get the Yet 10 More Teams Pack to be entitled to additional 10 team download slots

Alternatively, subscribe to EA SPORTS(TM) Season Ticket to unlock this and all other Creation Centre content!

EA SPORTS(TM) Season Ticket - 2,370 Microsoft Points
Get access to 24 Premium Gold Packs as well as 20% off future FIFA 14 PDLC purchases when you subscribe to EA SPORTS Season Ticket. You'll also have access to PDLC (including all Creation Centre content in FIFA), early access and 20% off PDLC purchases across other participating titles. Subscribe now for 12 months. Conditions and restrictions apply. See www.easports.com/seasonticket
As to whether these are worth it is up to you, although if you are going to buy 24 gold premium packs using FIFA Points anyway then the Season Ticket works out as better value.


Online Settings

The Online Settings allow you to check your EA Origin account details which are the details you need to access the web app for things like Ultimate Team.


Creation Centre

The Creation Centre is the place for creating your own teams (e.g. to resemble the team you might be in, in real life), players and tournaments (e.g. J-League).
Go online and visit http://www.easports.com/fifa to craft your own players and create the team of your dreams. Choose your player's appearance, accessories, and attributes, and create a team with a distinctive crest and kits. You can also manage your team's formations and tactics right from the Internet. Share your creations with your friends, and download your favourite content onto your Xbox 360 so you can use it in tournaments, Kick-Off matches, and online play. Created players are also accessible in the Practice Arena and Career mode.
Use your downloaded teams in: Assign downloaded players to any club in Customise>Edit Teams>Club Transfers.

Use your downloaded tournaments in:


Edit Teams

For Edit Teams you can swap players around, or if you wanted to make your Career super realistic you could change clubs' stadia to their real-life names and swap the generic stadia to get the most realistic stadium for each club (although the teams that play in their real life stadium can't be moved):

Akaaroa Stadium21,000
Aloha Park10,000
Arena D'Oro20,000
Arena del Centenario24,000
Court Lane22,500
Crown Lane26,000
Eastpoint Arena54,000
El Libertador57,500
El Monumento75,000
Estadio Nacional30,000
Estadio President G.Lopes27,000
Estadio de las Artes50,000
Euro Park15,000
Forest Park Stadium28,000
Ivy Lane29,000
La Canchita37,000
Molton Road20,000
O Dromo55,000
Sanderson Park35,000
Stade Kokoto35,000
Stade Municipal26,500
Stadio Classico25,500
Stadio Comunale62,500
Stadion 23. Maj22,000
Stadion Europa52,000
Stadion Hanguk60,000
Stadion Neder18,500
Stadion Olympic70,000
Town Park12,000
Union Park Stadium25,000

If interested in this you may want to use the list of stadium names and best fits for generic stadia from here to really make your Career mode the most authentic experience it can possibly be: http://forum.ea.com/uk/posts/list/2575192.page



Your Profile allows you to choose the lead profile, and to choose your favourite team for each profile. You can also see how many games you've played, your win % and your goals scored, although this doesn't include all modes (it doesn't include Ultimate Team).
Replay Theatre
Both online and offline saved replays and highlights are stored here. Press LB to change the storage device of videos, and press Y to upload favourites to www.easportsfootball.com.

Video Upload
Share your moments of glory-or shame-with the rest of the world by uploading your videos to EA SPORTS Football World.

To capture footage of your skills, pause the game and select INSTANT REPLAY. To set a keyframe, press D-Pad up, and press D-Pad left/D-Pad right to move it to your desired position (to delete a keyframe, press D-Pad down). Once you're happy, press Y to upload your video and share it with the Football World community.

Ensure you capture all the action with keyframes. These are individual sections within your video that you can treat differently to the rest of your footage. For instance, you can use a different camera, viewing angle, and speed so that, when you get to a key moment, you can zoom in on the action and capture your moment of glory in slow motion.


Replay Theatre

The Replay Theatre is where you can view all the videos that you have saved of in-match action. To save a video pause a game and do an instant replay, or at the end of a game go to match highlights, pick out the highlight you want to save and, after getting all the cameras and slow motion parts right (using the keyframes feature), save it.

You can view your video by pressing A, delete by pressing X, upload to http://www.ea.com/soccer (assuming you have XBox Live Gold) by pressing Y or change the storage device by pressing LB.


Custom Music & Chants

Custom Music & Chants
Personalize your FIFA 14 sounds by importing your own audio or customizing the EA SPORTS Trax. To upload personal audio tracks, from the main menu select CUSTOMISE > CUSTOM MUSIC & CHANTS to determine which game mode's audio you want to adjust. Select a game event and then choose the corresponding playlist.


EA Sports Trax

The EA Sports Trax are the songs that play through the game. You can choose for some to not play if you wish from here. The songs in the game are:

American AuthorsHit ItUSA
Amplify DotGet DownEngland
Bloc PartyRatchetEngland
Chinza DopenessT.U.B.E.Japan
CHVRCHESWe SinkScotland
Crystal FightersLove NaturalSpain/England
Dan CrollCompliment Your SoulEngland
David DallasRunninNew Zealand
De StaatDown TownNetherlands
DisclosureF For YouEngland
Empire Of The SunAliveAustralia
FoalsMy Number (Trophy Wife Remix)England
GrouploveI'm With YouUSA/England
GuardsI Know Its YouUSA
Illya Kuryaki & The ValderramasFunky FuturistaArgentina
Jamie N CommonsMarathonEngland
John NewmanLove Me AgainEngland
Karol ConkaBoa NoiteBrazil
Los RakasHotPanama
Marcelo D2Voce Diz Que O Amor Nao DoiBrazil
Miles KaneDon't Forget Who You AreEngland
Nine Inch NailsCopy Of AUSA
OK KIDAm EndeGermany
Olympic AyresMagicAustralia
Portugal. The ManPurple Yellow Red And BlueUSA
Robert DeLongHereUSA
Rock Mafia feat. Wyclef Jean and David CorreyI AmUSA/Brazil
The 1975The CityEngland
The Chain Gang Of 1974MikoUSA
The ColouristLittle Games (St. Lucia Remix)USA
The Naked And FamousHearts Like OursNew Zealand
The Royal ConceptOn Our WaySweden
Vampire WeekendWorship YouUSA
Wretch 3224 HoursEngland
You Me At SixLived A LieEngland



The Credits section allows you to see all the people and organisations that contributed to making FIFA 14 the game it is.


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Reader comments, opinions, alternate solutions and more:

1) david  (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-02-07 15:05:11
how do I bookmark team section fifa 14 on ps3
2) Tim Roast  (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-02-10 14:31:03
Hi David

I think you might be referring to the default team that is picked for online matches etc. In which case you need to go to your profile and change your favourite team to the one you want to use. However this is just one team, not multiple teams, unless you use multiple profiles.
3) Alan  (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-04-16 14:30:16
How do I reset the name of the city? My son messed with it & I can't figure how to get it back.
4) Tim Roast  (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-04-16 19:20:25
Hi Alan, Are you talking about Ultimate Team mode? If so there is a EAS FC Catalogue item that you can purchase to change your team name back to what it was.
5) Paul  (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-05-27 23:36:56
Just wondering is there any way to adjust the match high lights as when I've played ultimate and I've managed to score a few it generally only keeps the odd one goal and rubbish high lights like saves or misses !! I want to see the goals only really and it is so frustrating, can you help please
6) Tim Roast  (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-05-28 07:52:36
Hi Paul. I can't remember for sure but can you access the goal highlights from the match facts menu?
7) Paul  (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-05-28 23:36:05
No it shows match high lights - 49 minutes to be exact so frustrating
8) Tim Roast  (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-05-29 08:39:42
Sorry about that Paul. I don't know then.
9) Solomon, N.  (solonicey8@gmail.com)
wrote on: 2015-11-26 09:33:59
Is there a way for me to save team line-ups for FIRST TEAM, SECOND TEAM etc?
For example, I'm using FC Barcelona in Manager Career, can I save a team squad and formation in one slot then create another squad and save in another slot? So I don't have to make too many changes before playing a match.
10) Tim Roast  (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2015-11-26 18:48:59
Hi Solomon, N. Yes, this is something you can do in FIFA, although it may be FIFA 15 that was the first in which you could do it. You need to save your different team line-ups, formations etc. in different team sheet slots in the team management section of career mode. If this isn't in FIFA 14 then rest assured it is in future FIFAs.
11) Solomon, N.  (solonicey8@gmail.com)
wrote on: 2015-11-26 22:17:40
Thanks Tim Roast