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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

EAS Football Club

From the manual:

EA SPORTS(tm) Football Club is your connection to all your friends playing FIFA 14. Stay up to date on their activities through My Alerts and Friends' News, and compare your progress to theirs to try to best them on the leaderboards. You'll receive updates when someone's passed you!

All-new features such as being able to gift unlockables from the Catalogue, quick access to your friends' statuses, and messaging enhance your connection to your fellow FIFA 14 players, making EA SPORTS(tm) Football Club FIFA 14's social network.
Under the Football Club tab you have options for: The Catalogue contains lots of purchasable unlockables using Football Club Credits (FCC) which can be earned in-game from playing FIFA, along with XP (e.g. starting FIFA = 10 XP and 5 FCC). For more on what is available to purchase here go to EAS FC Catalogue

My Alerts tells you when you have been overtaken by your friends in leaderboards (e.g. Ultimate Team or Skill Games) and provides a quick link (A button) to that game mode so that you can quickly get to it and try and overtake your friends again.

The Leaderboards section shows you where you are in relation to your friends based on the level you and they have reached in EAS FC. Levels go up based on XP earned which come from completing things in-game. Gamers on your friends list who played FIFA 12 and FIFA 13 have an advantage over those who didn't because the level attained in those games carries over to this one. Having a higher level enables you to purchase more items from the EAS FC Catalogue.

You can also toggle between seeing the all time level, or the daily and weekly ratings (based on XP) by choosing the appropriate tab. Also you will be able to see how much XP each of you need to obtain to reach the next level.

Support your Club is a place where your XP and that of other FIFA players who are fans of your favourite club gets averaged out and used to see how your team compares against other FIFA gamers who are supporters of other teams.

On the tile itself you get to see your XP/FCC for the day, your daily XP/FCC Cap (2,000 each unless you complete a challenge in the Kick Off/Highlights of the Week/Players in form/Teams in form section, which gives you XP over and above this), and today's average XP.

By clicking the tile you get to see how many fans your club has (based on FIFA players who have your club set as their favourite club), their season's points, their projected season points for today based on XP earned so far by its fans, and the time remaining for the daily count to end.

Your team will be ranked based on its real-life league, with the team in that league with the highest average XP for the day getting the most points, and the team with the lowest average XP getting the least points. So for example a 16 team league would yield one point for the team with the least average XP of the day, 2 points for the second least, through to 16 points for the team with the highest average XP of the day. The tallies are then added up over the 7 day season to determine a winner. The day of the current season will be shown at the top (e.g. 3/7). The league table is presented to the side for the current season, and you can toggle between this, the projected table based on today's XP and last season's table using RT/LT. At the bottom you can also see each team's daily average XP so far as you hover over them, and how that compares to your favourite team's daily average XP so far, and if you hover over your own team it compares the team's average XP against your personal daily XP total.

If you support a team from a country where there are multiple divisions in the game (England, France, Germany, Italy or Spain) then there is also promotion and relegation between divisions at the end of each season.

You can also look wider than just the division that your favourite team is in by clicking LB to see the global rankings where the 99 best ranked teams in the world are shown. Here you can see their total fans, plus their location on the world map at the side. By clicking RB you can cycle through all the different leagues, and by clicking X you can change your favourite club, which takes place after the current season ends, although you can only change your favourite club a limited number of times.

The Friends News section shows all the latest things you have got up to in FIFA, and all the latest things that your friends have got up to too. If any are particularly notable you could use the share option to share it with your friends via Facebook.


EAS FC Catalogue

As you play FIFA you earn XP and FCC (to daily limits of 2,000 each). XP helps you level up, and the FCC (Football Club Credits) can be spent on unlocking items from the EAS FC catalogue. The available items are as follows. Further items may be added in updates. Full descriptions of each item are available to view within the catalogue. XP earned from FIFA 13 an FIFA 12 carries over to this one.

And this year you can also gift items to your friends if you wish.
Gift item to a Friend
(50% off): Purchase this item as a gift for a friend. Gifting an item will still allow you to redeem it yourself.
Please note that catalogue Ultimate Team coin boost items have been removed from the catalogue whilst EA investigate problems with how it may have distorted the market (http://answers.ea.com/t5/FIFA-14/FUT-coin-rewards-have-been-temporarily-disabled-in-the-EASFC/m-p/1569319# ):

Ultimate Team items
1FUT Coin Reward Boost: 200 x 10300
5FUT Extra Squad Slot600
8FUT Coin Reward Boost: 200 x 5450
11FUT +10 Increased Transfer List Size1,000
12FUT Extra Squad Slot700
15FUT 99 Match Player Contract1,000
20FUT Increased Transfer Targets Pile Size500
22FUT Change Club Name3,000
24FUT Coin Reward Boost: 200 x 101,000
25FUT Extra Squad Slot800
28FUT Coin Reward Boost: 200 x 151,500
29FUT Extra Squad Slot900
31FUT 99 Match Player Contract1,800
32FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 5800
35FUT +10 Increased Transfer List Size1,250
36FUT Coin Reward Boost: 200 x 5750
40FUT Extra Squad Slot1,000
45FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 152,500
49FUT Extra Squad Slot1,100
51FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 102,000
53FUT +30 Increased Transfer List Size2,750
56FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 102,250
59FUT Extra Squad Slot1,200
61FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 51,750
63FUT Extra Squad Slot1,300
67FUT 99 Match Player Contract3,000
70FUT Extra Squad Slot1,400
73FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 103,500
80FUT 99 Match Player Contract4,000
83FUT +20 Increased Transfer List Size2,000
89FUT Extra Squad Slot1,500
95FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 154,000
99FUT Match Player Contract6,000
118FUT Coin Reward Boost: 200 x 155,000

(Also you can unlock the Historic Kit Bundles in the Gameplay section of the catalogue to use the corresponding historic kits in Ultimate Team.)

Gameplay items
1Muevelo Goal Celebration100
1Lotto Solista Grey/Blue/Green800
2adidas 11Pro Purple/White/Blue/Berry800
2Umbro Ceramica Orange/Black800
3Mizuno Morelia Neo Black/Green/White800
3adidas Boots and Ball1,500
4Historic Valencia CF Kit: 2003400
4adidas 11Pro Black/White/Slime800
5Warrior Gambler Pro White/Black/Neon Pink800
5Umbro GEO FLARE Atomic Blus800
6Nike CTR360 Atomic Orange/Black/Met Silver800
6adidas Tricolore800
7Bundesliga Historic Kit Bundle1,200
7Umbro Boots and Ball1,500
8Pele Sports Manipulator Grey/Black/Orange800
9adidas f50 Black/White/Blue/Zest800
9adidas Boots and Ball1,500
10Penalty Brasil 70800
10Puma evoPOWER Peach/Yellow/Blue800
10Premier League Historic Kit Bundle1,200
11Prancing Bird Goal Celebration350
11adidas f50 Blue/White/Zest/Purple800
12Nike Boots and Ball1,500
13Football League 1 Historic Kit Bundle1,200
14Bundesliga Historic Kit Bundle1,200
14Puma Boots and Ball1,500
142013 AT&T MLS All Star Team1,500
15adidas f50 Slime/Black/Berry800
15adidas Fevernova800
16Muscle Flex Goal Celebration500
16Mizuno Morelia Neo White/Black/Blue800
17adidas f50 Solar/Black/Blue/Slime800
17Bundesliga Historic Kit Bundle1,200
17Warrior Boots and Ball1,500
18adidas Brazuca800
18Nike Hyper Venom Neolime/Black Total Crimson800
19adidas f50 White/Black/Zest/Berry/Blue800
19adidas All Star Bundle2,500
20Puma evoPOWER OMB800
20adidas Boots and Ball1,500
21adidas f50 X-ite Glow/Earth Green/Solar Zest800
21Ligue 1 Historic Kit Bundle1,200
21Penalty Boots and Ball1,500
22Dance Goal Celebration750
22Umbro GEO FLARE White/Black/Tonic Yellow800
23adidas f50 X-ite Solar Zest/Black/Vivid Berry800
23adidas Boots and Ball1,500
24Bundesliga Historic Kit Bundle1,200
25adidas f50 X-ite Solar Blue/White/Solar Zest800
25Umbro Boots and Ball1,500
26Umbro Speciali Atomic Blue/White800
26Nike Incyte PL Hi-Vis800
26Historic Kit Bundle2,500
27adidas 11Pro Glider White/Black/Met Silver800
27adidas Boots and Ball1,500
28Mizuno Morelia Pro Yellow/Black/Red800
28Football League Championship Historic Kit Bundle1,200
29adidas 11Pro Glider White/Black/Slime800
29Goal Celebration Bundle2,500
30Puma evoSPEED 1.2 Shark Blue/Peach/Yellow800
30Bundesliga Historic Kit Bundle1,200
31adidas 11Pro Glider White/Blast Purple/Vivid Berry800
31Calm Down Goal Celebration1,250
32Nike Incyte LFP Hi-Vis800
32Nike Boots and Ball1,500
33adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Black/Silver800
33Bundesliga Historic Kit Bundle1,200
33Puma Boots and Ball1,500
34Umbro Speciali Orange/Black800
34adidas Boots and Ball1,500
35adidas DFL OMB800
36Nike Mercurial Vapor Neolime/Ttl Crimson/Silver800
37adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Slime/Black/Blue800
37Serie A Historic Kit Bundle1,200
37The Worm Goal Celebration1,500
38Puma King Black/White/Blue800
38Umbro Boots and Ball1,500
39adidas Predator Berry/White/Blue/Red800
39Premier League Historic Kit Bundle1,200
40adidas Boots and Ball1,500
41adidas Predator Black/White/Berry800
41Nike Tiempo Volt/Charcoal/Green800
41Push Ups Goal Celebration2,000
42Pele Sports Manipulator V Black Moon/Mist Yellow800
43adidas Predator Glider Black/White/Berry800
44adidas LFP OMB800
44Nike Mercurial Vapor CR7 IX800
45Nike Boots and Ball1,500
46Nike Tiempo Desert Sand/Black/Atomic Orange800
47adidas Predator Glider White/Solar/Earth Green800
47The Bear Goal Celebration2,250
48adidas Boots and Ball1,500
50adidas EA SPORTS Special Edition Glider Ball800
50Chicken Dance Goal Celebration2,500
55Gallop Dance Goal Celebration3,000
60Patty Cake Goal Celebration3,500
77Ride the Cat Goal Celebration4,000

Online items
2Online Pro Ball Skills Boost400
2Co-op Seasons Draw500
3Seasons Extra Match300
4Online Pro Goalkeeper Boost400
4Seasons Win500
5Seasons Draw400
6Online Pro Mental Boost400
6Co-op Seasons Extra Match500
6Seasons Extra Match500
7Seasons Extra Match400
8Online Pro Passing Boost400
8Seasons Win750
8Co-op Seasons Win1,000
9Seasons Draw600
10Online Pro Defense Boost400
10Seasons Extra Match600
11Co-op Seasons Draw750
12Online Pro Physical Boost400
12Seasons Extra Match700
13Co-op Seasons Extra Match700
14Online Pro Shooting Boost400
16Seasons Extra Match700
18Co-op Seasons Draw700
18Online Pro Boost Bundle2,500
19Seasons Draw800
21Seasons Extra Match900
22Co-op Seasons Extra Match700
23Online Pro Ball Skills Boost800
23Seasons Draw1,000
24Co-op Seasons Draw1,250
25Online Pro Goalkeeper Boost800
25Seasons Win1,000
26Co-op Seasons Win2,000
27Online Pro Mental Boost800
28Season Cup Unlock2,000
29Online Pro Passing Boost800
30Seasons Draw1,200
31Online Pro Defense Boost800
31Seasons Extra Match1,000
32Co-op Seasons Draw1,500
33Online Pro Physical Boost800
34Seasons Draw1,400
35Online Pro Shooting Boost800
36Co-op Seasons Extra Match1,100
36Seasons Draw1,600
37Seasons Extra Match1,100
38Co-op Seasons Extra Match1,300
39Seasons Draw1,800
40Seasons Extra Match1,200
41Seasons Draw2,200
42Co-op Seasons Extra Match1,500
43Co-op Seasons Win3,000
43Online Pro Boost Bundle4,000
44Seasons Extra Match1,400
46Seasons Draw2,000
48Co-op Seasons Extra Match1,700
52Online Pro Swerve Pass Trait1,250
52Seasons Extra Match1,300
54Seasons Draw2,400
55Co-op Seasons Extra Match1,900
56Seasons Extra Match1,500
58Online Pro Fancy Flicks Trait1,500
58Online Pro Diving Header Trait1,750
60Co-op Seasons Extra Match2,100
62Seasons Win1,500
63Online Pro Ball Skills Boost2,000
64Seasons Extra Match1,600
65Online Pro Goalkeeper Boost2,000
65Online Pro Fancy Passes Trait2,000
67Online Pro Mental Boost2,000
69Online Pro Passing Boost2,000
69Seasons Win2,000
71Seasons Extra Match1,700
71Online Pro Defense Boost2,000
72Online Pro Black Gloves Acessory3,000
73Online Pro Physical Boost2,000
75Seasons Extra Match1,900
75Online Pro Shooting Boost2,000
79Seasons Extra Match2,500
81Seasons Extra Match1,800
82Seasons Draw2,600
84Seasons Extra Match2,000
86Online Pro Bicycle Kicks Trait3,000
88Co-op Seasons Win4,000
90Seasons Draw2,800
91Online Pro Undershirt Acessory3,500
92Seasons Extra Match3,000
94Co-op Seasons Extra Match2,300
96Co-op Seasons Draw2,000
97Seasons Win3,000
98Seasons Extra Match3,500
101Online Pro High Socks Acessory4,000
105Co-op Seasons Extra Match3,500
110Seasons Draw4,000
122Co-op Seasons Draw4,500
125Seasons Win7,500

Career items
3Career Pro Ball Skills Boost400
5Career Pro Goalkeeper Boost400
7Career Pro Mental Boost400
9Career Pro Passing Boost400
9Scout Furture Star1,750
11Career Pro Defense Boost400
13Career Pro Physical Boost400
13Financial Takeover1,500
15Career Pro Shooting Boost400
16Career Rematch Ability2,750
17Career Pro Boost Bundle2,500
19Edit Player in Career2,500
20Scout Furture Star7,000
22Career Pro Ball Skills Boost800
23International Manager Offer1,800
24Career Pro Goalkeeper Boost800
26Career Pro Mental Boost800
27Scout Furture Star2,250
28Career Pro Passing Boost800
30Career Pro Defense Boost800
32Career Pro Physical Boost800
33Scout Furture Star2,500
34Career Pro Shooting Boost800
39Financial Takeover3,000
42Career Pro Boost Bundle4,000
51Career Pro Swerve Pass Trait1,250
57Career Pro Fancy Flicks Trait1,500
57Scout Furture Star2,750
59Career Pro Diving Header Trait1,750
62Career Pro Ball Skills Boost2,000
64Career Pro Goalkeeper Boost2,000
66Career Pro Fancy Passes Trait2,000
66Career Pro Mental Boost2,000
68Career Pro Passing Boost2,000
68Scout Furture Star3,000
70Career Pro Defense Boost2,000
72Career Pro Physical Boost2,000
74Career Pro Shooting Boost2,000
74Career Pro Black Gloves Acessory3,000
76Scout Furture Star3,250
78Financial Takeover5,000
85Career Pro Bicycle Kicks Trait3,000
87Scout Furture Star3,500
93Career Pro Undershirt Acessory3,500
100Career Pro High Socks Acessory4,000
113Scout Furture Star5,750
120Scout Furture Star6,000


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