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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

Game Modes


From the manual:
Career mode is an immersive experience that offers you the chance to play through a lifelong football career. Career mode is split into two different areas, Player and Manager. Start as a player and play through both, or start later as a manager.

Create your own player, or take control of a single professional footballer as you play in multiple leagues, cups, and continental competitions to boost your form rating and ultimately represent your national team.

Take control of the financial side of your favourite club and please the Board. Scout for new players, manage the budget, and make key player and squad decisions as you take your club to the top.

One of your jobs as manager is to scout for new players, and FIFA 14's new Global Transfer Network makes this more rewarding than ever. Send scouts to different countries to scout the respective leagues, and set Scouting Instructions to find players who fit your criteria. You can also search the names of specific players you want. Once you've found possible recruits, assign a scout to watch them and make the best decision for your team.

In Career you can play one of two types of career: Note: before starting these you may want to check the Customise section of this guide to see how you change stadium names to make them more realistic, how you can import players etc. You'll want to do all this before starting your 15 seasons of career because you can't add them in once you have started.
Also don't miss the Career Pro Accomplishments Sections at the end of the Player Career page.


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