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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

Game Modes

Kick Off / Highlights of the Week / Players in form / Teams in form

From the manual:
Select KICK OFF in the Play screen to get straight onto the pitch and take on any club or national team in the game. The latest squads and form updates require a connection to the EA Servers.

View real-world upcoming Games of the Week and choose a match to play in it. The higher the skill level you choose, the more XP you earn. Challenges based on recent matches give you the opportunity to rewrite history. You must be signed in to your Xbox Live account and EA Servers to play these matches.

See the latest real world player form updates.

View updated real-world team ratings.

Kick off is the place to go for a one-off, non-online match (including offline multiplayer). As default EA SPORTS Match Day is turned on (as long as you are connected to the servers). This means the players will reflect their current form as in real life. Also it means teams will have to cope without injured, suspended players, and those away on international duty. These can be viewed by scrolling along on the team stats/international duty/injured/suspended/top 5 scorers option. The league table positions, facts, and figures drive the commentary that you hear.

To turn EA SPORTS Match Day off during the picking of the teams press Y.

To see the players and teams in form go to the players in form and teams in form sections and browse. This may help you choose which team you want to play as in Kick Off. You'll also see these appear when you first select Highlights of the week after an update.

The Highlights of the Week section contains six different matches to choose from, and varies week on week. Four of the games will be games of the week, reflecting real life important games. You get 100-300XP for winning these as per the table below.

World Class250

Two of the Highlights of the Week will be challenges.

Example of a challenge
Challenges are where you have to perform a task based on a real-game scenario. For example you may be placed in the dying minutes of a match and you have to score enough goals to win the game. Other times you may play as one player, e.g. like in Be-a-Pro mode, and be tasked with scoring as many goals as that player did in the corresponding real-life match.

You can play your challenge on one of five difficulties (Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, World Class and Legendary), each of which give you a different amount of XP. The amounts of XP are listed once you select the difficulty level after you have chose to play the challenge. Obviously for turning around a game in the dying minutes it is very hard on the higher difficulties so choose a difficulty that is challenging for you, yet doable, to allow for maximum XP gain. Also you should be aware of how much time the challenge will be around for (the hours remaining on the current challenge will be shown), as you may have to get them done quickly.

You only get XP once per challenge so if you feel you can complete the challenge at a higher difficulty level then go for it, plus one achievement is tied to completing a challenge on World Class. An example of a challenge that would be good to do on World Class is one that requires you to score just one goal, e.g. Southampton in real-life drew with Manchester United at Old Trafford on 19 October 2013 scoring an equaliser late in the game. The corresponding challenge in FIFA 14 started on 88 minutes and you controlled Southampton needing to score one goal to equalise, without any goal then being conceded, to complete the challenge. You started with a corner so this was an easy challenge to complete on World Class or Legendary as you could keep restarting until you scored from that corner.

Other tips for challenges are to use the D-Pad to set your team's mentality to ultra attacking from the off, and to possibly change your team's formation to a more attacking formation, also as soon as you begin. And on Amateur you can pretty much run through the defence to get 1-on-1 opportunities to score.

XP earned from challenges is over and above the 2,000 daily cap. It is the quickest way to boost your overall XP. XP affects your level which affects the items you can purchase in the EAS FC Catalogue.


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