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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

Main Menu

There are four tabs of items available from the main menu. These are: From the manual:

Main Menu

Home provides you with quick access to your most recently played game modes. Jump straight into a game by selecting KICK OFF, form your Ultimate Team, launch a Career, or view the latest Football Club News and Alerts.

Get out onto the pitch as you dig into the many game modes available in FIFA 14, including online modes and Kick Off, which uses real-world stats to put you in the middle of the latest on-field action. You can see info on all the game modes listed below.

EA SPORTS(tm) Football Club is your connection to all your friends playing FIFA 14. Stay up to date on their activities through My Alerts and Friends' News, and compare your progress to theirs to try to best them on the leaderboards. You'll receive updates when someone's passed you! All-new features such as being able to gift unlockables from the Catalogue, quick access to your friends' statuses, and messaging enhance your connection to your fellow FIFA 14 players, making EA SPORTS(tm) Football Club FIFA 14's social network.

Access the Customise screen to adjust in-game and online settings, view your profile, edit teams and players, browse the FIFA 14 Store, check out the Replay Theatre, manage user-generated content through Xbox Live, and more.

Under Home you have options for your last played item, some other featured items and some Football Club News & Alerts, all of which are selectable in their permanent locations via the other tabs.

Under Play you have (click the links for more info):
Under Football Club you have options for (see EAS Football Club for more info):
Under the Customise tab you have sections for (click the link for more info):


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YouTube Adventure Channel

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1) bosnianguy  (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-07-06 06:54:50
Go bosna thanks to nigeria cheated and when dzekos ball was in the goal flag was raised
2) Tim Roast  (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-07-06 11:30:42